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Would-be employer won't provide Z visa. Visa agent?

Alex Whiteman - Today, 12:30 AM in Visa Issues

Alex Whiteman avatar Hi, I'm negotiating a middle manager position at a small, foreign-owned company. I'm not done with the interviewing process yet but it's beginning to sound to me that they can't legally hire foreigners - and so they've been dodging the whole visa issue so far. Let's hope I'm wrong. Now, assuming it's the case and that I follow some people's recommendation of getting the visa through "an agent". How does this work? I understand there's more than one thing at play here: the visa, the residence permit and the...
Latest of 0 replies by Alex Whiteman at Today, 12:30 AM.

唐詩(诗)三百首, 300 Tang Poems

Kobo-Daishi - Yesterday, 08:58 PM in Classical Chinese

At the Forumosa forums there's a discussion on Tang-dynasty poems, especially from the 唐詩(诗)三百首, 300 Tang Poems.   So, I thought I might post some background on the 300 Tang Poems and some helpful links.     The entry for 唐詩(诗)三百首 from The Indiana Companion to Traditional Chinese Literature.   http://en.wikipedia....dred_Tang_Poems   At the Wikipedia entry for Three Hundred Tang Poems, they've a link to Zhongwen.com where they've the 300 poems.   http://zhongwen.com/tangshi.htm...
Latest of 0 replies by Kobo-Daishi at Yesterday, 08:58 PM.

犯贱 - definition and translation please

metal.lunchbox - Yesterday, 01:26 AM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

I recently came across a word not in my dictionaries which is apparently naughty enough that I can't easily get a clear definition. Can anyone help me understand the exact meaning and best translation of the word 犯贱?   My impression is that it's close to the English word "bitch" or "bitchy" when it is used to refer to someone who is mean or disrespectful, or behaves towards others in some other way that makes others yell pejoratives at them. Is that close? Does it have other meanings?   I came across t...
Latest of 4 replies by metal.lunchbox at Yesterday, 02:11 PM.

Can you identify these songs?

tianjinpete - Yesterday, 12:54 AM in Music

tianjinpete avatar Apologize for a little bit of background noise, I was sitting at a beach on the Oregon coast and listening to 南京城市管理广播 on Tune-In when all of a sudden these two songs came on, one right after the other ... I think it's two songs because the 主持人 mentioned 前面的那首歌 when the second song came on ... Anyway, any help with song titles or lyrics welcomed!
Latest of 8 replies by aone at Yesterday, 09:41 AM.

Chinese Spiders

Melanie1989 - Sep 01 2014 06:12 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Melanie1989 avatar Hi guys, Hopefully someone could answer a rather random question for me. What is the spider situation like in China? Do you see them often? Are they big? Poisonous?    Seems like a stupid question when China has such a beautiful culture, i know, but we have an infestation here right now and we are seeing seriously gigantic ones, at least 2 a day. So while my partner is planning for the future, i'm thinking about where i can immigrate to.    I had a look on the internet, but couldn't find any...
Latest of 32 replies by MPhillips at Today, 04:35 AM.

Body waxing (蜜蜡脱毛) in China

tooironic - Sep 01 2014 03:55 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

tooironic avatar Does anyone here have any experience with body waxing (蜜蜡脱毛) in China?   I get my back and shoulders waxed every few months, but now that I'm moving to Xiamen this month I'm concerned that I won't be able to find this kind of service in China.   I understand that it's unlikely waxing as a commercial enterprise exists in mainland China, but I thought there's no harm in asking here to see if any other non-Chinese have been in a similar predicament.   I've asked some local Xiamen friends already and...
Latest of 8 replies by xuexiansheng at Sep 01 2014 11:20 PM.

China's Ancient Culture: Another interesting course

abcdefg - Sep 01 2014 11:35 AM in Chinese History

abcdefg avatar Was on the Coursera website for another reason this morning (starting "Classics of Chinese Humanities") and stumbled across a link which led to an offering by Peking University that looked interesting.  Title was "China's Ancient Culture."   This one is taught in Chinese by six different lecturers. Here's the link: https://www.coursera.org/course/pkuacc   I won't be taking it. Already have enough on my plate with the Harvard X China history course and the Chinese humanities course. Furthermore, do...
Latest of 2 replies by abcdefg at Sep 01 2014 04:03 PM.

之处 usage

Xiaoxiongwv - Aug 31 2014 11:29 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

can u tell me the meaning of 之处 and its grammatical use?
Latest of 1 replies by MPhillips at Sep 01 2014 11:18 AM.


Pedroski - Aug 31 2014 04:56 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

In a bank, a man is asking about a mortgage.   职员:好的,请你先介绍一下房子的情况。 山本:我购买的是个人住房,已经签订了临时买卖合约,成交价是120完原 职员:你有没有其他银行的按揭贷款?   Why does he say '我购买的是个人住房'? He has not bought it yet,he does not have the money. Why does he not say '我要购买的是个人住房‘??
Latest of 27 replies by realmayo at Today, 01:12 AM.

HSK 6 - Pick the sentence with incorrect grammar

jiasen - Aug 31 2014 01:47 PM in The HSK Exam, and others

Hi all   I've started to prepare to sit the HSK 6 test. Today I went through one of the HSK 6 practice tests, and I felt comfortable with everything except the first part of the written section - namely selecting the sentence with incorrect grammar. I got 1/10 for this part...and I found this really strange especially since written Chinese is my strength and I use it on a daily basis.   Anyway I was wondering whether anyone had suggestions on what to look for in these sentences. Are there typical error...
Latest of 5 replies by 洋人丹 at Aug 31 2014 05:19 PM.