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New User Posts

Is it really that rare to pass level 6 of the HSK exam?

Milkybar_Kid - Yesterday, 09:00 PM in The HSK Exam, and others

Hello,   I was talking to some of the teachers on iTalki about my plans to sit the HSK this summer and some of them mentioned that it is very rare for foreign students to take the level 6 exam. Is this really the case?   Although I am not ready to sit the level 6 exam yet, I will still be doing the level 5 this summer. Most of the teachers told me that once you have passed the level 5 exam you are able to study for a degree using Chinese at a university in China. I guess this means that many people don...
Latest of 4 replies by Frederik451 at Today, 12:27 AM.

Pinyin and Tone practices video clips

kanqian - Yesterday, 04:25 PM in Speaking and Listening Skills

Please find attached a file which contains useful links to pinyin and tone practices produced by the University of Texas at Austin (USA) and video practices by CHEN Zhiqiong, Associate Lecturer at the Open University (UK).   Please use this thread to share useful resources on video clips that can be used for teaching.   Kan Qian
Latest of 0 replies by kanqian at Yesterday, 04:25 PM.

How do you refer to someone in English who is called 老张 in Chinese?

Milkybar_Kid - Yesterday, 11:46 AM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

Hello,   If you were talking to a non-Chinese speaker about a person who is called 老张 in Chinese, how would you refer to them? I was thinking of using “Old Zhang” but this may seem a little bit insulting and not really reflect the affection of the term 老 in Chinese.   Then again, if I used a transliteration such as “Lao Zhang” surely my non-Chinese speaking friend would get the wrong impression that this person’s official name is “Lao”.   What would you do? I really don’t want to spend five minute...
Latest of 9 replies by Milkybar_Kid at Yesterday, 06:21 PM.

Back to whether to hand write or not?

Johnny20270 - Yesterday, 12:15 AM in Reading and Writing Skills

I have always been adamant that I won't hand write Hanzi due to the shear amount of time it takes to learn and I always felt its not a skill worth doing at this stage dues to limited time.   However ...   my teacher has always tried to encourage me to hand write as she thinks it will improve my retention rate for characters so eventually I said well I'll try anyway   I downloaded a trail version of Skritter and although its a nice app I am really not convinced its time well spend. Taken me a long...
Latest of 16 replies by Xiao Kui at Today, 06:39 AM.

Xiamen acommodation hunting question

Kambili - Jun 29 2015 10:01 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Kambili avatar So I found out recently that I've been granted a scholarship and I'll be off to Xiamen for two years. The question I have has to do with acommodation rental. Basically, I'm planning to live outside of the campus since I would really like my own room, and I'm wondering how much in advance before the start of the academic year should I book my plane ticket to make sure there will be available some reasonably priced place not too far from Xiangan campus, before they're taken by other students? A week in advance? Tw...
Latest of 7 replies by Kambili at Yesterday, 07:35 PM.

Word lists in .txt format for intermediate/advanced learners?

kroy123 - Jun 29 2015 07:54 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

I've been studying the HSK 6 word list ( ton over the past year and have become pretty familiar with it. Are there any other big word lists for someone at a reasonable level I can study from (preferably in a simple txt file)?
Latest of 4 replies by Michael H at Today, 01:25 AM.

Email providers in China

JSu - Jun 29 2015 06:33 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

I was wondering whether or not gmail and outlook work in China.   If not what are the ones that do work.
Latest of 10 replies by Demonic_Duck at Yesterday, 01:58 PM.

YCC Shanghai Review

Jamasian - Jun 29 2015 01:08 PM in Shanghai

If anyone remembers I was keen on coming to China for a short-term refreshment in language followed by an internship opportunity. I finally have my internship here in Shanghai, but it was a painful experience with Yudefang or YCC Shanghai. I recommend getting a full personal review before applying to any program outside of the country. In country you have the luxury of checking out the school and classes first. I wrote a blog about my full experience here because it's laughable but it hurt my pockets.  ...
Latest of 1 replies by LiMo at Yesterday, 08:37 AM.

New HSK vs old HSK

Very Big Cow - Jun 28 2015 09:43 PM in The HSK Exam, and others

Hi everyone. This post might be a bit of a blast from the past - but I'd like to get everyone's opinion about new HSK. It's been nearly five years since I've formally studied Chinese, and I've just come back to Shanghai after a three-year stint in Hong Kong where I spoke very little Mandarin. My work leaves me with a bit of spare time over the next few months, and I thought it might be productive to study Chinese again with the aim of passing a test, and it look like HSK is still the main one on the market....
Latest of 5 replies by roddy at Jun 29 2015 05:03 PM.

New Chinese Idiom Lesson Video

Qiaonansen - Jun 28 2015 07:37 PM in Resources for Studying Chinese

Just posted a new Chinese idiom video. I plan on trying to post a new one each day. It would be more exciting and useful if people came and shared their own sentences in the comment area. Here is the link to the latest video that I posted:   http://learnchinesec...e-shui-ma-long/
Latest of 7 replies by arreke at Yesterday, 11:13 PM.