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  2. I think you should memorise vocabulary before using an SRS. Once you've learned the words, then use an SRS to stop you forgetting them. I don't think SRS is good for learning because it's too shallow - it's just: "look at word, do I remember it?". To really learn it requires more brainpower than that. Or alternatively, coming across a word in a book or situation that is fairly memorable itself. Maybe SRS is okay for learning English to Chinese, because you've got to think hard about the word first. And I think it's fine for learning how to write characters if you've got some kind of system in your mind to help you recall them (because you'll be actively using your brain as you use that system). But for Chinese to English vocabulary learning - I'd advise another method, before putting it into a normal SRS programme. (And that other method could actually use a heavily modified SRS ... but that's another story.)
  3. Do start a new topic though. And when you find yourself paragraph someone you can rebut it, a bit boring for posters arguing.
  4. 五金店 is the common term, I think. Can't think what else a hardware store would be called, although that's possibly just me.
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  6. Use the translated English lyrics below to find the title and artist of the song. Bonus points for providing a video or audio link. A short audio clip is provided as an additional hint, should you need it. Oh~oh~ This is a sad song Oh~this is a sad song Miss Wang turned 31 When her friends see her They all ask a question: When do you plan to get married? But the problem of marriage Isn’t something she can decide on by herself She asks her papa, she asks her mama They both said, you better hurry Look, look, look at other people, there there there there Look, look, look look look there there there there Over-30 artsy girl Should marry what kind of person? Shouldn’t she find someone who does art? This way, they would be fairly compatible? But artsy boys who do art Some of them are only into their art Also, a very small minority of boys who do art Do art so they can do girls Doing girls doesn’t mean just doing her What’s the point of marrying him? Doing girls doesn’t mean just doing her Damn damn damn damn it Friends introduce quite a few Some have cars, some have houses, some have kids They said you should find one who has money Let him support your creative efforts But no rich guys like her They only want to marry those who can cook Girls who can’t cook Can only become the other woman Artsy girls who can’t cook Can only be used by them Damn damn damn damn it Oh~ho~oh~ho~ho This song is a truthful account If it’s fictional that’s just coincidence Please don’t take it personally And then form an online mob to block me Look, look, look, she can only make stir fried egg and tomato Look, look, and eat it with instant noodles That is really quite tasty Mia mia mia mia mia mia mia That is really quite tasty Mia mia mia mia mia mia mia~ clip.mp3 Answer
  7. ok, that's actually not true at all. I mean yea, it could be autonomous, any country could, but that would mean cutting its economy by 90%, people going back to massive poverty, that's definitely not going to happen. China is the largest exporter in the world, its biggest market being the US and is largely relying on foreign investments, just like any other country. Politicans claiming that their country can be self-sufficient is nothing but the worst kind of populism, we can observe in the current US administration I believe you have some expertise but I also have some idea what I'm talking about, I'm doing masters in Chinese Law at the moment and one of the topics of my master thesis relates to the trade war and China-US relations and the trade law. And as much as I think Cold War 2.0 might be inevitable at that point (unless we have a change of administration in November), i don't see a reason why China would also want to isolate itself from other countries too. In the last few years we could observe a process of Chinese increasing opening to the world and increased involvement in the international affairs via certain economic initatives like Belt and Road program. That's very interesting, can you tell more about that? By the company travel do you within Europe or also to China? I agree with that, what we need the most right now is international cooperation, but what we are getting instead is isolationism and xenophobia. And now that the virus is basically in all the countries in the world, there is literally no benefit to closing the borders
  8. That, by the way, is the audio quaility of something recorded from my computer's speaker to Audacity (we mentioned this in a different thread).
  9. I think so. In your clip, I had to listen a few times and decode the logic. She said ‘n’ missing the sha- and soft -ng. I hope I am correct after sticking my neck out.
  10. Does 上 or similar (prepositions?) have a tendency to not be fully pronounced? This clip also contains 上。 I cant hear it. 上.wav
  11. Flickserve

    Growing Up With Chinese - The Series

    Just wait until Xiao Ming's uncle arrives.... You will love the way he speaks
  12. Part 2. A short while after he [Yu Rang] had left them [his friends], Viscount Xiang was supposed to go out. Yu Rang laid in ambush under the bridge that the Viscount was supposed to cross. When Viscount Xiang arrived at the bridge, his horse startled. Viscount Xiang said: This must be Yu Rang! He had his men look into this, and as expected, it was Yu Rang. Then Viscount Xiang rebuked Yu Rang, saying: “Did you not serve the Fan and Zhonghang Clans? When Earl Zhi destroyed them, you did not seek to avenge them. Rather, you entrusted yourself to Earl Zhi and became his retainer. Now that Earl Zhi is already dead, why do you alone take the matter of his revenge so seriously?” Yu Rang said: “I did serve the Fan and Zhonghang Clans, but they both treated me like a rank-and-file retainer, and so I repaid them as a rank-and-file retainer would. As for Earl Zhi, he treated me as a knight renowned throughout the land, and so I repay him accordingly.” Viscount Xiang sighed deeply and wept, saying: “Oh, Yu! You had already tried to avenge Earl Zhi and so preserved your reputation. I forgave you then but no more. You should have made plans for your own sake! For I will not let you go again.” And so he had his soldiers surround him. Yu Rang said: “I have heard that the wise ruler does not obstruct the virtues of other men, while the loyal retainer possesses the righteousness of an acclaimed death. Before, you generously forgave me, and so the world will surely praise you as worthy. As for today’s matter, I will surely be executed. Yet, I wish to ask for your clothes so that I can strike them. Then I can fulfill my intent for vengeance and die without regret. I do not dare to hope for this, but I have told you my innermost thoughts.” Then, Viscount Xiang was magnanimous and held out his clothes toward Yu Rang. Yu Rang drew his sword, took several bounding steps, and struck the clothes, saying: “Now I can go down to the Underworld to report to Earl Zhi!” Then he leaned against his own sword and committed suicide. When the good men in Zhao learned of this, they all wept.
  13. suMMit

    Growing Up With Chinese - The Series

    Hokiness aside, this is a great resource. Really authentic language spoken at real life blinding speed from the Chinese actors. Mike speaks slowly but has good pronunciation. The host is enthusiastic and does a great job of going through everything, saying the sentences more slowly. Male and female voices, young and old. Minimal pinyin. Vocab and structures seem to be recycled. Xiao Ming's mom provides eye candy. The cartoon dialogs at the end are excellent and give you something to work on that the host doesn't explain. The level is perfect for me. I'm up to episode 15 and will do an episode a day until finished.
  14. People can close their tab if they don't want to read things. I agree with the suggestions Lu had above. Follow them and you'll be fine.
  15. These are two completely different things. In your sentence, you are describing the shoes, and not talking about an action. Logically (although incorrect in Chinese), if you wanted to change "buy" into "bought", then the 了 should come after 买, so 我买了的鞋子太大了. However, it is incorrect to say this, and unnecessary, as it would be clear from the context that the shoes have been bought, and in Chinese, 了 is not added to attributives like this. Having said that, yes, there is some ambiguity - the sentence could be interpreted as "The shoes I buy are too big", but all languages have ambiguities, which are usually cleared up by context. Consider in English, for example, saying, "I'm buying a red car". How do you know whether I'm currently in the car showroom in the process of making the purchase, or just talking about my future intention? In the absence of context, you don't.
  16. BING-饼

    Fortress Bilibili

    Hi Carlo, at beginning this website is designed for anime fan. Even their name bilibili is come from an anime. And with the same reason they use "coin" but not "like". So, they use this quiz to protect their culture. Not only you, some Chinese people also can't pass this quiz by their own. 😂Is a way to select the user. Actually the quiz is much easier resent years, because this company become more and more commercialization
  17. Yesterday
  18. Chapter 13: Nothing really to add thats not already been said to be honest - lots of fluff and unecessary asides. A pointless motorbike scene (but its a Ducati if you're into that..) and then clumsy backstory padding for CKZ. To stick with the theme of boring cultural 刻板印象 we also get the classic "你是中國人,你不信上帝,是死是活對你來說有什麼區別!" I really loved, "彷彿摻進了打造者靈魂的碎屑", in fact that little section was great. I get the feeling this is what the book should have originally been about, a story built around a dichotomy between the organic and mechanical. Instead it got ruined by lazy writing, almost like the author wrote a great early draft, then just padded it out until it was a publishable book length. Unfortunately the end result is more padding than the potentially fantastic exposition that sits beneath if and when you can pick it out. No real technical words here, so pretty easy vocab wise: 櫥窗, display (in a shop window) 核磁共振成象, MRI 嗑藥, to do drugs (Guangdong dialect?) 鉛球, shot put (athletics event) 葬身火海, died in fire 獻上, offer up (to the gods) 夾心, filling (in food, eg biscuit filling) 倏忽, suddenly; quickly 遞減, decrease progressively (or successively); decrease by degrees 腐殖土, humus (topsoil of decayed vegetation) 五金店, hardware store (surprised I didnt know this – is this used widely on the mainland and I just never noticed?) 連帽衫, hoodie 粿條, Kway Teow, a type of rice noodle 厝邊, 閩南方言。指鄰居 出鞘, (of a sword etc) to unsheath 頹靡, deterioration “頹靡之態” in a state of deterioration 平視, look straight ahead 心旌, uneasiness (in this context, I was presuming, dictionaries seem more set on ‘excitedly nervous’)
  19. Wow, thank you all! All 3 are great and interesting workarounds, specially subtitlehider which seems to be what I was looking for all along. Will see what works best for my situation. Cheers!🙌
  20. Why not just size up your browser window then scroll down to hide the subtitles? Admittedly this is a very inelegant solution, but it works and works now, without any technical fiddling around.
  21. I use this, works great for me
  22. I just used a notepad window. It's a minor pain keeping it in front every time you click somewhere, but it works. You could always make it always-on-top.
  23. Having met him a few times, he absolutely is.
  24. Make your thread in the Chinese News and Current Events subforum, and read the sticky first. Stick to facts, don't generalise and don't insult anyone, and things should be alright. If things get out of hand and no moderator has seen it, report a post and we'll take a look. Nothing bad happens automatically if you report a post, it's just an easy way to alert the mods that something requires their attention.
  25. Is the UK Embassy different than the EU embassy? (I'm asking because of Brexit)
  26. I didn't really know where to put this since I don't think we have a subforum for tech-related questions. Kindly let me know/move it otherwise. So: the other day I was watching Thomas阿福, who creates daily and very diverse content in chinese, and I noticed my eyes were constantly trying to read the hardcoded english subtitles, instead of just listening or reading the ones in chinese. Now, I know that our brains will automatically go the easier route, specially when we are not focused, but it bothers me because I am perfectly capable of following this type of content without subtitle support. This very same situation happens to me every time I am watching a chinese-made movie at the theater, but I let it slide because, well, 没办法·. 🙃 Therefore, I was wondering if someone here with an IT background has some idea on how we could solve this? So far, my solution would be to create some kind of chrome/firefox extension that is basically a resizable, floating black box you can drag anywhere on your screen... but I wouldn't even know where to start. Either way, It sounds so useless that I don't think anybody has ever done something like this, but for language learners could be a great tool! Thanks all!
  27. And since we mentioned South Korea, this just came in: South Korea postpones reopening of 800 schools. Also: UK, France, Spain and Italy excluded from Greece border reopening Examples of how countries are starting to backtrack or planning to do so soon, while also creating barriers between other countries even if they need them more now than ever.
  28. Since I offered, let me think of a way to approach this to encourage an interesting dialog. There's so many ways we can tackle this. I am also not sure if @roddy actually approves? We could be getting very deep into politics, people may hear things they'd prefer not to hear, and so on...
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