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meaning of 久。

Fred0 - Yesterday, 10:21 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

Fred0 avatar In this sentence: 这个学期开学多久了?is the question how long is this semester, or how long has it been since the semester started, i.e. how long ago did the semester begin?
Latest of 1 replies by skylee at Yesterday, 11:42 PM.

Celiac disease and Chinese food

Gudai - Yesterday, 03:00 PM in Kunming

Hello, guys .   I have a celiac disease and as a result I have to be on a gluten-free diet, which means no wheat at all. Gluten-free food where I live is not a problem, we can find it in almost every shop but I'm worried how it looks in China. Are there any shops with healthy food in Kunming? And how about Chinese food in general? I assume I can eat all kinds of vegetables, meat and rice but I have to watch out for sauces, they can include wheat, can't they?   Thanks in advance for your help .
Latest of 14 replies by Kobo-Daishi at Yesterday, 10:28 PM.

Corrupting the Chinese Language (New York Times Op-Ed)

etm001 - Yesterday, 12:00 PM in Art and Literature

There was an an op-ed published in the May 26th online edition of the New York Times that might be of interest to readers of these forums. A quote from the op-ed:   More than 60 years of Communist hate education, inane propaganda and the comprehensive destruction of classical civilization have spawned a new style of speaking and writing. The Chinese language has become brutalized — and the Communist Party is largely to blame.    I don't have a sufficient background to comment on the author's opini...
Latest of 12 replies by Basil at Today, 02:00 AM.

Correlations between Jyutping (Cantonese) and Pinyin (Mandarin)

Aika - Yesterday, 09:07 AM in Speaking and Listening Skills

Aika avatar Hi,   Mandarin is basically Cantonese pronounced differently, but the grammar/structures are the same and some of the pronounciations sound extremely similar.   Is there a list out there, that shows the pinyin for the two dilects side-by-side? So that way, since I'm a really good cantonese speaker, I can just memorize the list of Mandarin pinyin that correlates to Cantonese pronouncations, so I can know both languages without learning each word individually like a new language.   For example:...
Latest of 1 replies by Hofmann at Yesterday, 07:35 PM.

Assertive female co-worker....

alwaysstriving - Yesterday, 01:50 AM in Beijing

I just started working at a school for adults in Beijing.   The first day I worked there (last week) a female co-worker who I met in the lunchroom suggested that we play tennis together sometime. I thought she was just being friendly and I said that we should one of these days. We have both been busy working but friendly enough when we see each other at work for the past week.   Today I was alone in the teacher's office preparing some materials and she came and sat down next to me. She said that s...
Latest of 28 replies by Simon_CH at 31 minutes ago.

Diabetes in Chengdu

Dream-Walker - Yesterday, 12:15 AM in Chengdu

Hello, I'm a diabetic person, can anyone tell me how easy/hard it is to get insulin in Chengdu? Diabete's quite popular, so I imagine it shouldn't be too hard to get insulin, but I have insulin pump and was wondering where can I get exuipment for it in Chengdu ( or China in general). I would appreciate any help, maybe your friend had such a problem or you heard sth, anything really will be quite helpful.
Latest of 8 replies by Dream-Walker at Today, 05:22 AM.

NPCR, differences between first and second editions?

Balthazar - May 26 2015 11:20 PM in Resources for Studying Chinese

Balthazar avatar Are there any differences in the actual texts and vocab in the first and second editions of the NPCR books? According to this post there aren't:     Regarding the content, 1st and 2nd Edition are the same. Same dialogues, vocabulary, grammar and exercises. But the new edition is more convenient to use. The chapters are clearly separated, colours and better layout elements are used for different content, the paper is better, all the drawings and pictures are new and more modern, you find page and chapt...
Latest of 7 replies by Shelley at Today, 03:32 AM.

Finding a University in China that places more emphasis on communication

Simon D - May 26 2015 03:30 AM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Hi all,   I'm currently studying in Haikou, at Hainan University. I have been here for almost 3 months and I've quickly found that the teaching style and material is not suitable for me, so I'm thinking about alternatives for the future.   My reading and writing ability has improved greatly since arriving, but my speaking has seen little (to possibly no) improvement. The teachers are good and do seem keen to help, but my problem is with the way classes seem geared towards the end of term exams and HSK,...
Latest of 8 replies by ChTTay at May 26 2015 09:12 PM.

Chinese Degree Exams

shuoshuo - May 26 2015 02:03 AM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

shuoshuo avatar We've talked a lot about scholarships, student finances and whatnot. I'm curious to know what your exam experiences have been like? Those of you who have to do exams in Chinese (even if your first language isn't Chinese), how's that going? Even if I've studied in China before this is my first year taking exams in Chinese. I won't lie, I feel as though my nose is just right above the water...it is far from easy. I'm in a liuxuesheng class, but most of them are Chinese students with a foreign passport. Our exams a...
Latest of 7 replies by shuoshuo at Yesterday, 11:43 PM.

Is local dialects an advantage in learning standard Chinese?

英泰inte - May 25 2015 05:05 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

英泰inte avatar 大家好!   My  friend from Yunnan province needs some help knowing how dialects affect foreigner's learning chinese while in China, so she made a survey. It's meant for those of us who are in China or have studied in China. If it isn't too much trouble, can you all help us a little by answering her survey? It's very short. 谢谢for your time.    留学生调查问卷1.doc   23.5KB   16 downloads   Once you finish, you can email it to: 1075272595 @ qq.com   (p.s. sorry if this p...
Latest of 4 replies by Enoxus at Yesterday, 05:31 PM.