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how to express the idea of "becoming interested in" or "be inspired to" (in future)

aprose1977 - Today, 12:12 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Hi all    I am trying to translate the sentence   "I hope that some of you [students] will be inspired to come to England" or   "I hope that some of you (students) will become interested in coming to England"     So far I have got to  我希望有些同学会来英国    I am finding it difficult to find a grammar pattern to express the idea of being inspired to do something or becoming interested in doing something to fit into this sentence.    Can anyone help?   ...
Latest of 2 replies by aprose1977 at Today, 05:28 AM.

Firefox and Perapera Chinese

abcdefg - Aug 26 2015 08:51 PM in Chinese Computing and Electronics

abcdefg avatar As of the release of Firefox 40, the Perapera Add-on no longer works. Both parties say they are trying to find a fix.   I've become very dependent on such a "hover translation" tool and am eager to hear temporary alternative solutions. I'm sure they will eventually get things worked out. Don't really want to change browsers, although I know Chrome and Perapera are still compatible.   What started as "training wheels" on my bike, have now turned into a "crutch." Didn't realize that until I had to do wit...
Latest of 15 replies by abcdefg at Today, 01:14 PM.

Just arrived in Nanjing / Nanjing Normal University

Pantsu - Aug 26 2015 04:55 PM in Nanjing

Pantsu avatar Hey there ! I got the full scholarship this year, first I'm going to study here, in Nanjing, for a year. It's the language program at Nanjing Normal University. I wanted to arrive a little early so I won't be carrying my things everywhere. . .  Oh, By the way, I'm Francisca, from Chile.  Someone else studying here ? It would be awesome to have some friends, or anyone to talk to actually :'D I arrived yesterday and I was a nightmare I'm not a pro at Chinese yet, so. . . yeah.
Latest of 6 replies by Pantsu at Today, 02:33 PM.

Cashier's check

abcdefg - Aug 26 2015 02:12 PM in Kunming

abcdefg avatar Does anyone know how to say cashier's check in Chinese?   MDBG dictionary gives 现金支票 but I would like to verify. (They don't speak English at my bank.)   I would be obtaining it at BOC. Here's their English information page on the subject.    http://www.boc.cn/en...12_1324233.html   I think 现金支票 is probably correct, based on this:   http://srh.bankofchi...earch/index.jsp   (Latest versions of Firefox no longer supports the Perapera Add-On, and I am crippled without it.) Bloody...
Latest of 4 replies by abcdefg at Aug 26 2015 08:45 PM.

X1 Visa Issue

sarthakm - Aug 26 2015 03:59 AM in Visa Issues

Hello all This is Sarthak from India. I'm planning to come to China this coming September for Chinese Language Program. Now I have applied to two of the universities for which one I have recieved both of the original documents. I wish to apply for the X1 visa on the basis of this X University. Please tell me if I am wrong , I have recieved the scanned copies of the university B as far now and scanned copy is not acceptable for the VISA and my courier contain the original copies is stuck somewhere from the last...
Latest of 2 replies by m000gle at Aug 26 2015 11:22 PM.

living in nanjing

DIESEL16 - Aug 25 2015 08:10 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

DIESEL16 avatar Hello Everyone, I have a full-scholarship from CSC and I'm going to NUAA this september. could you please inform me if it's possible to rent a flat with my monthly allowance it's around 4500 RMB, knowing that all others fee are taking in charge by the CSC. Best regards.
Latest of 3 replies by somethingfunny at Aug 26 2015 09:55 AM.

Has anyone used this visa agency?

ILikeBigWalls - Aug 25 2015 05:34 PM in Visa Issues

ILikeBigWalls avatar This visa agency (chinavisa.org.cn) tells me I can post my passport and visa application to them in Guangzhou and they will post it back to me after 20 days with a new visa inside.  Of course it is very expensive but I don't have to go to Hong Kong.  But before I send my passport away I thought I would ask if anyone has any experience with them?  
Latest of 7 replies by roddy at Aug 26 2015 04:38 PM.

Massive Military Parade

roddy - Aug 25 2015 12:10 AM in Beijing

roddy avatar Big military parade coming up in Beijing, for the anniversary of the end of WW2. Pics of rehearsals here.    Anyone in Beijing enjoying particularly blue skies? Been watching fighter jets practice their way across the city? Had the police round warning you to stay away from the windows on the 3rd, in case a sniper takes a liking to your Stars and Stripes t-shirt?   Maybe we should do a forums live watch? Not had one of those for AGES.
Latest of 7 replies by vera_zxl at Aug 26 2015 11:43 PM.

China's Black Monday

realmayo - Aug 24 2015 05:40 PM in Society

Chairman Xi is starting to look rather incompetent when it comes to the economy. Actually, starting to look thoroughly stupid. Encouraging people all year that the government would support the stock markets and telling them to invest. Oops, all of 2015's gains now wiped out. A half-arsed rate cut. Oops, capital flight because there's nothing to suggest further cuts won't follow. And I'd imagine if you're a Chinese leader the one thing you don't want to be telling your subjects is that the economy's going to get...
Latest of 22 replies by somethingfunny at Aug 26 2015 10:00 AM.

Heading to Beijing and PKU: Accommodation!

ricobeijing - Aug 24 2015 04:44 PM in Beijing

Hi Guys,   Aussie heading to Beijing in a week and looking for a place to stay near PKU. Ill be there for 5-6 months.   I have been reading the sticky regarding Wu Dao Kou accommodation complexes and want to check out the places directly. I am however, worried about living in an area too close to rowdy nightlife venues (I like to sleep early and want peace and quiet in the night, no doof doof or drunk yelling please haha).   So what are some accommodation complexes near PKU, or even Wudaokou, as l...
Latest of 4 replies by ricobeijing at Aug 25 2015 04:24 PM.