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New User Posts

How do you deal with chinese near-synonyms?

Aphorisme - Yesterday, 11:29 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Hi everyone,   I would be glad to hear your views and advises concerning the tricky chinese near-synonyms   I've searched on the Internet but it seems like this topic is a little bit underrated.    Two years ago, while i was speaking chinese, i decided suddenly to use the word "伟大“ instead of the classical "很大“ in a sentence. At that time i had just learned this word so i was happy to use it...but i totally failed as the chinese girl in front of me told me "啊,你的意思是"很大",是不是?“. Needless to say...
Latest of 7 replies by MarsBlackman at 28 minutes ago.

The "Your Sucess of the Day" Thread

Lou - Yesterday, 10:30 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Hey everyone! (I hope I'm right that such a thread doesn't exist here right now.) I think we desperately need a "Your Sucess of the Day"-Thread, after all, we are all walking on a quite difficult path. The concept is simple: Just post your sucess of the day! It doesn't matter whether you just archieved a really important goal (such as finishing "The Dream of the Red Chamber" in the Chinese original) or you only had a tiny litte sucess today (such as being able to write one character more than yesterday)-as long...
Latest of 0 replies by Lou at Yesterday, 10:30 PM.

Can someone help me with the book I'm writing?

Jemima - Yesterday, 10:29 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Jemima avatar Hi! I am a Swedish writer and science teacher, and right now I'm working on a novel in which a Chinese boy is one of the main characters. The story takes place in a place far away, where this boy -- among with lots of others -- are living in a refugee camp.   Since I want my story to be realistic and since Chinese culture and language are different from mine, I’m afraid of making too many mistakes. Could anyone help me? It would be greatly appreciated if you would!     Questions:   1. I have...
Latest of 3 replies by Hofmann at 41 minutes ago.

Calendar question

Shelley - Yesterday, 06:48 AM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

Shelley avatar My latest lesson is about dates, months and years. One of the exercises is to substitute dates from the choices given. I have attached a scan of the choices.   i am trying to work out what the 小and the 大 mean. all I have been able to find out is that it is something to do with Lunar Month Attributes but nothing more.   What are Lunar Month Attributes?   There is no mention of this in the lesson or the lesson notes   Also is this suppose to represent a sample of a Chinese calendar?.   Any...
Latest of 3 replies by Shelley at Yesterday, 09:17 PM.

What differentiates radicals and other character components?

Skyelar - Yesterday, 04:45 AM in Chinese Characters

Unless I'm mistaken and all character components can be considered radicals, what makes certain components radicals and others not radicals? I'm not talking about the obvious ones that can't stand alone as characters, like 亻 and 氵, I'm talking about components like the 女 in 妾, which Wikipedia claims is a radical.
Latest of 9 replies by tooironic at Today, 08:24 AM.

Research Paper: Efficient Learning Strategy of Chinese Characters Based on Network Approach

pepper - Mar 28 2015 04:50 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

pepper avatar Hi all. I have recently discovered a research paper that presents a very intriguing way to (potentially) optimize learning Chinese. Two questions:  1. what do you think of this approach 2. does anyone know of this work or the current internet location of the resources?    My one-sentence summary: the authors used liu shu to create a directed acyclic graph of 3500 characters, where the work to learn one character is learning all the ones that contribute to it. Fascinating.   I would love to kn...
Latest of 10 replies by renzhe at Yesterday, 08:52 PM.

Chinese article reader (simplified)

parlr - Mar 28 2015 01:48 AM in Reading and Writing Skills

Hi, We're a company making French courses [at www.parlr.se]. As a side project, we've written a simple article reader for Chinese at www.parlr.se/tricks/reader, that we'd like to share with you. It currently gets articles/stories from NFpeople and Douban Moments. By clicking characters, you can rotate through marking/pinyin/definition. We've tried to make sure the pinyin/definition isn't too distracting. It works very well on mobile devices as well.   Let us know what you think!
Latest of 8 replies by parlr at Yesterday, 08:19 PM.

News Shows with Transcripts

uni419 - Mar 28 2015 01:11 AM in Chinese Television

Hey, so I'm that weird guy that actually likes to watch the news. I was wondering if anyone knew of websites that have Chinese language news broadcast (preferably 4/5 times a week, 15-30min broadcast) with full transcripts. In the best case they would also have the video as a conveniently downloadable file which I could rip audio from using handbrake so I could keeping listening to the broadcast for a few days after in order to drill in the vocab and grammar structures that pop up when analysing the transcript....
Latest of 4 replies by Bad Cao Cao at Mar 28 2015 01:17 PM.

Traveling tips -- traveling in China

rw86347 - Mar 28 2015 12:59 AM in Visa Issues

I wasn't sure which forum was best for this post but I think Visa is better than others.  Some maybe have differing opinions but I think this is a good list for those of you wanting to travel while in China   I used to live in China and did lots of traveling while living there.   For those of you in the states you need to understand two things....           You will do LOTS of walking and you will not find a Laundromat.     Walking:   American's don't unders...
Latest of 7 replies by ChTTay at Yesterday, 09:03 PM.

Chinese numbers 一 to 一万

xyz123abc - Mar 27 2015 06:04 AM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

xyz123abc avatar Why this list? I created this list to generate tts audio files for EACH number, and to practice listening to random numbers in my portable device.   Why posting it here? I couldn't find it anywhere, a (maybe) correct list of numbers that I could use for generating my audio files. It took me a good 3 hours to make it from scratch, so I am sharing it to whoever it may concern.   How can you generate audio files from this list? I use a program called "textaloud 3", you insert {{split}} at the end of each...
Latest of 0 replies by xyz123abc at Mar 27 2015 06:04 AM.