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Transcripts for recent 锵锵三人行 episodes

112233 - Today, 05:58 PM in Resources for Studying Chinese

Hi everyone,   Would anyone happen to know where the transcripts for the recent episodes (i.e. 2015) are? Can only find 2014 and earlier!  
Latest of 1 replies by somethingfunny at 53 minutes ago.

Does anyone know how to get a pair of crutches in Shanghai

mirgcire - Today, 09:35 AM in Shanghai

My friend is in Shanghai, and injured her leg (bruised and swollen ankle).  She says there is no where to get crutches in Shanghai and will not see a doctor.  Just wondering if anyone has some creative suggestions.  Thanks!
Latest of 2 replies by roddy at 16 minutes ago.

非。。。不可 structure

ca2bj1508 - Today, 02:40 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

ca2bj1508 avatar Hello! just wanted to check if this sentence made sense! any help would be much appreciated :  在我的父母房子,我总是告诉他们:我劝你还是不环保,不然,照这么发展下去,用不了多久,你们非杀死地球不可!
Latest of 5 replies by dwq at 4 minutes ago.

How to say "club" in Chinese and other accompanying translations

ca2bj1508 - Today, 02:15 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

ca2bj1508 avatar Hello! I have a presentation and I want to say "Art and Sustainability Club" in Chinese. I don't have a phone currently so I can't use pleco so I'm using Chinese yabla and the translation they gave for club is "俱乐部” I want to make sure that is the most common use for club in Chinese. Also, i translated 'art and sustainability club' as "艺术与环保俱乐部“ would that be correct??    Thank you everybody
Latest of 1 replies by obscuritea at Today, 05:08 AM.

No such thing as a 'visual learner'

realmayo - Nov 28 2015 09:11 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

This would have been off-topic elsewhere, so:   If you are a visual learner     It's worth pointing out that concepts such as being a visual learner or whatever are just myths, and shouldn't be used to influence study methodology. If someone, say, believes that characters will be particularly difficult for them because they've decided they're a so-called 'auditory learner', that could actually impede studying Chinese.     This is from the guy who accidentally started it all: https://www....
Latest of 13 replies by li3wei1 at Today, 09:20 AM.

Official Drone Guidance

thrice12 - Nov 28 2015 06:05 PM in Beijing

thrice12 avatar I'm looking to buy a DJI Phantom 3 soon but struggling to find any official guidance on the rules and regulations for flying drones in Beijing. I know it was prohibited to fly within the 5th ring road but i believe this has now changed - DJI have just updated the firmware to stop you from flying in restricted areas but i was hoping to find published documents about the restricted areas before dropping a ton of money.  Any links (Chinese or English) would be much appreciated.   Thanks   Mikey
Latest of 0 replies by thrice12 at Nov 28 2015 06:05 PM.

The Art of War, trans. by James Trapp (Amber Books)

Gharial - Nov 28 2015 02:48 PM in Classical Chinese

Gharial avatar I was given this as a gift, and thought I'd quickly describe it and upload a few snaps so people could get a better feel for it than Amazon etc provides.   It uses traditional Chinese bookbinding techniques 'developed during the Ming dynasty', in which 'single sheets of paper are printed on one side only, and each sheet is folded in half, with the printed pages on the outside' (obviously LOL). 'The book block is then sandwiched between two boards and sewn together through punched holes close to the cut edge...
Latest of 6 replies by Shelley at Yesterday, 01:59 AM.

Learning a Mandarin song

farjana.jannat - Nov 28 2015 05:57 AM in Speaking and Listening Skills

farjana.jannat avatar Hello everyone,    I need a little help please. Actually, i only have very few basic Mandarin skills, which means i cannot read or write in Chinese characters, but hopefully in the future i will be able to    Anyways, my question is that i have been listening to some traditional Chinese songs and i really want to learn these songs, but they only have the lyrics in Chinese lyrics and i want the pinyin version of these lyrics. The songs are:   https://www.youtube....CnX2YjUhrFQ0JaG ( 处风...
Latest of 1 replies by Flickserve at Nov 28 2015 08:07 AM.

72 hours visa - 2 hours TOO LONG?! HELP

SinLi - Nov 28 2015 03:55 AM in Visa Issues

hey,  unfortunately my mum booked me a flight from melbourne back to frankfurt, with a stop in Shanghai. I wanted it to be only 3 days, but she got the date wrong. So now I am arriving on the 8th of feb at 10 pm and I'm leaving on the 12th at 11pm.   I really wanted to get the 72 hour visa (or not get it, since it's not a visa lol) but I'm staying 2 hours too long. If I would arrive on the 9th at like 1 am it would be ok, since it starts at 00 oclock the next day, am I right?   I don't just want t...
Latest of 4 replies by edelweis at Nov 28 2015 09:35 PM.

Memorising Chinese Characters - Mnemonic Approach

Sixwinged - Nov 28 2015 01:59 AM in Reading and Writing Skills

https://www.youtube....h?v=weZOrFei90E Hey guys! I have recently uploaded a video on memorising Chinese characters by using mnemonics. What do you think? Which other systems for Chinese have you tried which are more effective?  P.S. Feedback is always welcome
Latest of 8 replies by Zeppa at Today, 05:27 PM.