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New User Posts

Grammar for 你叫什么名字?

argrr101 - Yesterday, 10:29 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

I know that you can drop the 名字 if you are being informal, but I was wondering if there was some grammatical explanation for why you need the 名字?   How is this different (if at all) from 你姓什么?And why does that sentence not need anything after the 什么?
Latest of 1 replies by weiwuji at Yesterday, 11:31 PM.

A few 了 questions

edelweis - Yesterday, 10:08 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

these are sentences from Sinolingua's IT口语 booklet.   1) after Li's ACDSee trial period expired, Zhang advised him to buy the full version. Some days later: 哥们儿,我买了正版的ACDSee了,我跟你学学怎么安装,行吗? ok, the first 了 means that the 买 action is done, but why is there a 2nd 了 here? It doesn't seem to be a change of state? or is it?   2) 小张:你每天上网吗? 小李:当然上了。 Same question what is this 了? (these are the opening sentences of the dialogue).   3) Zhang advises Li to apply for broadband. Li is not sure about that beca...
Latest of 2 replies by Edita at Yesterday, 11:53 PM.

Orthodontic Retainers?

JSu - Yesterday, 09:55 PM in Beijing

Does anyone know of an English speaking orthodontist in Beijing that does replacement retainers?  
Latest of 1 replies by zhouhaochen at Today, 12:29 AM.

Hit the wall

Flickserve - Aug 01 2015 09:58 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Have you ever had times in a lesson things just suddenly don't work? This happens a lot to me. Doing OK in the lesson and then suddenly, bam, brain dead, simple sentences not going in, stuck in a rut, repeating wrong order. How do you cope? BTW I have probably had it a lot in the past but can't escape from it in a one to one situation!
Latest of 8 replies by Flickserve at 50 minutes ago.

Visual character puns game (show off your Photoshop/MS paint skills)

Demonic_Duck - Aug 01 2015 06:38 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Demonic_Duck avatar I don't recall seeing many forum games on here, but maybe that's because they don't really fit into any subforum. I guess this one'll do.  Rules: Post visual character puns for people to guess Guess puns posted by other people If there are five or more unsolved puns at any one time, you need to solve them before posting new ones If a pun is taking too long to solve, the person who posted it can help out by giving hints Nothing too obscure I'll try to keep this first post updated with links to unsolved puns...
Latest of 5 replies by Demonic_Duck at Yesterday, 09:29 AM.

advanced reading direction

advancingChinese - Aug 01 2015 11:49 AM in Reading and Writing Skills

Dear fellow readers of Chinese,   Previously I was really into “grasping the soul of the western culture”, after reading widely, I got intrigued by a translation of the 道德經 daodejing, so I started self-studying Chinese.   a chronological excerpt of some of my reading so far: 哈利波特 三國演義(普及版) 國史大綱(錢穆)-> (skipping some of the 文言文)。 中國哲學簡史 大學,論語,法家,道德經 等古書 老殘遊記,圍城 中國文學史(袁行霈 主编) currently at ~80%   However two years ago I abandoned my search for a deeper understanding of Chinese, though a fluent s...
Latest of 0 replies by advancingChinese at Aug 01 2015 11:49 AM.

HSK Traditional

Thiago Brazil - Aug 01 2015 12:20 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

Hello Everyone!   It's also possible make the HSK in Traditional Chinese? 
Latest of 5 replies by zhouhaochen at Today, 12:27 AM.

T and C

AlexBlackman - Jul 31 2015 06:09 PM in Chinese Pronunciation, Pinyin, and Audio Samples

AlexBlackman avatar I can easily hear the difference between C and T, but my tutor says I'm pronouncing them the same.   What exactly is the difference? I know C has the tip of the tongue on the lower teeth, and T the upper teeth. Both are aspirated, but C seems to be a lot stronger. Both are unvoiced.
Latest of 9 replies by Demonic_Duck at Yesterday, 07:49 PM.

A couple of recentish thoughts on SRS:

realmayo - Jul 31 2015 08:21 AM in General Study Advice and Discussion

A couple of recentish thoughts on SRS: 1. Testing almost everything as Q: pinyin (Question shows pinyin) is more important than I'd thought. Yes, assuming you care about reading, you've got to do Q: Hanzis too. But the problem with showing hanzis is at least one of them will give a massive hint about what the word means. Okay, so Q: pinyin won’t work for single-characters. But for multi-character words I think it’s necessary. Sometimes (but not very often actually) you get fully homophonic words but a programme...
Latest of 38 replies by realmayo at Yesterday, 12:21 PM.

Does anyone know of any language-exchange services for schools?

philipbeckwith - Jul 31 2015 07:04 AM in Chinese Computing and Electronics

Hello!   I teach Chinese at a high school in America. I would like to to use blogs, chat rooms, pen pals, etc. to do a language exchange with another school in China. However, I haven't found any such service through my google searches. I obviously have to have some sort of forum where I can control the observers and participants so I don't have unwanted strangers talking to my students. Have any of you seen or participated in such a service and can give me a lead?   Thanks!   Phil
Latest of 0 replies by philipbeckwith at Jul 31 2015 07:04 AM.