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Week 12/13 - 家人来了!



As I finally got round to uploading my photos to my computer, this week I have added a few random photos from uni and around Harbin in general!  I haven't got a ton to add this week as I now plan to wait and then write a bigger entry in 3 weeks, as that will be the end of this semester.  I got a 98 on my final comprehensive midterm and so I was really pleased with that.  My comp teacher said that our biggest issue now as a class is getting our speaking up to scratch.  For me personally I need to work on speaking speed, as I tend to pause a lot when thinking of what I want to say next.  This is also what I do in English, and so with Mandarin being a new language, the problem becomes compounded! 


In order to continue to build my vocabulary, and especially to make my 口语更丰富了, I have been trying to find new adverbs and conjunctions.  Things like 何必,何况,究竟等等.  I might even start a thread to build a good list of these kind of words, as I find they really make things more interesting, not only for speaking, but also when writing 文章. 


My family (mum, dad, sister, brother-in-law and niece) are all out visiting at the moment and we are having a blast.  Our comp teacher had said that if anyone got 95 or above in our midterm, we could miss 3 classes for free, whether it be this year or in the following 3 years sometime!  It worked out perfectly for me to miss 3 while my family is here, and being as I only have comp class on a Friday I get a 3 day weekend!











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