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New User Posts

Looking for Sanda school and Chinese tutoring

MoTzu - Yesterday, 10:30 PM in Harbin

Hi, I have recently (about 9 days ago now) moved to Harbin from Australia. I'm looking for a Sanda class in Harbin that either has experience teaching westerners or someone that is understanding of the fact that I don't speak/understand Chinese and be patient with me while I try and pick it up. I learned a little Wing Chun back in Australia and most classes were taught in Cantonese, while I still dont speak cantonese it didn't take long to start recognising what they were telling me to do   Secondly I'm int...
Latest of 3 replies by SiMaKe at Yesterday, 11:32 PM.

Help with song lyric needed (Little Apple 小苹果)

danqi - Yesterday, 07:51 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

I am trying to get back into Chinese. Besides learning vocabulary, I also want to memorize a song or two, so that I pound some grammar, phrases, etc. into my brain. Some may say a song is technically not the best for grammar, but it will be fun for me and easy to memorize.   I came across Little Apple 小苹果 by the Chopstick Brothers 筷子兄弟. (https://www.youtube....h?v=LzHFD1sEqpE)   It is somewhat terrible, yet also incredibly catchy. So that's what I am going with. I started by looking at the c...
Latest of 3 replies by Basil at Yesterday, 11:41 PM.

Accepting compliments (without rejecting them)

Bird in a Forest - Yesterday, 04:42 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Bird in a Forest avatar Hello everyone, I find it much more sincere to accept compliments and show how grateful I am rather than to belittle myself. Therefore I would like to know some phrases in Chinese to accept compliments and show my gratitude rather than overhumbling myself. I do not want to know phrases like 哪裏哪裏. How do you accept compliments in Chinese without coming off as really arrogant (taking into consideration that the Chinese culture in general highly values modesty and humility)? Although in the West it is certainly pos...
Latest of 16 replies by Shelley at 38 minutes ago.

z-Visa best method

Eqrm - Yesterday, 01:03 PM in Visa Issues

Hi Guys,     I'm looking for some advice.   I recently finished my studies in Beijing and now plan to find work in China. (needing a Z-visa) However I do not have full 2 years of experience as I did my Masters straight after my bachelors. I heard hiring a good agency would help a lot, any good suggestions?   I'm currently in Beijing but heard it might be easier to succeed applying elsewhere, say Shenzhen.       Thanks, Q
Latest of 0 replies by Eqrm at Yesterday, 01:03 PM.

How Do You Make Learning Chinese Both Fun and Efficient?

Yadang - Jul 22 2014 03:02 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

I've read in many places on these forums that to really be able to continue learning Chinese for a long period, one has to find a way to make studying Chinese fun. I used to think this was perhaps something that a person might do who didn't have enough motivation in the first place, but not something that people would have to do if they were dedicated enough to learning Chinese that the dedication and the thrill one gets at slowly achieving one's goal in learning Chinese would be enough motivation to keep going....
Latest of 12 replies by MPhillips at Yesterday, 10:28 AM.

The best use of audio to improve listening comprehension?

ihoop - Jul 22 2014 11:39 AM in Speaking and Listening Skills

Hey all,   I have recently come to the conclusion that I want to seriously improve my listening comprehension.  I have been studying Chinese for close to two years now, and the thing that discourages me the most is listening to the news in Chinese.  Even after two years of pretty regular study I find that sometimes the news is almost incomprehensible to me and it is discouraging.   Of course, I realize that this is just another plateau in my Chinese learning and that I have already come a lon...
Latest of 4 replies by simc at Yesterday, 02:59 PM.

Pardon? Sorry?

ralphmat123 - Jul 22 2014 02:18 AM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

How do you say pardon? Or sorry? In Chinese as jn when you didn't hear what someone said and you want them to repeat? Thanks
Latest of 6 replies by Lu at Jul 22 2014 04:05 PM.

Guqin 古琴

DavidL706 - Jul 21 2014 05:07 PM in Music

I'm copying (in part) a post from my own forum to post here because the Guqin is one of my favourite instruments, but I'm too lazy to write up my own post.   The Guqin (古琴) is one of the oldest, most eminent and famous of ancient Chinese instruments.   It has long been considered the instrument of the literati; Confucius himself was a both a guqin player and composer.  It was considered one of the Four Arts (四藝) of a refined Chinese gentleman - along with Wei-qi (棋, a board game), calligraphy (書)...
Latest of 8 replies by Ruben von Zwack at Yesterday, 03:51 PM.

Translating Help

Coys1991 - Jul 21 2014 12:32 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Coys1991 avatar What's the difference between 常不 and 不常? The sentence I am translating is: My younger sister often does not eat breakfast. 我妹妹常不吃早饭。or is it this one: 我妹妹不常吃早饭。thanks in advance.
Latest of 5 replies by Coys1991 at Jul 22 2014 10:37 PM.

Prospects for Chinese Degree Holders In Developed Countries

shuoshuo - Jul 20 2014 04:35 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

shuoshuo avatar There are a few of us here who have done are degrees in China, I would like to know how this is viewed in developed countries?   I'm just curious, because there is a growing number of students from developed countries choosing China to do their Masters degree and even their PhD; courses that are not necessarily related to China and its culture, language or history. When you guys go back home and start job-searching, how do potential employers view a degree from China?   Please feed by curiosity, Thanks...
Latest of 2 replies by kdavid at Jul 21 2014 06:47 AM.