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Week 4 - 生词,量词,动词



So I am going to add a few photos of the campus to this post as was requested, and then hopefully (if I can move my fingers enough to take a picture!), I will grab some of the same shots in mid winter so people can compare. 


I should probably update my blog at the end of each week rather than the start, so I might change that once I start back.  This is our last week before we have a week off.  Things are continuing to go well.  Yesterday one of my teachers lost it at some of the Korean guys at the back.  They were talking all the way through class and it was very distracting for those of us who actually want to learn, or paid our own money to come and study, rather than coming on mummy and daddy's money.  I was speaking to the teacher about it today and she said they won't be here much longer - they are being given one more chance.  But at the rate most of them are missing class they won't be allowed to sit their final exams in January anyway. 

The highlight of last week was a really good method (or at least I thought it was) of learning vocab given by one of our teachers, after we covered some in class.  We hit nouns, firstly what we could see around us in the classroom and all of our stationary, then then things that we have in our rooms.  He said this is a great way for us to learn the names of new things, but then he said don't just leave it at that, learn the measure word for each item, and verbs commonly associated with it, so we did that too.  I have also started doing this in my own room and it has been really helpful.  For example I looked at my scales and learned 体重器 and 称量,although I still need to learn the measure word for scales!


The method I use for my own learning is pretty much rote memorization (which fits really well with the education system here) until I feel I know the word and hanzi (including tones of course), and then after 2 or 3 days of getting the words (5-7 at a time, as many time as needed/possible per day), at which point I put it into one of my anki decks.  I try and go through my decks every day, although there are the odd days that I miss for various reasons.  If I run out of words to learn then I go through the books I have and look for things I don't know, although with this new way of learning household items etc, I don't think I will struggle to find new vocabulary for the foreseeable future!imageproxy.php?img=&key=e74cb0a3ecc063bb


It looks like a couple of the photos failed to upload, but these ones will do for now.  The building with all of the flags outside it is where I study.  This is just a snippet of the campus, it's really big.  There is also another campus, possible even two, although I have never been to them.








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Yeah I don't live in the dorms so won't be able to get any photos of them.  That's the only classroom we use, but I can try and get a photo from the front.  The canteen I will try and remember next time I am in there, but I hardly ever eat there hah!

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Yeah I am actually really impressed by the teachers.  I think it also helps that rote memorization works perfectly for me when it comes to characters, although the method they use to get us to learn characters is probably fairly tame anyway (one teacher says do whatever you have to do, if you know a character, don't bother writing it loads of times, if you don't then focus on it - your dictation scores will show me how hard you worked, and the other two only make us write out each character 5 times each, which isn't much in the grand scheme of things).  I will actually turn this into a blog post when we have some more methodology the teachers use, but our reading/writing teacher has us write the character 5 times, then make a word using that character, then make a sentence using the word we just created.  Eventually that will turn into a paragraph, article, essay and finally our thesis (as far as I can understand it).  It's great because you get to think and make mistakes, you can really try and be creative.

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