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edX Mandarin level 3 Lesson 3



Welcome to lesson 3. In this lesson we go for a health examination for a student visa.


Pipe goes to the hospital 医院 information counter and asks where he needs to go for the exam 检查 and is given directions to the Physical Examination Centre

He is given a form 表 and ask to fill  填 it in and then hand it in and take a number ticket 号码牌

His number is called and he is asked by the nurse 护士 to take off 脱掉 his shoes and he is weighed 体重 and his height 身高 is measured by the nurse. He is then instructed to go and have an X-ray 找X 光 and blood drawn 抽血. He returns from this and the doctor 医生 asks some questions about his health, if he smokes 抽烟 or drinks 喝酒. He is asked to breath in 吸气 and out 呼气 while the doctor checks his chest. The doctor says he is in very good health and everything is normal 正常 and to return 以后 in a week for his report 报告。


The main and supplementary vocabulary contains more health and hospital terms.


There are 4 grammar points:

1) The use of 完题 to indicate the completion of an action.


2) 把 is used to say something about a known object by the subject AND what happened to the object.


3) We learn the difference between 以 后 a period of time later and 以前 a period of time ago.


4) We learn how to say to do something first and then do something later using the 先。。。。。再。。。。。。 pattern.



I completed the quiz on time and received full marks. Lesson 4 coming soon:)




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