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Goals and Reflections

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2021 Week 22 - Reflections




Let's take a look at my goals and how I spent my time.



Made my summer study plan, detailing how I'd break up my time. Goal is all HSK 5 vocab and then leaving HSK to continue learning with webnovels

✓ Finished 《直到花豆煮熟》

✓ 70% through with the longest-yet 《宝葫芦的秘密 》

✓ Read another one of SinoLingua's graded readers

✓ Kept up daily LangCorrect

✓ 4 xiyangyang episodes


Rough Time Breakdown

  • 15 - 20 minutes daily spent on Anki (SpoonfedChinese deck)
  • ~15 mins/day spent writing my daily LangCorrect entries
  • Roughly an hour a day spent reading easy children's novels with Readibu
  • Roughly 45 mins/day spent on Pleco - tones + handwriting + novels flashcards
  • 10 mins daily - miscellaneous reading sites, shadowing practice, etc.
  • ---
  • An hour this week speaking and listening on WeChat; language exchange
  • Two hours this week of Chinese lessons
  • An hour and a half or so this week spent reading graded readers
  • A couple hours spent building my summer study plan, looking into more advanced graded readers, and researching Chinese grammar points, etc.
  • About an hour spent watchings simple children's cartoons


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