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Week 13 - 京剧和动物



This week has been a fairly normal week so this post shouldn't be a particularly long one!  Our speaking class unit this week was stuff relating to the Beijing Opera.  It was interesting learning about the masks/face paint and the different characters who generally appear.  Next week we are doing a unit on 'Going to the zoo', and so our homework was to prepare a list of different animals, and we will do the same game we did with the clothing vocabulary (break into groups, see which group writes the most on the board in the given time).  So far I've got 66 animals written down, I may do some more in the morning before class, but I highly doubt there will be time to get them up on the board.  This will be a good list to hold on to and just try and learn a few different animals each week.


Our comprehensive teacher said he was going to give us some exercise questions one day last week, and then dropped a test on us on Friday!  It was basically like our midterm again but a little bit harder.  We weren't allowed to talk, sat one to a desk etc., so it was exam type conditions!  It seemed to go ok, although I dropped the ball on the measure word question with the MW for 电子邮件!  I knew that 封 was the MW for letters, but I remember seeing it (perhaps in my anki deck) somewhere and the definition that sprang to mind was 'measure word for something sealed', and so I just went with 个,in hindsight the chance of a measure word question having ge as the answer is pretty low!  Other than that there were some grammar questions which I wasn't certain on, and then a written piece at the end. 


I find that I am managing to absorb characters fairly well when it comes to reading, but I very quickly forget how to write them down, and just reviewing cards in Anki doesn't really help with anything but recognition.  Not sure what to do about this yet, I suppose the best way is just to keep plugging away until they get stuck in my brain, as the most foundation characters seem to have done!  My listening still has miles to go, so I have decided to start watching a Chinese TV series that was recommended to me in a different thread.  I figure the more exposure the better, so (although I don't actually watch a huge amount of stuff), any time I feel like sitting down and putting a movie/show on, I am going to try and force myself to watch something Chinese!  That's all for now!


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Surprise tests :twisted: oh how I don't envy you :D


Regarding forgetting how to write characters: have you tried skritter?

Another cheaper option is to create a special flashcard deck with pinyin + meaning or pinyin + incomplete word or phrase (特_ bié) on the front side, and the full character on the backside. And either have a notebook and a pen, or activate the "write on screen" feature of anki, so that you can write out the character prior to showing the backside.

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I've only tried the free version of Skritter, and it was a while ago.  I had no idea you could do that with Anki though (on screen input), that's awesome!  I will start making a deck for writing characters and see how that goes, if it doesn't seem to help then I might give the full version of Skritter a go!

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Sorry, I should have been more explicit:

With the old version of ankidroid, you can write on the screen while the frontside is shown (there's an option in the settings).

But it doesn't recognize your strokes. You must decide yourself whether what you wrote matches the backside or not.

I hope they kept this feature in the new versions of anki for Android. I don't think anki for PC had this feature.

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No problem, I actually just finished checking it out.  Still works on iOS, and I still think it's pretty cool!  Certainly a lot more convenient than using a pen and paper, which I think is the main reason I didn't bother with a deck for writing out characters I had learned in the first place!

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