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986,876 Characters to Go




Today I finished reading the short story《我在霞村的时候》by 丁玲. Like《三八节有感》, 《我在霞村的时候》was written by 丁玲 during her Yan'an period, and addresses the indignities Chinese women of the time faced from their countrymen. The story is told from the perspective of a writer who travels to Xia village from Yan'an to write and recuperate. Soon after the writer arrives, a commotion breaks out in the village. The commotion is due to the return of 贞贞, a young female villager who has been working as a Chinese spy and was abused by Japanese soldiers.


《我在霞村的时候》is not long; the story has about 10,750 Chinese characters. The language is not difficult either. 丁玲 writes in an undecorated prose style. She leaves many questions relevant to the story unexplored or unanswered. The result is an obviously moral tale that is nonetheless open to differing interpretations. Here is a link to the story: www.millionbook.com/mj/d/dingling/dlzp/003.htm


Up next for me is an article by 毛泽东. I will also continue with that far longer work I read parts of last year.


Some statistics:

Characters read this year: 13,124
Characters left to read this year: 986,876
Percent of goal completed: 1.3%


List of things read:
《三八节有感》by 丁玲   (2,370 characters)
《我在霞村的时候》by 丁玲   (10,754 characters)



Recommended Comments

Last year I read 丁玲’s novella《沙菲女士的日记》. It made quite an impression, so I was up to read more from her. Recently, I read an English-language article about 丁玲. The article mentioned two pieces 丁玲 wrote at Yan’an that led to her getting denounced by Mao and the party leadership. Those two pieces are《三八节有感》and《我在霞村的时候》.

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~2,740 a day approx, you should by on 24,657 up to the 9th January . Do you think you be able to double the rate consistently every day for a year . Holidays, work, lifestyle all get in the day.  


Mind you, you are on 13, 124 more than me (from books, articles)! 





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Good question. 13,124 is the total number of characters of the works I completed in 2019. That number would be a lot higher if I included works in progress.

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