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Applying for a new Visa 2 months before expiration?

mackie1402 - Yesterday, 11:44 PM in Visa Issues

Hello.   Sorry for the title name, I'm not too sure how to name this question.   I am currently studying and have a students resident permit. That will expire at the end of April 2015. I have to go back to the UK during Chinese New Year for family reasons, but this is just a couple of months before my visa expires. While I am in the UK I am planning to apply for a new visa. I will be marrying my Chinese fiancee later in the year so am hoping to apply for a 6-month/1 year S1 Visa (I read this to be "Oth...
Latest of 0 replies by mackie1402 at Yesterday, 11:44 PM.


dwq - Yesterday, 11:04 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

I was watching HKTV just now and this caught my ears.  One lady in a drama referred to her deceased husband as 我先夫 which I found a bit jarring.  Later another person, when talking to the lady about the same husband, used 你先夫 which made me want to pull my hair out.   I thought 先夫, like 家父、先父, etc. is 對人自稱 which doesn't take a 我 in front, exactly because there can be no doubt about whose husband/father the word is referring to (i.e. the speaker's).   http://dict.re...
Latest of 0 replies by dwq at Yesterday, 11:04 PM.

問我anything with tysond

Yadang - Yesterday, 09:22 AM in General Study Advice and Discussion

We're continuing the 問我anything series with tysond.   The questions do not have to be related to Chinese or China. The participant also reserves the right to skip questions s/he does not want to answer. To see a list of the people who have participated in the past, see here.   Some questions for tysond:   You mentioned in Why Chinese? that you had to take four years of compulsory high school Chinese, didn't like it at the time and then picked it up again years later after enjoying the process...
Latest of 2 replies by ChTTay at Yesterday, 09:39 PM.

-er comparisons

ralphmat123 - Yesterday, 07:09 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Hello, so I was wondering how to say words like "easier" and "harder" etc ie comparatives in Chinese. I know the structure for comparing using 比 but that's more (I believe) when comparing two things like 中文比英文很难. But is there a way of just saying “easier" without making a whole comparison sentence. I'm asking this question because I was talking to a Chinese friend and she said she can write English but speaking is really difficult and I wanted to just say "I find speaking easier" without having to make a whole...
Latest of 5 replies by ralphmat123 at Yesterday, 06:11 PM.

Lost languages leave traces on the brain

Basil - Nov 22 2014 12:53 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Hit and run post. Too busy at the moment... but worth a read.   "The researchers focused on 21 Chinese children who had been adopted early in life. The average age of the children at adoption was 12.8 months, which meant that they were likely to have learned to recognize tone before being adopted. Since adoption, the children had been exposed exclusively to French, had grown up as French monolingual speakers, and had no remaining conscious knowledge of Chinese."   http://arstechnica.c...s-on-the-brain/...
Latest of 6 replies by Tiana at Yesterday, 05:24 PM.


Pedroski - Nov 22 2014 10:05 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Pedroski avatar In this sentence, is 拿 = 把?   您不要拿我开玩笑了,这可不行!
Latest of 16 replies by ZhangJiang at Yesterday, 08:41 PM.

Can you help correcting my chinese text

bay32ft - Nov 21 2014 11:05 PM in Reading and Writing Skills

  Hello, can anyone very good in chinese help me to correct this little piece of text ? 你好 最近怎么样?现在我住院,昨天我开车真不小心、就出了车祸、车子都撞坏了,只好买新的。 自从这件事情以来我很怀旧,我记得去年在北京我问到全聚德吃烤鸭,好景不长。 给你报喜来了、我打算明年在天津搬家,法国经济不景气,我应征那么多次可是没有回应,老板说我太青年,更糟糕的事经验不足。 你看我在中国投资?一定的判断正确才能累积财富。我知道你经济学毕业,你是很聪明的人,我们俩会累积很多钱。 希望你同意、祝全家幸福。 你的朋友。 2014年11月20日 Thanks a lot!  
Latest of 0 replies by bay32ft at Nov 21 2014 11:05 PM.

New Android Update - Chinese settings

Steingletscher - Nov 21 2014 07:46 PM in Chinese Computing and Electronics

I updated my android phone, a Google Nexus 5, the other day to the new operating system, called lollipop. On it, they seemed to have changed the Chinese settings and now I cannot draw characters in anymore. As you can see in the screenshot, I only have two options built into the operating system for typing Chinese. Does anyone else have this problem? What is a way to solve it? Though I don't use it everyday, I find myself using it once or twice a week when I am trying to type in a more rare character that i...
Latest of 1 replies by Shelley at Nov 21 2014 09:28 PM.

HSK and Chinese Government Scholarship

chais - Nov 21 2014 04:26 AM in The HSK Exam, and others

Hello!   I want to take the HSK exam this spring and also try my chance with getting the scholarship, too. But I have some questions.   As far as I have read, the speaking section is considered as if it's a whole different exam and isn't written on the HSK certificate either. One should apply separately for them, too. (Please correct me if I am wrong, though)   So, my question is, would only taking the written HSK exam and not the HSKK exam be enough to be able to apply for the Chinese Government...
Latest of 0 replies by chais at Nov 21 2014 04:26 AM.

How much does the pollution bother you in China?

Johnny20270 - Nov 20 2014 08:19 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Anyone in Beijing will have noticed the pollution level today and yesterday. I am just new here but I can feel myself being chocked up with the level of pollution. Not used to it.   Looking at the US embassy "Air Pollution: Real-time Air Quality Index Data" I see it is around the 400 mark where I live. This corresponds to their highest category on their Hazardous scale.   Just wondering for you long timers here in China, how much does this bother you? I must admit I could never live in this country lon...
Latest of 19 replies by Takeshi at Nov 22 2014 11:12 PM.