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Learning a Mandarin song

farjana.jannat - Today, 05:57 AM in Speaking and Listening Skills

farjana.jannat avatar Hello everyone,    I need a little help please. Actually, i only have very few basic Mandarin skills, which means i cannot read or write in Chinese characters, but hopefully in the future i will be able to    Anyways, my question is that i have been listening to some traditional Chinese songs and i really want to learn these songs, but they only have the lyrics in Chinese lyrics and i want the pinyin version of these lyrics. The songs are:   https://www.youtube....CnX2YjUhrFQ0JaG ( 处风...
Latest of 1 replies by Flickserve at 17 minutes ago.

72 hours visa - 2 hours TOO LONG?! HELP

SinLi - Today, 03:55 AM in Visa Issues

hey,  unfortunately my mum booked me a flight from melbourne back to frankfurt, with a stop in Shanghai. I wanted it to be only 3 days, but she got the date wrong. So now I am arriving on the 8th of feb at 10 pm and I'm leaving on the 12th at 11pm.   I really wanted to get the 72 hour visa (or not get it, since it's not a visa lol) but I'm staying 2 hours too long. If I would arrive on the 9th at like 1 am it would be ok, since it starts at 00 oclock the next day, am I right?   I don't just want t...
Latest of 0 replies by SinLi at Today, 03:55 AM.

Memorising Chinese Characters - Mnemonic Approach

Sixwinged - Today, 01:59 AM in Reading and Writing Skills

https://www.youtube....h?v=weZOrFei90E Hey guys! I have recently uploaded a video on memorising Chinese characters by using mnemonics. What do you think? Which other systems for Chinese have you tried which are more effective?  P.S. Feedback is always welcome
Latest of 1 replies by Shelley at 57 minutes ago.

Starting to study again

JenniferW - Yesterday, 06:00 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

I've had a complete break from studying Chinese - a break of maybe 4 years. I live somewhere there are no Chinese classes, but before I had to stop (other things in life took over), I'd found a private teacher and was having a once-a-week 1-hour session with private study in between. I'd got as far as passing HSK Level 4 (just). I can't believe how much has drifted away in the break! Can anyone recommend good tests for trying to work out where I am now?
Latest of 3 replies by GotJack at Yesterday, 07:41 PM.

Moving to Beijing in 8 months but know no Mandarin

hff - Yesterday, 05:52 AM in Speaking and Listening Skills

Hey All,   I'm doing a masters program in China and will be leaving in eight months. The program is entirely in English, however it will include Mandarin classes. I'd like to begin learning Mandarin now so that I can at the very least survive in Beijing. I'm American but have studied in Argentina and speak Spanish relatively fluently, so I've run the learning a foreign language gauntlet once. That said, I'm anticipating Mandarin to be far more difficult. Between now and August I'd like to be able to do the...
Latest of 4 replies by ChTTay at Yesterday, 08:04 PM.

(NPPLC) Chapter #30 李寄

somethingfunny - Nov 26 2015 01:00 PM in Classical Chinese

somethingfunny avatar This thread is for the discussion of chapter thirty-one in A New Practical Primer of Literary Chinese by Paul Rouzer.   I've stolen the text from here and although the punctuation looks a little different, it was the first one I found in traditional characters.   東越閩中,有庸嶺,高數十裏,其西北隙中,有大蛇,長七八丈大十余圍,土俗常懼。東治都尉及屬城長吏,多有死者。祭以牛羊,故不得福,或與人夢,或下谕巫祝,欲得啖童女年十二三者。都尉令長並共患之,然氣厲不息,共請求人家生婢子,兼有罪家女養之,至八月朝,祭送蛇穴口,蛇出吞齧之。累年如此,已用九女。爾時預複募索,未得其女。將樂縣李誕家有六女。無男,其小女名寄,應募欲行。父母不聽。寄曰:“父母無相,惟生六女,無有一男。雖有如無。女無缇萦濟父母之功,既不能供...
Latest of 0 replies by somethingfunny at Nov 26 2015 01:00 PM.

Usage of 岳母

Pegasus - Nov 26 2015 10:51 AM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

Hi everyone,    I was wondering if there are any Chinese language users here who could enlighten me on the way people use the word "岳母".    According to my dictionary, it means "mother-in-law (wife's mother)".    Is it a term that I could use to address my mother-in-law? For example, when I see my mother-in-law next week, could I say this to her, "岳母您好。好久不見。您好嗎? 您最近怎麽樣?" Or would it be strange or rude to address her this way?    Thank you.    Sincerely,...
Latest of 2 replies by shashaliu at Yesterday, 12:05 PM.

Which dialects are spoken in Glossika?

Friday - Nov 25 2015 10:43 PM in Resources for Studying Chinese

I read that Glossika comes in two different dialects, but none of the descriptions I read were very precise, as I'm aware Chinese has much variation so to say it is "Chinese" is not very meaningful.   Can anyone tell me the names that would used by linguists or the specific Chinese name of the dialects to describe the two versions? I want to use this information and compare it to some maps constructed by linguistics to help in deciding which set of audio to use.
Latest of 12 replies by Chris Two Times at Nov 26 2015 06:42 PM.

How do you prove that you know Chinese to non-speakers?

Friday - Nov 25 2015 10:34 PM in Studying Chinese outside of China

When people in my home country learn that I lived in China for a time, some are suspicious that I actually learned Chinese. But since they don't know Chinese themselves, it is difficult to prove. Some classmates checked their dictionaries and tried reading the pinyin to me, baffled that I couldn't understand simple phrases like "nye-hay-o may". Regarding accent, I think they all expect the sing-songy Cantonese that appears so often in the movies. I don't have an interest in going around telling people, "I speak...
Latest of 33 replies by somethingfunny at Yesterday, 11:55 PM.

Grow Chinese: Dictionary, Chinese Texts and Study Tips!

dansemacabre - Nov 25 2015 06:10 PM in Resources for Studying Chinese

Hi everybody!   You may remember me from such websites as Hanzi Data (long extinct).   This is a courtesy post about a little website that I've put together to help people 'grow their Chinese'. It's called Grow Chinese (hehe) and you can find it here: http://growchinese.com   A quick overview of some of the features: Chinese dictionary with character deconstruction, example sentences, definitions, pronunciation and more Chinese texts with pinyin and English translation Chinese study tips and techn...
Latest of 0 replies by dansemacabre at Nov 25 2015 06:10 PM.