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Weird one: 奓




Just came across 奓. This struck me as weird, as it has the same meaning as, and seems to be a combination of, 奢侈.

Digging a bit deeper, it doesn't appear in the TW MOE dictionary.

Digging even a bit deeper, this dictionary says that 奓 has three meanings:

  1. 奓, pronounced as shē, means the same as 奢 (which is also pronounced shē)
  2. 奓, pronounced as chǐ, means the same as 侈(which is also pronounced chǐ)\
  3. 奓, pronounced as zhà , means "to open"

[Also, that dictionary lists 奓 as '古同“奢”', while it lists 奓 as '古通“侈”'. Why the 同 vs 通? Is that a type-o?]



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I found it in the 國語辭典.It gave zha1 as the first reading, though, with this to say about it:



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Glenn, yeah, that's pretty close to the last link I had, although in a different order.

Thanks skylee, that is a better version. I felt something we weird about the TW MOE dictionary, as at times it felt different to me, but I never realized there was a condensed version and a regular version.

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Yeah, it was :oops:

Roddy :help!!

I was just thinking that we need a new signese, we haven't had one for a long time, but I don't think this is what I had in mind.

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