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using 予以

Pedroski - Yesterday, 12:53 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Pedroski avatar I had this sentence,   您认为我国在发展“低碳经济“方面,可能会采取哪些政策措施予以推进。   and I was not sure what '予以‘ was doing there. Dictionaries say '予以 = give, grant', one said 'impose'. I liked 'impose' because it meant the government is forcing the adoption of '低碳经济‘, but I got no echo there. There doesn't seem to be a sense of 'forcing' in the Chinese.   Theory 1: Someone said 予以 is often seen in officialese and may be regarded as 'as a means of, for the purpose of'. Makes sense.   Theory 2:Another person gave this...
Latest of 4 replies by 陳德聰 at Today, 04:50 AM.

Best Traditional Chinese textbooks?

Zak - Yesterday, 10:54 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

So I'm learning Mandarin with rosetta stone and someone on here suggested I use a textbook book as well, I think that's a great Idea any suggestions?   The only requirements are it to be in Traditional Characters, and it would help if the company also had workbooks.   Also do you guys have any experience with learning the opposite system after learning one.   for example:   Grow up in Taiwan and learn simplified later, or vise versa...  I definitely want to learn traditional first and if...
Latest of 1 replies by lechuan at Yesterday, 11:48 AM.

Should I take Chinese in college?

theincrediblequynh - Yesterday, 10:20 AM in General Study Advice and Discussion

theincrediblequynh avatar Hi, I start freshman year in the fall, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a Sociology major/ Premed minor. However, I'm really interested in learning Chinese and I love to work in Asia (Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong,etc.) later on. At my community college, an intro Mandarin class is worth 4 credits! Therefore, I have to complete total 14 credits (CHIN1411, CHIN1412, CHIN2311, CHIN2312) because UTD only takes CHIN2312 as a core. Besides, I'm going to earn Associate in Sciences degree (pre...
Latest of 4 replies by gato at 23 minutes ago.

music from the good old days

Kenny同志 - Yesterday, 08:45 AM in Music

Kenny同志 avatar These songs make me reminisce about the good old days, which will never return. Sigh!   經典影視懷舊金曲合集
Latest of 7 replies by Angelina at Yesterday, 10:16 PM.

Making flashcards fun and challenging again: Character Recognition Workout

character - Yesterday, 07:10 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

character avatar Hey, I don’t post much, though I’ve been on the forum for years. You might know my Graded Chinese Readers post. Anyways, I built an app which I think has an interesting take on learning to recognize characters. In Chinese class I saw students struggling to recognize characters if they looked even a little bit different from what they were used to. While much of the app is geared towards beginners, there are some unique features which may appeal to more experienced learners as well. App Store link   <Sal...
Latest of 7 replies by Demonic_Duck at Today, 12:30 AM.

Writing in blank paper

Shi Guangli - Yesterday, 03:37 AM in Reading and Writing Skills

Shi Guangli avatar I have a question about actual writing (not sure this is the proper place).   Lately I've been using squared math paper (with little 5x5mm suqares), and I write so that the characters ocupy 1x1 cm boxes each. However, I really would prefer to write on white paper, since all the lines make the whole think heavy looking and harder to read.   I've heard that wiritng top to bottom with dim vertical lines makes it easier, but I'd like to know how do you do it or how you would do it. Anything simple with as...
Latest of 9 replies by Hofmann at Today, 12:05 AM.

China Visa Border Run (Erlianhaote/Erenhot, China to Mongolia)

MiCC - Yesterday, 12:29 AM in Visa Issues

MiCC avatar This is for anyone that wants to renew their "duration of stay" through a shorter route other than going to the South of the border. I know a guy that charges 300 RMB to pick you up from anywhere in Erlian/Erenhot then cross China/Mongolian border and then back to where you were before.  Crossing the China/Mongolia border is a tricky process, you cannot cross the border on foot, you have to be in a moving vehicle. So it is a big hassle to ask Mongolians since they do not speak English or Chinese v...
Latest of 0 replies by MiCC at Yesterday, 12:29 AM.

Visa application for baby.

EOTD - Aug 03 2015 10:02 PM in Visa Issues

EOTD avatar This application is being made in the UK (CVASC Manchester)   I am completely lost and I hope this is the right place to ask this.    I am in the possess of applying for Q1 Visas for me and my children to visit my wife's' family in China. This is the second time I applied and I'm having problems regarding my baby. After I sent the forms, I got a call from the centre asking me for documentation (that I could not find on the website/forms) for my baby. This was not a problem and had sent what they h...
Latest of 2 replies by EOTD at Yesterday, 08:00 AM.

Education First in Beijing

KellyCMI - Aug 03 2015 09:00 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

I'm thinking about learning Chinese with EF International (http://www.ef.edu/il.../china/beijing/). Whould anyone recommend their courses? Pros and cons? I'm concidering "homestay" offer (living in private home with native speakers). Thanks for any information.
Latest of 1 replies by Demonic_Duck at Aug 03 2015 11:35 PM.


rtf - Aug 03 2015 08:07 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Hi,guys!   Please, what is the literal meaning of  对我来说 in  对我来说,这两个意思一样 - 'As for me, these two (words) have the same meaning'. I can`t see what  function 来 carries here.     Thanks a lot.
Latest of 2 replies by arreke at Yesterday, 03:50 AM.