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New User Posts

How Many People are there studying Chinese?

Juliangaertner - Today, 12:17 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Juliangaertner avatar Hi Guys, I am quite interested to find out how many people are there actively studying Chinese worldwide? I have read some figures its 100 Million in 2014. The Confucius institute still suggests figures of 2010, they say its about 40 M. Any better findings on that?    Cheers,    Julian 
Latest of 0 replies by Juliangaertner at Today, 12:17 PM.


Pedroski - Today, 10:59 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

好的,我会通知他的。   ‘他的’ 的 ‘的’ 是 ‘助词,用在句末,表示肯定的语气,常与“是”相应:这句话是很对的。’这样的‘的’吗?
Latest of 3 replies by aone at Today, 01:17 PM.

London Meet up

geraldc - Today, 08:14 AM in Studying Chinese outside of China

geraldc avatar Another mid autumn festival has been and gone, and people's thoughts turn to "when will the next London meet up occur?"   Time for another virtual show of hands to see who's interested in the next London meet up.   A chance to swap resources, see what apps other people use, and just meet other like minded learners.    Depending on the interest and people's budgets we could try a restaurant or see the new Ming exhibition at the British museum or just meet in a coffee shop, bubble tea cafe or w...
Latest of 1 replies by aone at Today, 01:18 PM.


meatie - Today, 05:19 AM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

In "隨禮隨老了錢了", what does the part "隨老了錢了" mean?
Latest of 1 replies by aone at Today, 10:17 AM.

Fuzzy pinyin

Shelley - Yesterday, 09:54 PM in Chinese Computing and Electronics

Shelley avatar Just got my new Huawei y530 phone on Saturday. Its great. One question well actually two, what it fuzzy pinyin? and should I enable mixed input Chinese/English?   I want my phone to stay in English but be able to input characters into texts, wechat etc, so is this what mixed input means?
Latest of 3 replies by Shelley at Today, 06:51 AM.

Chinese name for newborn daughter :)

firezz - Yesterday, 03:17 PM in Reading and Writing Skills

Hi guys, im not chinese educated and have limited knowledge in chinese but would like to check if there is any suggestion for my newborn daughter. Family | surname : 林 (family track - father was a hailam, mum is hokkien, wife is teocheow)   Most likely will be considering mandarin | cantonese | hokkien as for future communication and have few name in case if they are suitable ?   林丽娟 林丽芬 林丽丝 林惜雅 xī yǎ cherish elegant #11 #12 林艳戌 yàn xu #10 #6 林歆雅 ? ? ? xin yǎ respect #13 #12 林心雅 ================= 林淑雅 淑...
Latest of 12 replies by jasoninchina at Today, 01:37 PM.

Worst Advice for Learning Mandarin?

lechuan - Yesterday, 02:50 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

lechuan avatar A question in two parts:   1) I remember reading a blog post once on a Mandarin Learning blog on the subject of "worst advice given to mandarin learners". I think a couple points on this were "Making head/hand motions to match tones", and "ignoring tones". Does anyone remember seeing this, and where?   2) What do you consider the worst advice that is often/sometimes given to Mandarin Learners?
Latest of 13 replies by tysond at Today, 02:56 PM.

interchangeability of 帳 賬 and 線 綫

stapler - Yesterday, 08:39 AM in Chinese Characters

Can you use either forms of these characters when writing words, or do some words preference one variant over the other?   Thanks! ^_^
Latest of 2 replies by stapler at Yesterday, 09:08 AM.

Address format in China

ILikeBigWalls - Sep 21 2014 11:59 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

ILikeBigWalls avatar I reviewed previous posts concerning address formats for letters and packages coming into China and am left with some confusion about where I should place the postal code.  I was thinking the following might be successful.     To: P.R.CHINA 上海 上海市 杨浦区 200082 四平路1239号 同济大学 Name  专名   电话: 131nnnnnnnn   Or would it better like this---> 200082 上海 上海市 杨浦区?
Latest of 6 replies by aone at Today, 01:11 PM.

How to translate the legal meaning "estate" into Chinese?

tooironic - Sep 21 2014 02:03 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

tooironic avatar Is there a word for the legal meaning of "estate" in Chinese?   I'm talking about all the money and property owned by a particular person after one's death.   I know you can say 财产 to cover it, but I remember hearing somewhere that there is an exact word in Chinese, can anyone enlighten me?   Dictionaries have been of no help. Thanks
Latest of 6 replies by Tara Braska at Yesterday, 10:39 AM.