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a few questions/doubts regarding masters degree in China

Kambili - Yesterday, 09:53 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Kambili avatar First and foremost, thank god for such a helpful forum! It helped me immensely when I was doing all the research and sorting out the formalities before starting my studies in China. I am studying in this lovely Middle Kingdom, curently in the second of my two-year general scholar Chinese language course. Sometime ago I have decided to apply for a master course next year, and hence have a few questions: 1. Im planning to go into translation in the future, Chinese to English or to my mother tongue, and Im not sur...
Latest of 1 replies by Angelina at Yesterday, 10:32 PM.

How to learn any language in six months: Chris Lonsdale

Flickserve - Yesterday, 09:50 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Some generic advice on language learning as per found on TED talks   Figured the pdf may be useful to serve as good reminders  TEDx-ChrisLonsdale-LearnAnyLanguage6Months.pdf   607.6KB   39 downloads
Latest of 4 replies by Gharial at 12 minutes ago.


bryce1 - Yesterday, 12:04 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

大家好!   Why is it ok to add 了 to this sentence: 谢谢你了, but in the following sentence, it is not ok: 谢谢你发给我这篇文章了? I'm not very good at Chinese grammar. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!  
Latest of 1 replies by Edita at Yesterday, 07:45 PM.

Chinese History Forum reborn

Luxi - Yesterday, 02:44 AM in Chinese History

Fellow Chinese History addicts may be happy to know that a new Chinese History Forum has just come to life! Check it out, quiet for now and not much there, but hopefully it'll soon liven up and fill with posts and other material.    http://www.martialgr...tory/portal.php
Latest of 2 replies by Luxi at Yesterday, 09:04 PM.

5600 anki flashcards (with audio) for HSK levels 1 to 5

ChineseAudioFlashcards - Oct 23 2016 10:30 PM in Resources for Studying Chinese

ChineseAudioFlashcards avatar Hello!   We’ve just released HSK 4 and HSK 5 decks at www.chineseaudioflashcards.com   So now we have flashcard decks with example sentences and audio for HSK levels 1-5.   The flashcards are made up of the word and then example sentence(s).   We think our flashcards are quite unique because the sentences are made up entirely of words contained in the current or previous HSK levels, meaning that learning is reinforced.   HSK 1 is free! You can use the coupon code “chinese-forums” to...
Latest of 0 replies by ChineseAudioFlashcards at Oct 23 2016 10:30 PM.

Visiting Hong Kong from China for one day?

twinmatrix - Oct 21 2016 11:04 PM in Visa Issues

Hey guys, I'm in China right now and leaving in two weeks. I was thinking about going to HK for one day to pick up a new LG V20 phone. However, I just realized that it means I probably cant get back into China, because my visa is single entry. And my return flight to my country is from China (chongqing). Is there any possible solution to this? Like maybe not leaving the HK airport, or some express visa renewal service, or a time limit? I have no idea, just brainstorming, haha. Thank you in advance.
Latest of 11 replies by 889 at Yesterday, 12:14 AM.

Interesting Youtube features

laurenth - Oct 21 2016 09:23 PM in Resources for Studying Chinese

laurenth avatar Maybe it's old news for everybody but me, but I've just discovered two features of Youtube that may interest some people, in particular those who use 锵锵三人行 as a learning tool. Note that I don't understand 锵锵三人行, it's way above my level, but I sometimes browse their Youtube channel to try to make something out of it (in vain up to now).   Today I saw that you can manually add subtitles to the videos (click on "... more"). For instance, you could open the transcription of a show and add subs either in Chinese...
Latest of 3 replies by abcdefg at Oct 22 2016 09:54 PM.

Making the most of 1 on 1 classes.

zander1 - Oct 21 2016 06:48 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Heya, as the title of the topic says I am looking for some advice about how to make the most of 1 on 1 classes – i.e. what is the best use of my time. I’ve read around in the forums as much as I can (posts from Imron and Realmayo among others have been very useful) but I am still not entirely sure about what people think is the best course of action.   Some background: My Chinese is at a firmly intermediate level (in speaking and listening, which is what I am asking about here) and I’ve been studying for th...
Latest of 5 replies by abcdefg at Oct 21 2016 10:19 PM.

Chinese Restaurants in the UK - Reviews

somethingfunny - Oct 21 2016 04:37 AM in Food and Drink

somethingfunny avatar OK, so after several years in China, I’m now back living in the UK.  Apart from the language, the one thing I’m going to miss is the food.  For about five years, on pretty much a daily basis, I’d find myself amazed that I could walk 100m in any direction and get a bowl of noodles, plate of fried rice or anything else to take your fancy for some ridiculous amount of money.  Whether it was 酸汤鱼 in Guiyang, 火锅 in Chongqing, 韩国烤肉 in Shenyang, 担担面 in Chengdu or 兰州拉面 on pretty much any street in the enti...
Latest of 8 replies by abcdefg at Oct 21 2016 10:52 PM.

Get the basics fast enough

Kherith - Oct 21 2016 02:24 AM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Hey guys,   Here is my particular situation. I moved to China one week ago, and all the people I live with/work with are ONLY chinese (I really mean, 100% of them). Only one speaks fluent english, others almost dont. Which means I never understand anything of what they are saying and so they dont. This is (I believe ?) the perfect environment to improve my Chinese efficiently. However, to build my chinese, I need the base. Cause at the moment I cant say a thing. So my question is : What is the fastest/most...
Latest of 13 replies by Shelley at Today, 06:26 AM.