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Duomi - 30 minutes ago in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Why do sentences with 使用 also employ ”与“? As in the following sentence: "尽管“占中”从启动那一刻开始,组织者就刻意避免明确使用与“港独”有关的政治符号,。。。”   Couldn't "与“ just as easily be omitted without any loss in meaning?   Wait!... I think the meaning is "使用与“港独”有关的政治符号"   Ok, I see...    I will go ahead and post this anyway, and any additional comments on the usage of 使用与 would be much appreciated. If my interpretation is somehow off, please go ahead and clue me in!   Thank you!    
Latest of 0 replies by Duomi at 30 minutes ago.


geraldc - Today, 01:11 AM in Chinese Television

geraldc avatar Finally bitten the bullet and ordered a TVPad, which seems to be the way most overseas Hong Kong Chinese access HK and mainland TV channels on their ludicrously oversized flat screen TVs.   Previously I'd been a bit hesitant, as I'm sure it must break numerous copyright infringement laws, but seeing as TVB have shown themselves to be the mouthpiece of an oppressive non-listening government, it's made my decision to infringe their copyright that much easier.    I'll let you all know how the install...
Latest of 0 replies by geraldc at Today, 01:11 AM.

Which city do you recommend?

AllOtherNamesWereTaken - Yesterday, 11:01 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

AllOtherNamesWereTaken avatar If someone had the opportunity to move to any city in China (My friend is moving there to teach English), which city would you recommend to them and why? Thanks
Latest of 2 replies by James3 at Today, 12:59 AM.

从众心理, 信仰真空 and 精英流逝 in English?

tooironic - Yesterday, 04:37 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

tooironic avatar Hi everyone.   I came across these three terms during lectures this week and was wondering whether you could help me think of a reasonable translation of these into English:   从众心理: literally, "following-the-crowd mentality"; the act of people just following the mainstream without having their own ideas or beliefs. I guess "herd mentality" or "conformist mentality" are not bad translations.   信仰真空: literally, "belief vacuum"; usually refers to Chinese people not knowing what to believe - or a comp...
Latest of 2 replies by Michaelyus at Yesterday, 10:29 PM.

To nuke or not to nuke?

stapler - Yesterday, 10:43 AM in General Study Advice and Discussion

My vocab SRS (using Skritter) has 6000 words using 3500 characters. I'm getting the feeling recently that I'm not actually learning Chinese as much as I'm learning how to guess nuanced dictionary definitions which become more detailed and elaborate to separate synonyms (though that has been very useful for helping me learn about verb-objects, stative verbs, and other grammatical stuff which has actually been tremendously useful). There's also a lot of weird stuff that I have added because I thought it was intere...
Latest of 4 replies by renzhe at Yesterday, 09:03 PM.

Does 十以上 include 10?

zhouhaochen - Yesterday, 08:29 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

zhouhaochen avatar Imrom mentioned in passing on http://www.chinese-f...no-value/page-4 that he thinks remembering legally "number+以上" or "number+一下“ includes the "number" (i.e. 十一下 includes 十), but was not sure about it and gets mixed replies from the 老百姓 on the street.   As it happens I had a long discussion about this with a fellow learner last week and do not really know myself (I despise reading anything related to law).   Anyone know if there is a proper official definition of this? And if yes, where?
Latest of 5 replies by flow at Today, 12:43 AM.

Chinese banknotes.

Kukooart - Yesterday, 01:58 AM in Society

Hi all,   Newbie here, my name is kay, i am an artist and i am looking for low denomination Chinese banknotes to use as part of my next art project. I am based in the UK, unfortunately i can only order high denomination notes from travel bureaus but i need all low denomination such as  5, 10, 15 & 20 yuen notes. If there is anybody within this forum that could help me with this i would love to here from you. I am not sure how the process of exchanging would work, but i am sure we could work somethi...
Latest of 5 replies by Lu at Yesterday, 09:13 PM.

Anyone used popupchinese university subscription?

jd144 - Oct 19 2014 11:58 PM in Speaking and Listening Skills

Hi,   Not sure if this is posted in the right place (my first time posting).   I started studying chinese at university at evening classes. I was quite lazy in first year and made little progress. However that summer I visited China teaching at a school in Haining, and since i returned I have been more dedicated to Chinese study. I also made one other 3 month trip to Beijing. However since leaving university and working I have had less time/energy to study chinese and my level has clearly dropped. Howe...
Latest of 0 replies by jd144 at Oct 19 2014 11:58 PM.


Pedroski - Oct 19 2014 02:24 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Pedroski avatar Would you agree with this translation?   当以长虹为首的“大老虎”惊醒时,TCL已经杀入了彩电三强。   At the time when the "old tiger", market leader Changhong,  woke up to the new situation, TCL had already boxed its way into the top 3 among  colour TV companies.
Latest of 6 replies by 陳德聰 at Today, 12:18 AM.

Usage of 这一?

tooironic - Oct 19 2014 12:44 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

tooironic avatar I've been reading some academic articles recently and I noticed a grammar usage that I hadn't noticed before:   这一目标... ("this aim...") 这一领域... ("this field...") 这一期... ("this period [of time]...")   My question is, is 一 considered a 量词 in this context? Or is it something else?   Does 这一 follow any kind of pattern, or rule? Are there any common collocations of 这一 (就是说,“这一”有哪些固定搭配?)   Also, I wonder if the following constructions would be considered acceptable:   这个目标...* 这个领域...* 这个期间......
Latest of 5 replies by anonymoose at Oct 19 2014 11:06 PM.