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Alipay Yu'e Bao and other investment funds

metal.lunchbox - Yesterday, 09:48 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Lately there are a lot of investment funds from companies like Alipay starting up. They offer good interest and seem like reasonably low risk. I'm thinking in particular of Yu'e Bao which allows you to earn interest on alipay savings which can be moved into and out of the fund at any time. Baidu and Tencent also have several similar investment funds. I cannot use any of Alipay's offerings because I am not a Chinese citizen, but are there other similar products that I CAN use. Mind you I'm not asking for a loan,...
Latest of 0 replies by metal.lunchbox at Yesterday, 09:48 PM.

Small document translation in Beijing(ZH>ENG)

ChTTay - Yesterday, 03:11 PM in Beijing

ChTTay avatar Hello there,   My girlfriend and I are in the process of applying for a tourist visa to visit the UK (I am from there, she is Chinese). We have everything we need but found out we also need to translate any Chinese into English. Luckily for us, this just seems to be her Hukou and ID card.   Has anyone been through this process before? Can anyone recommend a place to get this kind of thing translated officially?   We could translate it ourselves but it needs some kind of reference from the translat...
Latest of 2 replies by 889 at Yesterday, 06:01 PM.


skylee - Yesterday, 01:11 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

skylee avatar I would like to know how common it is for Mandarin speakers to use 小孩兒 to refer to children. In my vocabulary, children is 小孩/小孩子/孩子 (PS - and 兒童/小朋友). 小孩兒 is not commonly used in HK. However, there is a newish Mandarin announcement at the metro stations in HK telling people to 照顧同行的老人和小孩兒. It is at the end of the message and the er-hua sounds extremely heavy and detestable to my ears. I am going to lodge a complaint on the choice of word anyways, but I think it would be interesting to ask here how common 小孩兒 is...
Latest of 5 replies by skylee at Yesterday, 06:58 PM.

HSK exam - arriving late help

GotJack - Yesterday, 10:57 AM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Hi guys, So I find myself in a bit of a pickle. I'm currently waiting at hangzhou station to go I shanghai . Ok didn't pre book as normally don't have any issues, anyhow the earliest train I can get arrives in shanghai 28 mins before the exam starts and baidu says it takes approx 28 mins to get to the exam place. So my question is what happens if I arrive late? (Which is most likely). From a website I understand if I'm 5 mins late I have to wait u til the listening section is over and then I can enter. Thi woul...
Latest of 3 replies by Shelley at Yesterday, 10:13 PM.

Help with a few sentences needed (得 and verb repetition confuses me)

Lou - Yesterday, 12:57 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Hello! I'm confused as hell by a couple of sentences I encountered in my textbook. It's the second volume of the NPCR, lesson 1. The book just introduced the particle 得. I understand that this particle is used to link an adjective to a verb, as in 你吃得快. But the following sentences seem to feature a different use and I really don't get them: (問)問題問得很多 ((问)问题问得很多) (用)錢用得不多 ((用)钱用得不多) (做)複習做得真好 ((做)复习做得真好) 你說漢語說得很好。(你说汉语说得很好) I think that sentence one means something like "to ask a question that is asked very often...
Latest of 4 replies by Lou at Yesterday, 02:38 PM.

一居室: how many rooms?

Lu - Apr 17 2015 10:19 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

In the story I'm currently translating, one of the main characters rents an 一居室 in Beijing. Now I'm not sure whether 一居室 means it's a studio (one-room apartment, where the bed is in the living room) or a two-room apartment (one living room, one bedroom). Jukuu and Youdao are conflicted on this and give me both translations. I think it's a studio, but now I'm not sure anymore.   Thanks for any help!
Latest of 5 replies by skylee at Yesterday, 07:34 AM.

Chinese restaurants in Central, Hong Kong

AndersenLea - Apr 17 2015 12:12 PM in Food

AndersenLea avatar Hi there, I am new to this forum site My friends from Singapore are going to visit my place, they loved hk best dim sum and wondering what are the best Chinese restaurants in Central that served the best dim sum in town. Any suggestion?  
Latest of 3 replies by Flickserve at Yesterday, 06:15 AM.

Running Android apps on Chrome OS - experimenting with Hanping

markcarter - Apr 17 2015 11:02 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

markcarter avatar There are some other topics talking about running Android apps on specific non-Android devices, but this is specifically about Chrome OS.   As described here, it is possible for developers to publish their Android apps to the Chrome Web Store. However, such apps will only be made available to Chrome OS devices (effectively, Chromebooks). This is something currently beyond the developer's control.  Specifically, you currently cannot directly install an Android app (from the Chrome Web Store) on Chrome b...
Latest of 0 replies by markcarter at Apr 17 2015 11:02 AM.

Chinese tourists in foreign countries

ZhangKaiRong - Apr 16 2015 06:14 PM in Society

ZhangKaiRong avatar I've been reading a lot of bad things about Chinese tourists travelling in foreign countries, especially in Asian countries, however I always thought that this kind of bad reputation was exaggareted mainly due to the infamously bad relationships between China and its neighbours. I spent the last two weeks in Japan as a tourist, and I found out that I had been too naiive about this issue. So far I haven't judged anybody based on nationality, but based on my experience, Chinese tourists are the most uncultural and...
Latest of 49 replies by realmayo at Yesterday, 02:10 PM.

Google Handwriting Input Android app released today

markcarter - Apr 16 2015 02:09 PM in Resources for Studying Chinese

markcarter avatar Hi - Google just released this today: https://play.google....handwriting.ime   Supports simplified and traditional Chinese as well as learner-friendly options like disabling recognition-after-timeout and undo stroke-by-stroke.  Works offline too.   This is a standard system-level IME (soft keyboard) so will work with any app with a text input box!   Anyone tried it?  Any thoughts?
Latest of 0 replies by markcarter at Apr 16 2015 02:09 PM.