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New User Posts

Dormitory in HIT

YingYingz - Today, 01:43 AM in Harbin

Hi everyone,   firstly, I have to apologise about my English writing skill is very poor.    I have some questions about the dormitory for foreigner students in HIT   the room is generally in suite, there are 2 bedrooms (for 2 students each), it means I have to share a bathroom with 3 other people in the suite right?     thank you for your time   YingYing
Latest of 2 replies by emmanuel at Today, 08:08 AM.

If you use an Apple device to study/revise audio, do NOT use Apple Music

AdamD - Yesterday, 09:44 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Apple Music locked me out of all the audio study material on my iPhone. All of it. It wouldn't let me see the files, and it wouldn't let me download copies from the iCloud Music Library. It just blew them away, without any warning whatsoever (while I was interstate and could do nothing about it for days).   The only fix is to disable Apple Music and the iCloud Music Library on all your devices, delete the .itl file that it created when it made this mess, delete all your music and resync it manually from a P...
Latest of 2 replies by imron at Today, 08:45 AM.

Blogs about Kunming?

haofei - Yesterday, 04:41 PM in Kunming

Hi there, I tried to find blogs about life in Kunming to prepare myself for my semester there, but found very few. If you write any blog on Kunming or read some, I would be very happy if you could share it here 
Latest of 3 replies by abcdefg at Today, 08:48 AM.

Foreign competitors on a Chinese character competition TV show

Milkybar_Kid - Yesterday, 11:19 AM in Chinese Television

Hello,   I usually watch this Taiwanese TV show when I get the chance, and I've been waiting for them to do an episode using foreign competitors.   Here is a link for anyone who is interested:   http://scgoideas.com...字千金-2015-07-02/   Small spoiler - I thought it was a bit unfair for the show's producers to enlist a competitor from Mainland China to compete against people from America, Italy and Indonesia etc.
Latest of 1 replies by Shelley at Yesterday, 08:04 PM.

才 or 纔?

davoosh - Yesterday, 04:28 AM in Reading and Writing Skills

davoosh avatar When I first began learning Chinese (I began with Cantonese), I was taught by older teachers (60+ I'd say) from Hong Kong. I remember them using forms such as 纔 (for 才) and 衹 (for 只) however I have never, or almost never, seen these forms used sine then. Have they completely fallen out of disuse in favour of the easier-to-write forms? Would those who use traditional characters find the use of 纔 and 衹 funny?
Latest of 4 replies by OneEye at Yesterday, 07:49 AM.

Qingdao Packing List

Holly93 - Yesterday, 01:47 AM in Qingdao

I am about to go to Qingdao for a year to study Mandarin. For those of you who have studied abroad in China before, what did you guys take? What are somethings you didn't that you wish you had packed and some that you wished you had not? Thanks!  
Latest of 10 replies by roddy at Today, 01:08 AM.

Budgeting Help Study Abroad Ocean University

Holly93 - Yesterday, 01:45 AM in Qingdao

For those of you who have studied abroad in the past can you tell me about how much spent every month on food, room, electric, water, travel (local), cell phones, basically anything that isn't included in the tuition. I have to make a budget for my financial aid office. I don't know if some meals are provided by the University. I am not using a program but, am doing a direct enroll.  So any help on this topic would much appreciated. I am also staying for a year if that might change your answers. Thanks!...
Latest of 4 replies by ChTTay at Today, 08:09 AM.

Hi ! Could you help reading this ?

bomber01 - Yesterday, 12:58 AM in Reading and Writing Skills

Hello !   A chinese friend write me this for my birthday but i can barely read this cuz you know ... chinese hand writing really different from computer characters. So i can not identify which characters is wrote.   Could someone help to read this ? What are the chinese characters ? It would be so helpfull ^_^   Thanks a lot in advance for your help !!
Latest of 7 replies by Frank.hao at Yesterday, 11:10 PM.

What is the CSC exam? (Chinese Govt. Scholarship)

shuoshuo - Jul 05 2015 01:56 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

shuoshuo avatar I only know that it's something that's done during the language prep year, and someone told me if you don't pass it then you will lose the CSC scholarship. I've never taken it, they didn't have that back when I was doing my language year. How serious is it and is it really that strict?
Latest of 3 replies by emmanuel at Yesterday, 01:57 PM.

I will ask my employer...but am I likely to have any luck with insurance for prescriptions?

alwaysstriving - Jul 05 2015 12:42 AM in Beijing

Does health insurance generally cover prescription drugs in China?   I teach English for a big adult school and I take medicine for anxiety.   I will ask my employer but I wonder if I will have any luck....
Latest of 4 replies by abcdefg at Jul 05 2015 01:27 PM.