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Should i try to get a bach. degree in China?

kevinBBBBBB - Yesterday, 08:11 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

kevinBBBBBB avatar I'm thinking about doing the HSK 4 and then applying to Guiyang Uni (as that's where my gf lives) for 2016. I'm wondering if anyone has done a whole Bachelor degree in China, and what it was like? How was class? Did you just skip because you couldn't understand? Did you write by hand? Etc...   I assume it's difficult, but I'm wondering how difficult. Hard enough to not even bother? The other option is just do an online degree while I work here...   Thanks for any info.
Latest of 8 replies by kevinBBBBBB at Today, 11:41 AM.

松茸菌 The world's most expensive mushrooms

abcdefg - Yesterday, 02:48 PM in Kunming

abcdefg avatar Songrong jun, 松茸菌,known as the matsutake wild pine mushroom, can fetch $1,000 USD per kilogram if they are prime. Even more in Japan and Korea. Even here in Yunnan, where much of Asia's supply originates, they are usually the most costly variety that a vendor will have for sale at his stall. They only grow in high mountain forests, near the base of old pine trees. They can't be cultivated so far as I am aware.   Several other types of wild mushrooms 野生菌 are a better value and I usually stick to them. But th...
Latest of 4 replies by abcdefg at Today, 10:42 AM.

納 with a 入

skylee - Yesterday, 12:10 PM in Chinese Characters

skylee avatar I would like to type 納 with 入 instead of 人 on the right side. I find the 人 unacceptable. What should I do? I use Google Cantonese / Pinyin input on my phone.
Latest of 13 replies by imron at Today, 11:30 AM.

How would you say "WTF?" in Chinese?

Milkybar_Kid - Yesterday, 10:40 AM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

Hello,   This is a very common phrase in English, is there a Chinese equivalent?   For instance, if you came home one evening and found that a burglar had broken into your home, however they had left your valuables and only stolen a single shoe - how would express the feeling of WTF here in Chinese?   Thanks
Latest of 5 replies by gato at 2 minutes ago.

How to Say: "There were many people inside ... "

ABC_In_AZ - Yesterday, 03:01 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Hello, I am working on some homework. I am unsure of the sentence structure if you want to say something like: "There are many people inside the restaurant" or "There are many people in the classroom". I think I could say something like: 饭馆 有 很 多 人。 But I vaguely remember using 进 to specify "inside".  Any help? Thank you. P.S. does this site have a built in pinyin to character translator for easy input??
Latest of 2 replies by Lu at Today, 01:27 AM.

What is the correct order for this sentence from the HSK5 in August?

Milkybar_Kid - Yesterday, 12:13 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Hello,   I took the computerized HSK5 test a few weeks ago at Goldsmiths Uni in London and one of the questions on the writing section really confused me.   I was given these four parts which I had to put in order:   輪流、我們每週、衛生、打掃宿舍   Can anyone help me with the the correct order? The 衛生 is confusing me as I don't know where to put it?   Any help would be appreciated.   Thanks
Latest of 2 replies by Milkybar_Kid at Yesterday, 10:34 AM.

Rental prices in Baoan, map?

preppy - Aug 29 2015 10:00 PM in Guangzhou & Shenzhen

preppy avatar Hi all,    Am moving to Baoan in a month's time... would really a comprehensive map.. and any rental agent to recommend? What sort of prices am I looking at for a 1 bedroom apartment with aircon, kitchen? It's not central/town area, so it should be much cheaper?     Thanks much!
Latest of 0 replies by preppy at Aug 29 2015 10:00 PM.

A Few Grammar & Format Dillemas

AlexanderLivius - Aug 29 2015 12:32 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

AlexanderLivius avatar Finals have arrived! One of the final assignments is to compose a brief letter in Chinese to the professor that describes the events of my summer. So long as the grammar and word choice is plausible, you receive full credit. I have tried my best to do so, but as a beginner, I have ran into a few dilemmas. I would really appreciate it if any intermediate or advanced students out there could help me resolves these issues. I am embarrassed to ask you all for help, but a poor grade would be even more embarrassing....
Latest of 4 replies by Shelley at Yesterday, 03:30 AM.

Legal/Business Questions

muyongshi - Aug 29 2015 11:53 AM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

muyongshi avatar First of all, you may save the disclaimers - I know that you are not a lawyer (and even if you are) any responses and advice will not be taken or construed to represent legal counsel. But it is the weekend and I won't sit with a lawyer till sometime next week, so some friendly advice would be greatly appreciated!   The company I am currently managing is about to start negotiations on a contract to provide our product to a retail outlet. We are licensed as a WOFE with a business scope for the production and...
Latest of 6 replies by 889 at Aug 29 2015 11:21 PM.

Using a Chinese Bought iphone (5C) with a UK SIM Card

Tianjin42 - Aug 29 2015 04:27 AM in Chinese Computing and Electronics

Tianjin42 avatar I have arrived back in the UK and would like to use my China-bought China Mobile iphone 5C as my main phone here. I am considering sim cards (going towards giffgaff).    To be fair I neglected this a bit before returning and I am catching up now. The iphone isn't unlocked. Anyone know about compatibility? I presume it will need to be unlocked and then should be okay with a UK sim. However I heard a bit of conflicting advice so wanted to post this up here just to confirm.    Also anyone unlock...
Latest of 5 replies by Tianjin42 at Yesterday, 10:23 PM.