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New User Posts

Plural form of 您

Johnny20270 - Yesterday, 02:24 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

I know plural form of 您 would be used like 您几位...   But we can pluralize 你, 他,我 as 你们,他们,我们, ... etc   so why not 您们?Any historic or grammatical reason for this?
Latest of 6 replies by Michaelyus at Yesterday, 09:09 PM.

PLEASE HELP! I need an E-giftcard that can be used in China ASAP

ablindwatchmaker - Yesterday, 06:11 AM in Beijing

ablindwatchmaker avatar I am trying to find some kind of electronic gift card (for a girl) that can be used in China. It must be digital because her birthday is coming up too quickly and I need to be able to email it.   I would greatly appreciate anyone who can bail me out of this problem!
Latest of 2 replies by ablindwatchmaker at Yesterday, 09:23 PM.

就 vs 才 when used with time

Lafayette - Yesterday, 12:37 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

I know this must be a very commonly asked question, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how the meaning of a sentence changes based on whether 就 or 才 is placed before or after the time.   Could someone tell me if my understanding of the following uses of 才 and 就 are correct?   我九点才起床。 - It was already 9 when I woke up. 我起床的时候才九点。 - When I woke up, it was only 9.   我九点就起床了。- It was only 9 when I woke up. 我起床的时候就九点了。- When I woke up, it was already 9.   多谢!
Latest of 4 replies by Altair at 18 minutes ago.

Tuition fee in Tsinghua University

nguyetranminh - Nov 25 2014 11:20 PM in Beijing

Hi guys, I am an international student and want to apply for exchange program in Tsinghua University. I have read the regulation and quite know about the requirement by the information on the website. Is there anyone who is an international in exchange program at Tsinghua University can help me find out the tuition fee for international student. Because I am not a student from a partner university with Tsinghua so I have to pay the tuition dee. Thre is no information in the internet. I am looking forward to hear...
Latest of 1 replies by roddy at Yesterday, 05:35 PM.

What kind of paper do I buy or print?

Pokarface - Nov 25 2014 09:10 AM in Reading and Writing Skills

Pokarface avatar Hello. I am getting ready to leave Pinyin and start using characters. I was wondering what kind of paper do you guys/gals use? Am I supposed to buy rice paper? Do I buy a brush and Chinese ink? I don't think I want to learn calligraphy, so maybe I'm better off without the brush and ink. I still want to learn how to write/read; although, knowing how to type and recognize the characters sounds way faster. Is it okay if I use a fine tip pen?   I've done a search and found this old thread:    http://w...
Latest of 34 replies by Silent at Yesterday, 10:48 PM.

How do I use "until" in this sentence?

Henry9663 - Nov 25 2014 06:24 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

For example. If I want to say "Until you apologise to me I'm not talking", is 到给我抱歉我不说了 correct? I'm not sure... to me this one sounds like when you apologise to me I'm not speaking. What about 直到你给我抱歉我不说了?   Unrelated questions... do 当 and 一旦 have the same meaning when used to mean "when"? Or is 当 used in past tense sentences and 一旦 used in future tense sentences? If you could provide examples I would be awfully grateful. Much obliged!
Latest of 5 replies by 欧博思 at Today, 01:17 AM.

Do 微信 (WeChat) symbols have particular meaning?

eion_padraig - Nov 24 2014 09:17 PM in Society

I've been starting to use the 微信 function People Nearby, and I'm wondering if the symbols people use by their name have a standard or semi-standard meaning.   For instance I see crowns, diamonds, bows, and red lipstick imprints by some of the women's names. I'm wondering if that is short-hand for anything in particular or if it's just the standard flair to add to their names.   Eion
Latest of 7 replies by Shelley at Nov 25 2014 07:36 PM.

Please explain missing "de" in "Hěn duō shū"

calibuddy25 - Nov 24 2014 03:03 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

I can't seem to find an explanation for this.   First off, I know the grammatical rule that if there is a multi-syllable modifier (adjectives & adverbs) for a noun, you add a de before the noun like the following example:   Hěn xiǎo de shū "Very small book'"   Now, how come the de is missing in the following statement:    Hěn duō shū "Very many books"   I thought duō "many" was an adjective modifying shū "books".
Latest of 3 replies by fanglu at Nov 25 2014 01:18 PM.

Chinese Government Scholarship - Scholarship Categories and Eligibility When Applying For a /Second/ Time

m000gle - Nov 24 2014 02:51 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

I apologize, in advance, for starting yet another Chinese Government Scholarship thread.  However, I have a question which, as far as I can tell, hasn't been addressed in other discussions, and one which doesn't apply specifically to any particular year's application:Is it possible to apply for and receive a Chinese Government Scholarship, a second or even multiple times, provided each one is in a different category than any awarded previously? For example, I received a two-year CSC scholarship (language st...
Latest of 2 replies by Angelina at Nov 25 2014 01:13 AM.

How to say "for me"?

ralphmat123 - Nov 24 2014 07:32 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

How would you translate the word "for" in the sentence "it's easier for me because I am English". That's just an example but I can never find a good translation for the word "for" in these sentences. A Chinese friend said to me they the Euopeans speak better English than Chinese people and I wanted to say "for them it's easier because the languages are more similar" and I couldn't find a good translation for "for them". I used 为 but I don't think she understood because she thought I meant to say 因为. Any ideas? T...
Latest of 7 replies by abcdefg at Nov 25 2014 09:36 AM.