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New User Posts

sensitive pen on bamboo on skritter

ianwat - Today, 04:26 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

Hi, I have bought the bamboo wireless pad to use on skritter to draw chinese characters but the pen is too sensitive, I have followed the instructions to go into system preferences & then 'other" but it is not recognising the bamboo on my mac, struggling here, any help would be appreciated thankyou
Latest of 12 replies by Botterli at 39 minutes ago.

Different ways to say "do" in Chinese

ralphmat123 - Today, 12:13 AM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

Hi there. I was wondering if someone could clarify the differences between all the different ways of saying the verb "do" in Chinese. For example the difference between 做 干 为 行 as according to Pleco they all mean "do". Thanks
Latest of 3 replies by MPhillips at Today, 04:16 AM.

Jobs/websites for American Experienced Professional

regent77 - Yesterday, 03:23 PM in Beijing

Hi All,      I am looking to move to China within the next few months.  Anybody got any tips or websites where I can look around for jobs?  I have been working as a software product/project manager for the past 6 years.  Any help would be very much appreciated.    Thanks 303Sunshine
Latest of 1 replies by Tianjin42 at Yesterday, 05:44 PM.

Where to rent in Beijing

Johnny20270 - Yesterday, 08:09 AM in Beijing

I am just looking at apartments to rent places in Beijing. I am surprised by the prices! My Chinese friend is looking for me and it appears I have to pay 7000 upwards for a 1 bed near Chaoyang as zhouhaochen noted in a different post.     However, I notice from living in London a long time that many foreign students coming here often rent a place within walking distance near the school or university and thus prices are somewhat higher / quality lower. Many don't consider moving further away to avail of...
Latest of 16 replies by Lu at A minute ago.

Does anyone know What this Hat is Called?

Gbemi - Yesterday, 04:41 AM in Society

Hello,   I recently read this nice article online and noticed the hat the grandmother was wearing.  Does anyone know the name of this style hat, and what region, if any, it is popular in?  Thank you in advance.    
Latest of 12 replies by Hofmann at Today, 05:18 PM.

Anyone from Belgium/Netherlands ?

spetsnaz84 - Yesterday, 04:36 AM in Studying Chinese outside of China

spetsnaz84 avatar Hi,   I was just wondering if there's anyone from Belgium or Netherlands also studying Chinese .. Any schools you can recommend or tutors you might want to share ?          
Latest of 5 replies by datdere at Today, 01:29 PM.

Individual tones harder than groups of tones?

hedwards - Yesterday, 04:14 AM in Speaking and Listening Skills

This is mostly a matter of curiosity. I've just recently gotten back to working on my spoken Chinese again and I'm a tad bit rusty. I find that my tones when I'm speaking entire sentences are way better than my tones when I'm speaking single syllables. I'm also finding that when I run the sentends through Praat that the whole sentences are closer to the native speakers than when I'm speaking syllable by syllable and repeating what the speaker is saying.   I'm wondering if anybody has any suggestions as to w...
Latest of 2 replies by hedwards at Today, 05:44 AM.

Harbin: dinner and/or drinks some time this week?

MoTzu - Jul 27 2014 10:31 PM in Harbin

Hi guys, so I'm new to the forum and new to Harbin. I have friends here but they've all gone to USA and Thailand for the holidays and unfortunately the police still have my passport preparing my residency visa. So I'm pretty much sitting in my apartment watching movies at night, and wandering the city getting lost in backalleys and eating street food during the day. Is anyone keen on going to Russiansize, or maybe just out for dinner and a quiet few beers if Russiansize isn't your thing. I'm on holidays till the...
Latest of 0 replies by MoTzu at Jul 27 2014 10:31 PM.

Chinese success stories

studychinese - Jul 27 2014 07:59 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

studychinese avatar I have had a couple of Chinese language success stories that I would like to share. They may seem pretty minor, but they are a big deal to me.   A brief background - in the last month I went hardcore and did about 20 hours of lessons on italki. I was inspired/shamed by the thread started by tamu, titled "Independent Chinese study: review".   http://www.chinese-f...se-study-review/   So I will go to China and North Korea, arriving in China next week. It turns out I have lost the charger for my came...
Latest of 5 replies by Lu at Today, 05:31 PM.

Review of Sinolingua's "Speak Business Chinese Fluently" 商务口语流利说

edelweis - Jul 26 2014 08:06 PM in Textbooks for learning Chinese

This is a preliminary review of the book Business Chinese Series—Speak Business Chinese Fluently + MP3 商贸汉语系列教材——商务口语流利说(附MP3光盘) edited by Sinolingua. I received this book today as part of the 2014 "Free Chinese Books (Second Round)". Many thanks to Sinolingua, Elina and Roddy.     Summary: suitable for an intermediate/advanced business Chinese speaking class with a teacher. It does require good reading skills in simplified characters. (at least 2nd year at a Chinese uni I'd say). If studying by yourse...
Latest of 1 replies by edelweis at Jul 27 2014 07:41 PM.