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Finding a University in China that places more emphasis on communication

Simon D - Today, 03:30 AM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Hi all,   I'm currently studying in Haikou, at Hainan University. I have been here for almost 3 months and I've quickly found that the teaching style and material is not suitable for me, so I'm thinking about alternatives for the future.   My reading and writing ability has improved greatly since arriving, but my speaking has seen little (to possibly no) improvement. The teachers are good and do seem keen to help, but my problem is with the way classes seem geared towards the end of term exams and HSK,...
Latest of 3 replies by ChTTay at Today, 09:06 AM.

Chinese Degree Exams

shuoshuo - Today, 02:03 AM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

shuoshuo avatar We've talked a lot about scholarships, student finances and whatnot. I'm curious to know what your exam experiences have been like? Those of you who have to do exams in Chinese (even if your first language isn't Chinese), how's that going? Even if I've studied in China before this is my first year taking exams in Chinese. I won't lie, I feel as though my nose is just right above the water...it is far from easy. I'm in a liuxuesheng class, but most of them are Chinese students with a foreign passport. Our exams a...
Latest of 0 replies by shuoshuo at Today, 02:03 AM.

Is local dialects an advantage in learning standard Chinese?

英泰inte - Yesterday, 05:05 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

英泰inte avatar 大家好!   My  friend from Yunnan province needs some help knowing how dialects affect foreigner's learning chinese while in China, so she made a survey. It's meant for those of us who are in China or have studied in China. If it isn't too much trouble, can you all help us a little by answering her survey? It's very short. 谢谢for your time.    留学生调查问卷1.doc   23.5KB   10 downloads   Once you finish, you can email it to: 1075272595 @ qq.com   (p.s. sorry if this p...
Latest of 1 replies by Basil at Yesterday, 06:52 PM.

Renting in Kunming - 2015

chinabro - Yesterday, 03:30 PM in Kunming

Hi all, I'll be moving to Kunming in about mid-July and am trying to get an idea of how I should approach finding a place to rent and what prices I should expect. I checked the forums but there's a lot of information from a few years ago so not sure how relevant it is now.   I'll be at Yunnan University. Since I'm an undergrad, I assume it's going to be at the Chenggong Campus. Preferably I'd like to find a single apartment - One bed, private toilet, access to broadband. 15 mins walk to campus Ability to co...
Latest of 2 replies by abcdefg at Today, 07:02 AM.

Translating a poem ..

chinesekitten - May 24 2015 08:19 PM in Classical Chinese

Hey I've got a little problem. I have to translate a classical poem into English. Unfortunately I've just been learning Chinese for 8 months and I have absolutely no idea about Classical Chinese vocabulary or grammar. That's why I've got some problems with my poem and it would be incredibly nice if anyboddy could help me. Thanks!   自古皆有沒,zì gǔ ( since ancient time) jiē (everybody) yǒu (has) méi (not) --> okay i get that probably 有沒 means the same as 沒有, but what would that mean? "Since anci...
Latest of 10 replies by Basil at Yesterday, 09:45 PM.

|CIS| Am I accepted?

ShiJianhui - May 24 2015 07:28 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Hi, this is my 1st post at this forum, so I wanna say 大家好 I had applied for a Confucius Institute Scholarship and right now I am waiting for results.... I have an information at home site of http://ciss.chinese.cn/  but I don't know what 预录取 mean...;( I hope I will get scholarship... 史建辉 (Sorry for my bad English) 申请进度:“接收院校审核中”- 录取  (意见:材料齐全,预录取) 接收院校:广东外语外贸大学
Latest of 0 replies by ShiJianhui at May 24 2015 07:28 PM.

Help with my first short story and poem

Noian - May 24 2015 06:15 PM in Classical Chinese

Hello everyone!   I've been learning Mandarin for a few years and recently started learning Classical. I wrote a short story and a jueju poem (no connection between them), in order to practice, they are not much. I hope the more advanced of you in wenyan can help me and point out and correct my mistakes.   Here is the short story (I only used dots and commas for punctuation): 金蝙蝠 昔有年輕士人夕從容徐步觀花。暮霞明,蝙蝠飛笑春風。士之絳衣若甚貴,故二賊臨之而曰,將爾之錢與我則不害爾。士人不畏之而曰,我無錢矣,惟爾隨我歸屋則可與爾如意,我屋無人也。乃賊隨之。此士人善良無怨,行時與賊議其得富之法,其口發契石之風,其舌滅貪心之劍也...
Latest of 1 replies by skylee at Yesterday, 04:37 AM.

Turning a powerpoint file of 1200 Chengyus into a list

Ronan Yi - May 24 2015 06:11 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

Hi. I recently received a file that contains the list of approximately 1200 chengyus. One problem for me is that it's not in excel or any other "list" format but rather a "powerpoint" format. The file is attached. Sorry to disappoint you non-speakers of Korean language, but the definitions are written in Korean. Now, I'd like to ask for help on turning this into a list form that contains two columns, the chengyu and the definitions. Good thing is that they are all in the powerpoint. But, the bad thing is that I...
Latest of 1 replies by edelweis at May 24 2015 08:38 PM.

Options for getting a VISA/Mastercard/internationally accepted logo on your ICBC card as a foreigner

欧博思 - May 24 2015 05:53 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

My ICBC Quickpass card is quite useful in China, but it's incompatible with anything VISA/Mastercard, etc. As a foreigner, what are my options for getting a card (either credit or debit) thru ICBC that would work on those networks for online purchases?   I'm going to the bank to check on this maybe tomorrow, just want to think about options in advance.   VISA electron seems not accepted in many online shopping situations, so this card seems out of the question http://www.icbc.com....ionaldebitcard/
Latest of 0 replies by 欧博思 at May 24 2015 05:53 PM.

Chinese Internet Challenge

Basil - May 24 2015 05:53 PM in Reading and Writing Skills

I don't know about you, but I spend a lot of time on the internet. Most of that time is in English, reading the news, reading comments, reading more related articles, reading completely unrelated articles, reading articles related to the unrelated articles and then articles vaguely related to both the related and unrelated articles. Forming my opinions in echo chambers and in the hostile plains of sites with opposing viewpoints.    Then there are the tech sites, the video sites, the automotive sites, a...
Latest of 15 replies by Basil at Yesterday, 06:47 PM.