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What exactly is a 專員?

Milkybar_Kid - Yesterday, 05:41 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

Hello,   I often see job titles come up on the TV show 非你莫属 using 專員, for instance "市場專員".    However all of the definitions in my Pleco dictionaries come up with titles of official-sounding positions such as "assistant director" or "commissioner". There is also a mention in both the GF and ABC dictionaries of "a person specially assigned to do a job".   Can anyone help me to better understand this term? What would be an appropriate translation of.市場專員?   Thanks    ...
Latest of 2 replies by Kenny同志 at Yesterday, 09:19 PM.

how long does it take to process visa overstay

jakets - Yesterday, 03:37 PM in Visa Issues

i overstayed my visa for about two months (by accident ) and went straight to the PSB/Exit entry bureau to resolve it after I realized.   It's already taken over three weeks for them to get back to me about paying the fine. I am in Guangzhou and I have been calling them everyday to ask them if I can go and pay the fine yet. They said they sent off the paperwork to some legal bureau but wouldn't tell me exactly which bureau this was.    Does anyone have ANY suggestions on how I can make this go fa...
Latest of 15 replies by abcdefg at Yesterday, 10:48 PM.

International School (Montessori) in Yinchuan City

Ahmadfad - Yesterday, 08:50 AM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Hello,    i am planning to move to Yinchuan City (Ningxia) on a job with my family. I was wondering if there are any good international schools (montessori) for kids in the city. How much are the fees normally for montessori in this region?   Regards,   Ahmad
Latest of 3 replies by ChTTay at Yesterday, 05:12 PM.

Internet censorship in Shanghai universities (in general)

Aleksei - Yesterday, 05:45 AM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Dear students and PhD-students of Shanghai-city universities,   I plan to pursue my PhD in Shanghai, but I have read that in China almost all international web search engines are restricted or forbidden by federal laws. I don't imagine how to study, to obtain scientific information (and all useful for future thesis), to maintain social links with european, russian and latin-american friends, relatives, former supervisors and colleagues, and to live there (in general) without access to Google, Facebook,...
Latest of 7 replies by anonymoose at 43 minutes ago.

How do I say 'this' when referring to something non-specific

Hally04 - Yesterday, 04:54 AM in Reading and Writing Skills

For example, if I wanted to say "This is good" would I say 这很好? Another example: would "I have already talked about this with you" be 我已经跟你谈了这个 ?   I am slightly confused as to when to use 这个 and 这 in this context. 
Latest of 2 replies by stapler at Yesterday, 06:40 AM.

Unable to handwrite Chinese well - possible to do Chinese-taught degree?

barashkov - Jul 02 2015 03:05 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Hey,   For those studying a Chinese-taught degree in China, do professors generally let you do alternative assessment if you can't handwrite? Like type instead of handwrite? Or allow you to have a dictionary or iPhone in the exam? (I noticed that some posts on the forum suggest some professors allowed students to write in English, for example)   I am able to copy out characters if I see them but would not be able to write most characters from memory. (so I would probably be ok if I had a dictionary or...
Latest of 6 replies by Angelina at Yesterday, 04:38 PM.

Using US Company's VPN from China

j.k.j.D.D. - Jul 02 2015 08:53 AM in Chinese Computing and Electronics

Hi,   I may be doing some remote work in China, and was wondering if anyone has any input on my situation. I will need to connect to the company's VPN in the US. Is there much of a chance that their VPN address will be blocked? If so, how could I work around it? Would I need to use a VPN within a VPN or something like that if it were to be an issue? I just want to have a Plan B in case I end up having problems connecting, thanks!
Latest of 2 replies by m000gle at Jul 02 2015 12:01 PM.

Wang Xiaobo Translation attempt by me

maizewen - Jul 02 2015 03:18 AM in Art and Literature

maizewen avatar Hi, I hope this is an okay spot to post this. I've recently worked pretty hard at translating this essay by Wang Xiaobo, it's my first attempt really at translating anything, and I'd really appreciate any pointers or advice on style, form, grammar, anything. I'm a total amateur, but really looking to improve. Been studying Chinese for merely a year now.   Thanks so much for any help.   -Cam   《用一生来学习艺术》王小波     我念过文科,也念过理科。在课堂上听老师提到艺术这个词,还是理科的老师次数更多:化学老师说,做实验有实验艺术;计算机老师说,编程序有编程艺术。老师们说,怎么做...
Latest of 2 replies by Angelina at Yesterday, 12:07 PM.

Getting prescription sent to Beijing from Canada

alwaysstriving - Jul 02 2015 01:14 AM in Beijing

Will China customs allow prescription drugs to be sent to Beijing from Canada?   In Canada I bought generic Escitalopram. It looks like generic may be harder to find in Beijing and the name brand is very expensive in Beijing.   Or.......   If anyone knows where I can get generic Escitalopram in Beijing I appreciate it.
Latest of 3 replies by abcdefg at Jul 02 2015 10:15 PM.

Fluentu for teaching and learning – sharing resources

HelenD - Jul 01 2015 09:02 PM in Speaking and Listening Skills

More people now seem to be using FluentU for teaching and learning Chinese.   It’s a very rich resource of authentic/semi-authentic listening and vocabulary and the basic membership is free.  It would be really helpful if users could use this thead to share tips about good Fluentu resources that worked well for specific things. Have you found anything good that worked well – as a teacher or a learner?   For starters, I found ‘Gravity Zero’  (4 videos making a mini-soap) worked really wel...
Latest of 3 replies by RyanGarg at Yesterday, 02:58 PM.