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Netflix to stream Mediacorp's Chinese dramas from early 2017

character - Yesterday, 05:27 PM in Chinese Television

character avatar More than 20 Chinese television series by Singapore media company Mediacorp will be available to global audiences through leading streaming network Netflix from early 2017, the two companies said in a joint press release on Wednesday (Dec 7). These will include award-winning classics such as The Little Nyonya and The Golden Path, as well as more recent dramas like The Dream Job and The Truth Seekers, the companies said.   [...]   http://www.channelne...17/3348124.html
Latest of 3 replies by Flickserve at Today, 10:23 AM.

Study Chinese in French (or in any language via French)

Luxi - Dec 05 2016 09:10 PM in Resources for Studying Chinese

  Apprendre le chinois is a huge portal for Chinese learning. It has many useful free tools and resources. Although it is in French don't be put off even if you don't know French, the use of French seems to be kept to a minimum in most pages. Many of the resources are very easy to use without understanding a word of French, and some become clear with the help of machine translation.   The site includes dictionaries, flash cards for all the characters in HSK1 to HSK6 ; list of 1500 most freque...
Latest of 0 replies by Luxi at Dec 05 2016 09:10 PM.

Using WeChat/微信 to learn Chinese

Angelina - Dec 05 2016 11:55 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

Angelina avatar I have been using WeChat to learn Chinese and am amazed by the wealth of resources. Even Paragon Book Gallery has a WeChat account: http://mp.weixin.qq....sJ-LxHEWftke2BQ Not to mention things like how you can track your DHL 快件 using WeChat. Free food! You not only learn how foodie is 吃货 in Chinese, you also get free food.
Latest of 3 replies by abcdefg at Today, 11:35 AM.

how to improve how well you retain grammar structures

cliveface96 - Dec 04 2016 10:56 AM in Reading and Writing Skills

Hi,   The title probably isn't the best so allow me to elaborate a little.    I've been learning a heap of new grammar structures and uses of characters etc. through my textbook/Italki lessons/Chinesepod/just generally reading. Currently my approach to learning new structures has been to write them down, write out an example or two, then write out my own examples and upload them to Lang-8, find relevant sentences of a similar structure online (either on Chinesepod or I'll bring it up in an Italki...
Latest of 6 replies by ShelbyR at Dec 06 2016 05:58 AM.

Number of sentences

Flickserve - Dec 04 2016 09:23 AM in Speaking and Listening Skills

I am gradually working my way through listening practice.   I listen to sentences which are set up in an Anki deck. Some parts of a sentence I will know, some words I know but didn't realise it is that word, some words I don't know at all.   I am just wondering what sort of numbers of sentences should I put into a deck to be manageable? What do experienced users of Anki do?   100 cards (i.e. sentences) per deck?   200 cards (i.e. sentences) per deck?  
Latest of 3 replies by Flickserve at Dec 05 2016 11:26 AM.

What is the difference between 工作 and 辦公 ?

reinard_wu - Dec 02 2016 09:44 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

What is the difference between 工作 and 辦公 ? I saw the on the internet, but both gives me meaning "to work".
Latest of 3 replies by coolnicholas at Yesterday, 07:20 PM.

What is the difference between 作曲 and 編曲 ?

reinard_wu - Dec 02 2016 09:12 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

What is the difference between 作曲 and 編曲 ? I search on the internet, but the internet says that both 作曲 and 編曲 are same meaning, which is, "to compose (music)". I think 作曲 and 編曲 has different meaning, because in mandarin songs lyrics, usually there are information about the person who make "作曲" and the person who make "編曲". Look at this example:   歌名:還是要幸福 歌手:田馥甄  作詞:徐世珍/司魚 作曲:張簡君偉 編曲:盧家宏、JerryC 製作:呂禎晃、郭文宗、張簡君偉     So, I think "作曲", means to compose music (to create music), and "編曲...
Latest of 1 replies by 陳德聰 at Dec 06 2016 04:26 AM.

Traditional form of 才

Shelley - Dec 02 2016 08:08 PM in Reading and Writing Skills

Shelley avatar I have recently started learning traditional characters along side simplified. In my NPCR lesson 14 we have cái 才。   I tried to find the traditional form but encounter some odd things. Pleco shows both in the headword but no stroke order for it and my headword is set to traditional first simplified second but it shows this the other way round.   In my Tuttle Chinese in a Flash set of paper flashcards it doesn't show the traditional form at all, usually it shows both forms with characters that are simpl...
Latest of 8 replies by Shelley at Dec 04 2016 09:20 PM.

Looking for iOS dictionary showing HSK level for words

魏一帆 - Dec 02 2016 05:39 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

魏一帆 avatar 大家好,   Sometimes, when I translate a word from English/Russian to Mandarin I get many variants and it is hard to tell which one is more common and useful. I think it makes more sense to prefer the words included in lower levels HSK wordlists, i.e. I would prefer a word from HSK3 to a word from HSK6 or to one which is not in HSK words at all.   For example, on YellowBridge, we can see that "Proficiency Test Level" for the word "新“ is as follows: "HSK=2; TOP=Basic".   This leads to the question: are...
Latest of 7 replies by 艾墨本 at Dec 05 2016 09:19 PM.

What goes with what? 执行,实行,进行,实施,政策,计划等等

艾墨本 - Dec 01 2016 02:28 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

艾墨本 avatar I'm getting these all confused and I'm not sure how to differentiate these synonyms. What object does each of them take on? Where is there overlap and where do they diverge?   Thank you
Latest of 5 replies by 艾墨本 at Dec 03 2016 12:55 PM.