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New User Posts

Ebook - tips for speaking Chinese (beginners)

mandarina - Yesterday, 06:40 PM in Resources for Studying Chinese

mandarina avatar Hi guys,   So my students kept asking me to collect my favorite tips and resources that would benefit beginner students.  I wrote them down in an ebook that is now available through Amazon here.   The free sample is quite long, enough to give you an idea of the general tone of the ebook.   Thanks!   Eva              
Latest of 4 replies by mandarina at 7 minutes ago.

Three goals, unsure how to proceed

Lu Dongbin - Yesterday, 07:14 AM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Hello everyone, I just signed up to the forum today and wish to start by asking for advice on my current situation, plans, and goals. To be brief, I would like to accomplish three goals which are very important to me: 1) Learn Mandarin, 2) Teach English in China, and 3) Earn a degree in China or Taiwan.   As of now, I only have some college under my belt and have been learning Mandarin on my own through Pimsleurs, flashcards, watching historical dramas, and so on. I have heard that one can teach English in...
Latest of 21 replies by hedwards at 56 minutes ago.

Best youtube resources for learning Chinese

spetsnaz84 - Yesterday, 05:15 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

spetsnaz84 avatar Hi,   I am an intermediate Chinese learner (HSK-4). Recently I bought this chromecast stick so I can watch Youtube clips on my TV. I am looking for some good channels to pick up some Chinese suitable for my level - be it real learning materials, be it real Chinese entertainment. I have already seen all the episodes of 快乐汉语.   Any tips ?   Thanks.   Paul
Latest of 1 replies by simc at Yesterday, 05:07 PM.

沉沦 and 被

Duomi - Yesterday, 03:21 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

I was recently corrected in my use of 沉沦。 What I thought should have been, "。。。被现代的波浪沉沦。" Was corrected to: "。。。在现代的波浪中沉沦。"   Why can I not use 沉沦 with 被?   Thanks!
Latest of 2 replies by anonymoose at Yesterday, 10:24 AM.


Lu - Oct 30 2014 06:49 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

In the book I'm currently translating, a range of people is fired. One of them, a mayor, is very surprised and has no idea how that has come about. Then,待了解,才知道前不久市里创建[big project]时,他一句话传达下去,错中出错,把一个在市政府门口静坐的妇女给关进了拘留所。I translated this approximately as 'Eventually, he learned that it was because of a remark of his, when the city government had recently been working on realising [big project]. That remark had been passed on from one government body to the next. Mistake had been added on mistake, and a woman who h...
Latest of 2 replies by Lu at Yesterday, 05:17 AM.

嗯 in text messages

abcdefg - Oct 30 2014 02:55 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

abcdefg avatar I have a young friend, age about 25, who uses 嗯 all the time to signify yes-type thoughts. Another friend with whom I frequently chat, age about 40, has never used it even once so far as I can remember. The relationship with the two friends is equally informal.   Is this just a generational 九零后 sloppy speech habit? Perhaps an attempt to be cool or excessively casual?   Is it common in other parts of China as well as here? (Kunming.) Both the above friends are female. Do young guys commonly use it too?...
Latest of 16 replies by Kenny同志 at Yesterday, 04:22 PM.


Pedroski - Oct 30 2014 11:44 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Pedroski avatar 李小姐应聘。   男的:李小姐,你认为一个合格的秘书应该具备哪些素质? 李小姐:要有丰富的专业知识、端庄的举止、应对自如的协调能力。   协调 = coordinate, harmonize, negotiation ( I see 不协调 can mean 'incongruous') 应对自如的协调能力 = 'respond easily coordinate ability' or 'respond easily negotiate ability'   Personally, I think she means something like 'the ability to respond quickly and easily (自如) to any situation' but that doesn't seem to fit the Chinese words.   Any tips out there please?
Latest of 8 replies by Pedroski at Yesterday, 06:33 AM.

The 偷拍 phenomenon

tooironic - Oct 30 2014 10:46 AM in Society

tooironic avatar The other day a Chinese friend on my WeChat posted a photo he had taken in a hospital of a teenage patient who had undergone some kind of surgery. The photo was of the boy lying on the hospital bed, with a number of staff standing around him, all backs turned to the camera. My WeChat friend, who works at the hospital, gave some information about the boy's condition and what he had gone through, the specifics I cannot remember. But I remember thinking what a violation of privacy this post was. I voiced my concern...
Latest of 12 replies by Meng Lelan at Yesterday, 06:44 AM.


Pedroski - Oct 30 2014 08:32 AM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

Pedroski avatar 13-10=12 This is a German phrase meaning 'arrive at a crazy conclusion based on the information available'.   Is there a Chinese phrase which has the same meaning?
Latest of 6 replies by JustinJJ at Oct 30 2014 09:34 PM.

Wheels on Meals/ 快餐車 Theme OST Translation + Lyrics

安承赫 - Oct 30 2014 08:15 AM in Music

Hi,   I just watched a 1984 Jackie Chan film titled "Wheels on Meals," or 快餐車, and I was deeply moved by the theme song by Spartan X. Little information is found on the web about this song, most likely because it was never released. As an immigrant from another country, I felt connected with this movie. If anyone can provide the translation and lyrics of this song, preferably in pinyin I would be very grateful.   Link to audio: https://www.youtube....h?v=9tAKu3nclhk   Thank you, dkstmdgur
Latest of 2 replies by Divato at Today, 03:24 AM.