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New User Posts

Post Doc at Fudan University

Sal - Jun 25 2016 08:46 PM in Shanghai

Hi.   I am expecting to start post doctorate at Fudan university this fall. The application in under process at Fudan School of Management. However I have following queries,   1, How long, after the positive decision has been made on your application, you are provided with admission notice/invitation letter?   2, What kind of salary package post docs are offered at Fudan, especially at school of management?   3. Is separate residence given to fellows who are willing to live with their familie...
Latest of 0 replies by Sal at Jun 25 2016 08:46 PM.

Xuefang's beginner writing project....

roddy - Jun 24 2016 04:49 PM in Reading and Writing Skills

roddy avatar As (hopefully) you've noticed, we're running a small experiment where our member Xuefang (who has a degree in Chinese teaching) helps people out with their Chinese writing skills. You can see the topic here. This is being paid for out of advertising income.    I'd be interested to know what people think of this, what might make it more accessible or useful, etc. So far it's being quiet, but it's early days and I'm happy for it to take some time to build up....
Latest of 16 replies by Flickserve at Yesterday, 12:21 PM.


kavanin - Jun 24 2016 03:36 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Would you please explain the meaning (or function) of the 2nd 中 in the 谚语 "强中更有强中手"?
Latest of 9 replies by Publius at Yesterday, 03:13 PM.

Chinese dating apps (/messaging apps with dating functionality)

onebir - Jun 23 2016 09:40 PM in Chinese Computing and Electronics

Stumbled across this: http://www.echinacit...g-Apps-in-China   But then a friend mentioned Tantan (探探) which seems just like a Chinese Tindr (only read about Tindr, but Tantan's swipe to like/dislike seems like a direct copy of Tindr).   So I wonder if there are other apps worth discussing, whether anyone has hints/tips/war stories...
Latest of 7 replies by onebir at Yesterday, 07:56 PM.

transferring residence permit

Gaynore - Jun 23 2016 11:30 AM in Visa Issues

I'm currently a third year student in China. At the beginning of the year i renewed my passport,but my residence permit is still in my old passport. I entered with my new passport and showed both passports at the airport.Now, in June, my university informed me that i was supposed to transfer the residence permit into my new passport within 10 days. I was not aware of this. Please advise on how to proceed
Latest of 2 replies by michaelS at Jun 23 2016 06:10 PM.

Work or Study in China - Engineering

ktb - Jun 23 2016 08:02 AM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

I have come to China on a L type visa with the hope to find a job and change my visa.   I have a civil engineering degree with 8 years experience.  I have been learning Mandarin for a while and would love to get work in China.  I don't expect to walk straight into a job. I have focused my search on western engineering companies, as I think this would be a good fit for me.  Any recommendations for recruitment agencies?  The larger western agencies I have found don't seem to have many...
Latest of 1 replies by ChTTay at Yesterday, 12:06 PM.

Student Visa: The Weight of HS Transcripts

AlexanderLivius - Jun 22 2016 02:30 PM in Visa Issues

AlexanderLivius avatar Heyo!   My classmate/roommate and I were just accepted to a year-long exchange program in Shanghai. This is awesome.  Now we are going through the application process. One of the things being requested is our highschool transcripts. That request has us worried. Despite the fact that we got normal diplomas, completed three years of college, and were accepted into this program, is there any chance that we will be denied the visa on account of poor HS grades?   I hovered around 3.0 all of HS and drop...
Latest of 6 replies by AlexanderLivius at Jun 23 2016 01:12 PM.

advice on best two-week courses in Taiwan?

markpete - Jun 22 2016 01:00 PM in Studying Chinese outside of China

Hi, all.  I'm looking for a good intensive Mandarin language study program in Taiwan.  Any recommendations / reviews?     Requirements:  I'm looking for a place that offers small group classes, probably about four hours a day (or "intensive", whatever that would mean for a particular school), and that would allow me to take classes for a short period of time.  I'll only be in-country for two weeks.  Anything in Taipai, Hualien, or Kaohsiung would work.  I'm much more inter...
Latest of 2 replies by Lu at Jun 22 2016 08:23 PM.

Free OPI test opportunity

JennyQin - Jun 22 2016 10:20 AM in Speaking and Listening Skills

Both time were taken. No more emails please. Thanks!
Latest of 1 replies by roddy at Jun 22 2016 04:32 PM.

Chinese Scallion Pancake (Cong You Bing)

Nick Beaumont - Jun 22 2016 05:06 AM in Food and Drink

Nick Beaumont avatar I love Chinese street food. Fact. Actually I'm chewing a stick of 油条 as I type. If there's one thing I love more than deep fried breadsticks though, it's Chinese pancakes, or bing.     I'm actually in the UK now and not able to pick bing up off the streets anymore like the good old days. It was partly because of this, and partly because of the bullying of my ever-hungry Chinese girlfriend Fen, that I learned to make them myself. They aren't the quickest to make, but they are incredibly moreish, a...
Latest of 10 replies by 889 at Yesterday, 04:04 PM.