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New User Posts


Pedroski - 58 minutes ago in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Pedroski avatar What is the sense of 卡纸 = paper jam?   1. The paper has become rolled up, like the inside of a piece of cardboard. (Happens with our Toshiba a lot)   2. The paper has become 'stiff' like cardboard and won't come out.   3. Some other idea.
Latest of 3 replies by imron at 17 minutes ago.

Chinese folktales (audio with text)

smokeyrosy - Today, 02:40 AM in Art and Literature

smokeyrosy avatar I want to know if there are websites that provide Chinese folktales or children stories audio with accompanying text. I am new to Chinese learning, so I want to use Chinese folktales or children stories to learn Chinese. 
Latest of 0 replies by smokeyrosy at Today, 02:40 AM.


MeiShuang - Today, 02:22 AM in Reading and Writing Skills

5 years ago I started to learn Chinese, but than dropped it after 3-4 month. Now I've started again, but the thing is, my new teacher is not native speaker, and I've already payed a tuition fee for month when I found out, that she doesn't know the stroke order or number in characters, and she simply copies them from book. She is a student majoring in Chinese and she kind of convinced me that knowing the stroke order in characters is not that important after all. However she criticizes my handwriting A LOT, sayin...
Latest of 1 replies by imron at 33 minutes ago.

Irish water and honesty

skylee - Yesterday, 04:03 PM in Non-Mandarin Chinese

skylee avatar This is a chat discussion I had with my brother over Irish bottled water and honesty. It is in Cantonese. If you are interested you could take a look. You could also share your views. 我:人民質素高。頭先有個女人問我點畀錢,我話放落個箱,渠話it's a good idea. 我答 if people are honest. 弟: 香港都得嘅 我: 我唔信。 弟: 香港輕鐵都係靠人自律啦,全自助捉到無買票罰得好甘 我: 呢道渠無講明罰,我無知,唔識英文,渠引人犯罪。 我: 徒惹無謂爭拗,其實用自動販賣機都差唔多,都唔使點排隊。 弟: 如果要講到明偷野係有罪靠嚇d人先至會守法咁呢個民族無希望啦,超市咁多野值錢過枝水走去偷1€枝水個賊係咪侮辱自己? 我: 咁方便,唔偷過唔到自己嗰關。賊梗係捨難取易。 弟: 睇得出你咁諗 我: 我係官僚,梗會咁諗。呢個安排究竟有乜實際或象徵意義同好處呢?可以寫篇學術文章。 弟: 努力努力
Latest of 0 replies by skylee at Yesterday, 04:03 PM.

Important Basic Food Items?

NickyMS - Yesterday, 10:04 AM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

Hi everyone! I've been reading the forums for a bit and just signed up to post this. I'm trying to make a video game of sorts with a focus on teaching Chinese food vocabulary and I was wondering what the most basic, everyday words are. I was thinking of having a category of dishes (ex. rice, bread, fish), drinks (ex. coffee, water, milk), and fruits (ex. bananas, apples, peaches). Any feedback or insight would be fantastic. Thanks so much!
Latest of 1 replies by Shelley at Yesterday, 07:05 PM.


JustinJJ - Yesterday, 09:27 AM in Non-Mandarin Chinese

Hi there,   Does anyone know if there are any resources for earning Kunminghua on the internet? I'm looking for some good listening resources e.g. a podcast. Preferably with transcripts if they actually exist! I can't even so much as find a kunming radio channel that can be accessed outside of China. My exposure to the dialect comes exclusively from hearing my girlfriend talking on the phone to her family. Thx!
Latest of 4 replies by Xiao Kui at Today, 01:18 AM.

Our favourite textbooks

Elizabeth_rb - Oct 24 2014 11:20 PM in Textbooks for learning Chinese

Elizabeth_rb avatar Hi!  I don't know if this has been done before (a forum search didn't yield anything likely), but I thought I'd start a thread to share our fave Chinese textbooks.  They can in or out of print, new, old, beginning, intermediate, advanced - whatever.  Just the one(s) you like the best.  Oh, and why you like it so much,   I'll start:   Far East Everyday Chinese Book 3 遠東生活話語3, Far East Publishing Company, Taiwan   Upper intermediate level (B2-ish)   I love this book because...
Latest of 15 replies by Geiko at Today, 02:39 AM.


Pedroski - Oct 24 2014 08:33 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Pedroski avatar 1. 小张,昨天晚上辛苦了,开夜车开到几点啊? 事情太多了,都到三点了。   What is 都 here? He could say '开到三点' ???   2. 这款产品您用得怎么样,还满意吗?   您用得怎么样 = how do you like ??   What is 还 here?  I think the customer has not bought / used the product yet., but I don't have any more context.    
Latest of 4 replies by 陳德聰 at Yesterday, 05:44 PM.

Chinese Books for Sale

Shelley - Oct 24 2014 07:01 PM in Resources for Studying Chinese

Shelley avatar I have been cataloging a late friend of mine's Chinese book collection ready to sell them. I have finished the first 100 out of about 500 or so.   The cost of the books should be good value but it depends on where they need to be sent to. The greater part of the cost is likely to be the carriage.   The prices on the list are the original new price just to give an idea of their value.   Ideally the books will be sold in lots of 10 or so but some larger volumes may be cost viable to sell individuall...
Latest of 6 replies by Shelley at Yesterday, 01:35 AM.


Pedroski - Oct 24 2014 04:12 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Pedroski avatar This is apparently a German saying (I have never heard it before). Someone is looking for a Chinese version of it. Any suggestions?   'Don't brandish your weapon at your enemy, don't flash your money around in front of your friend.' with the basic meaning 'don't invite trouble'.
Latest of 5 replies by Pedroski at Yesterday, 11:11 AM.