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New User Posts

Pleco Flashcards to Anki Flashcards

JacobDewey - Today, 07:34 PM in Resources for Studying Chinese

Hello,  I have bought both Pleco flashcards and Anki flashcards. I really like the ease that Pleco flashcards has with making flashcards as well as how easy it is from the flashcards to look at a single character, view other words that include the character, stroke order, things like that.   However, I don't like the timing of Pleco as much. I prefer Anki and think that the SRS is a lot better. However, I don't often have access to a computer, (I don't have one in my home) and mostly use an iPod with w...
Latest of 2 replies by kdavid at 17 minutes ago.

Microsoft Pinyin, typing with tone marks

Johnny20270 - Today, 07:33 PM in Chinese Computing and Electronics

Hello all, I can't seem to find the answer to this ...   When  I use MS Word and Windows 8 I select the language input as MS Pinyin, so if I start typing "wo xihuan ...." I get a popup context box with all the Hanzi suggestions.    Now the hanzi suggestions are irrespective of tones so all possible tones are shown, e.g. for wo  我  窝   幄 etc   Is there any way to limit this so that if I typed wo3 xi3huan I get the relevant hanzi for that particular tone?   I think it w...
Latest of 3 replies by Shelley at 34 minutes ago.

Good mandarin course in Shanghai

knuterr - Today, 06:48 PM in Shanghai

Hi guys! I'm moving to Shanghai this week because I'll be starting a year as an exchange student at Shanghai Jiaotong University in September. Before semester start I would like to take an intensive mandarin course. I have googled a bit, and I have found for instance a course called "Intensive 30" at Mandarin Garden[1]. This type of course looks like the kind I want: An intensive mandarin course that covers speaking, listening, reading and writing. The only thing stopping me from signing up is that I don't reall...
Latest of 0 replies by knuterr at Today, 06:48 PM.

Anyone studying in the South (UK)?

Shelley - Today, 06:25 PM in Studying Chinese outside of China

Shelley avatar In the same spirit as "Anyone studying in the North (UK)" I wondered if there were any fellow learners here on the south coast.   Although London is not actually too far in miles its not very easy to get to for me, so if there could be a meet up south central UK I would make a big effort to go.   So now we have covered North and South any takers for East and West?
Latest of 6 replies by Shelley at Today, 07:31 PM.

X2 Visa Requirements

trmw - Today, 05:54 PM in Visa Issues

Hi everyone,   Hoping someone might be able to offer some advice on my situation.   Tried to apply for an X2 (short-term study) visa yesterday at the application centre in London, UK. Was told that the admission letter that I had was "not an official admission letter". Was kind of surprised by this, called again today, then emailed in a copy of the letter to the centre - they said the same thing again - "this is not an official admission notice".   I've scanned a copy here: http://imgur.com/S...
Latest of 4 replies by trmw at Today, 06:36 PM.

Looking for recommendations on short story books

Skunq - Today, 05:37 PM in Resources for Studying Chinese

Skunq avatar It would be nice to get some recommendations on books featuring various short stories, fiction or non-fiction, both are okay. I do not feel my Chinese level is at the point yet where I can take up novels, so I choose to stick with short stories for now. A Chinese friend of mine has recommended 韩寒's 很高兴见到你 and the books following that one. It doesn't look bad at all, but I would still like to have a look at other options.
Latest of 0 replies by Skunq at Today, 05:37 PM.

Chinese KTV observations

Manuel - Today, 12:25 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Manuel avatar I am not a big fan of KTV but I occasionally get dragged in by friends. After several years of KTV a recurring pattern begins to emerge:   The typical KTV sound system takes a perfectly good audio signal and smothers it in thick layers of echo and reverb. All I can hear is howling and wailing, and I can't even understand my own singing. It maybe sounds great if your very drunk.   I cannot bring my own mp3s on a USB stick, so if you want to sing non-Chinese it's always the same "classic" crap (Beatles,...
Latest of 7 replies by Ruben von Zwack at Today, 05:33 PM.

Looking for a specific genre...

Solarin - Today, 10:57 AM in Chinese Television

I'm looking for a TV show where Chinese people (or one person) moves to a westernized country like America and tries to adapt. Basically something like 北京人在纽约 but more modern. Also looking for novels like this as well. Would really appreciate any recommendations, thanks!!
Latest of 3 replies by msittig at Today, 05:37 PM.

Exotic/Alternative Hairstyles

Pauan - Today, 09:11 AM in Society

Pauan avatar I was wondering... Dyed hair in non natural colours (green, blue, white, pink, etc), dreadlocks, mohawks. How would they be perceived in chinese big cities, like Beijing?   I know foreigners already catch the attention for being different, so would a different hairstyle be acceptable (as we are already different) or will it suffer prejudice?   I am specially concerned when it comes to deal with officers, embassy, university staff, these kind of people. Will things not work for me just because a differe...
Latest of 6 replies by MoTzu at Today, 07:18 PM.

Chinese is easy

geraldc - Today, 06:47 AM in General Study Advice and Discussion

geraldc avatar I had an epiphany today. Chinese is super easy to learn. People say it's hard, it's not. 
Latest of 10 replies by Lu at Today, 05:42 PM.