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Downloading Chinese truetype fonts 中文字体下载

dementior - 9 minutes ago in Reading and Writing Skills

Hi there, I was about to edit a picture with Gimp and realized I did not have any cool looking fonts in my PC... So I checked a few websites and I decided to share them with you in case you are wondering where to find them.   First, you can download one by one first checking how it will look on your PC:   http://www.font5.com...ntlist_1_1.html     Or if you want to download packages with a lot of fonts inside ( 字体打包)   http://www.pc6.com/pc/ziti/   samewebsite more fonts:   htt...
Latest of 0 replies by dementior at 9 minutes ago.

問我anything with roddy

yst - Today, 02:54 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

yst avatar We're continuing our 問我anything series with one of our admins, roddy.   If anyone is  interested in participating in or would like to nominate someone for 問我anything, please PM me!   Alright, here are a couple of questions for roddy:   Do you have a favorite Chinese song? If so, what is it?   Do you have a favorite Chinese movie? If so, what is it?  
Latest of 0 replies by yst at Today, 02:54 PM.


Pedroski - Today, 12:50 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Pedroski avatar This 及时 doesn't seem to fit with what my dictionaries are telling me it means. (及时 = in time, promptly, without delay, timely)   如果广告内容是宣布近期的销售活动,报纸、电视、广播媒体最及时;而如果广告信息中有大量的技术资料,那么登载在专业杂志或邮寄广告媒 体上比较合适。   如果广告内容是宣布近期的销售活动,报纸、电视、广播媒体最及时; If the ad tells people about an upcoming sales promotion, newspapers, TV or radio are the most suitable media;   Here I would like to set: 及时 = 合适. Would that be wrong??
Latest of 3 replies by OneEye at 5 minutes ago.


Pedroski - Today, 08:21 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Pedroski avatar What does this 成语 actually mean?   远在天边 far away near heaven 近在眼前 close in front of your eyes
Latest of 2 replies by Pedroski at Today, 12:18 PM.

Studying in China with HSK 4/5

zhongguoren93 - Yesterday, 07:58 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

zhongguoren93 avatar Hello everyone! I am thinking of studying Mandarin in China. I am between HSK 4 and HSK 5. Is it worth going to China or it is too early and I wouldn't understand and learn anything because level of my Chinese is too low? Maybe it is better to wait until I am about HSK 6?
Latest of 9 replies by simplet at Today, 01:02 PM.

Living in Wuhan (hubei)

IChig - Yesterday, 07:49 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

I will be applying to Wuhan University and I would like to know how much would be sufficient to live in Wuhan per month to live at a basic standard of living.   I have looked at some old topics and made this calculations:   Monthly expenxes   298 dollars (tuition)   146 dollars (accomodation at wuhan University)   other expenses + food 488 dollars (3000 RMB)     Is there anything else that I should consider and is the "other expenses and food" amount sufficient to live per...
Latest of 0 replies by IChig at Yesterday, 07:49 PM.


Pedroski - Yesterday, 01:14 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Pedroski avatar 男:我看选择电视广告吧,看电视的人最多。 女:杂志和广播也是不错的选择。 男:好,那就这么定了。   我看 = (in) my opinion, (in) my view ??   Is this another case of silent 于?
Latest of 5 replies by MPhillips at Today, 07:39 AM.


Pedroski - Yesterday, 07:18 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Pedroski avatar 这个广告挺有创意的。 This ad very have creative 的   I would like to translate this as: 'This advert is truly creative.'    In English there is a fundmental distinction between what I 'have' and what I 'am'.   have [something] be [descriptive element]   Does this distinction also hold in Chinese? The 的 at the end of the sentence throws me a bit. Or is the sentence really:   '这个广告挺有创出新意的性格。'  and the author just wrote it like that to confound me?
Latest of 6 replies by Shelley at Yesterday, 07:24 PM.

Pronunciation of 說

meatie - Yesterday, 06:03 AM in Chinese Pronunciation, Pinyin, and Audio Samples

According to dictionaries, the pronunciation of "說" is "shuo".  But I have heard (possibily incorrectly) a few native mandarin speakers dropped the "wu" sound in "shuo" and pronounced "說" as "sho".   Am I wrong?
Latest of 2 replies by Jennifer Chen at Yesterday, 09:57 PM.

鏗鏘集 (Hong Kong Connection) - 甦生的路

skylee - Yesterday, 03:35 AM in Chinese Television

skylee avatar I watched this on TV on 29.9.2014 and I thought it was very good and very timely. And also quite positive and encouraging. Take a look if you are interested.The programme is in Cantonese, with subtitles in traditional Chinese.RTHK website - http://programme.rth...58&e=&m=episodeYoutube - http://www.youtube.c...h?v=Ed2YKkbIFSk
Latest of 0 replies by skylee at Yesterday, 03:35 AM.