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Week 15 - 城堡!



This week was a standard week with not much to say.  I don't really want to write posts just for the sake of writing them, so I think this will be my last post until we start our finals, which is 3 weeks from now.  Then I will do a post to finish the semester, including areas I feel I have grown in, and areas that need the most improvement.  Perhaps also some goals for the break.  I will then do a post after my finals, and maybe a mid-break post to try and keep myself working! 


The title this week alludes to a passage we had to write, which was on our dream house if we had as much money as we wanted.  I set up shop in a castle on my own private island!  We didn't get around to 'ba' sentences in the end, but we kept on moving through our book.  This week we will probably finish our speaking class textbook, and then from next week we will do various exercises as prep for our final.  For listening we are going to keep plowing on through our book, as there really isn't much we can do to prepare for listening other than listen!  I doubt we will finish our comprehensive book this semester, but there shouldn't be much left for the start of next semester, and we have already handed our money in to purchase the following book.  For speaking and listening there will be 2 chapters left to finish at the start of next semester.


I have some photos of the campus looking snowy which I will upload in my final post, if possible.  This morning there were huge blocks of ice everywhere and a couple of cranes, as they are starting to build up big ice sculptures.  When they are done in the next few days I should also have some photos of them all lit up to upload.  It certainly adds some character to the campus!

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