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Chinese Breeze done and dusted



Hit another milestone as I finished the last Chinese Breeze Graded reader tonight. Started the first one back when I had just started learning characters and remember really struggling to read it. Got the next level and probably let them sit on the shelf for a long time, read one, let them sit, read one, etc - reading is something I always have to really force myself to do. The last level (4) was kindly given to me by Chinese Forums member Becky82 and I breezed through them (pun intended) very quickly and easily. image.thumb.jpeg.8b9f3c6fc9be89b3bb5236c188d75c88.jpeg


21 books in all, 4 levels. The green ones I already gave to another learner after I finished them. I have to say that although the stories are a bit cheesy, I quite enjoyed reading most of them. There is no question that they are excellent practice for Hanzi, vocab, grammar, listening and even some culture. Also love the illustrations! I'm going to pass them on to Chinese Forums member TaxiAsh when he visits Beijing at the end of this month.


WechatIMG712.thumb.jpg.99952f8fcefaa033fa58a3ded500875e.jpgWechatIMG710.thumb.jpg.4bb07c7267fd8eb361ec24ea9722990f.jpg. T


Now on to some Intermediate Level Sinolingua Readers I bought...




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