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When should I apply for my visa?

LiMo - Today, 01:08 AM in Visa Issues

Hi,    I'm going to Beijing International Chinese College this summer. I'd like to do some travelling after the course but I'm unsure when to apply for my visa. I've never had to deal with something like this before. I've read that the visa is "valid from the date it is issued" and that it is best not to apply too early as it could run out before I get there and then I will be refused entry. Now, the school wants us to confirm our flights and arrangements by the 20th May. As I have yet to decide where...
Latest of 0 replies by LiMo at Today, 01:08 AM.

BICC Summer School and travel 2015

LiMo - Yesterday, 09:23 PM in Beijing

Hi, guys,   I've recently been accepted on to the Beijing International Chinese College Summer School. Many thanks to Tianjin42 for the heads up on these forums, that's how I found out about it.   This will be my first trip to China and my first trip beyond the UK as a lone traveller. I'm extremely excited but also quite nervous. I just wanted to post and see if anyone else got accepted too, or if there is anyone in Beijing that could show me the ropes (or just point me in the direction of a good bar...
Latest of 1 replies by Tianjin42 at Yesterday, 10:21 PM.


Pedroski - Yesterday, 08:21 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Pedroski avatar The sentence before he said: 一般企业更多雇用的是员工的双手和双脚,而不是员工最有价值和创造力的部位--大脑。 I have this sentence: 面对这一业界难题,我们公司看到的不是两难,而是有机结合。   How should I interpret '有机结合‘?   有机 can mean 有机会  have a lucky chance ‘他有机可乘了。‘, but I don't think that is the meaning here, no '可乘‘.   Can you think of some other words to replace it without changing the meaning?   I think the logic goes like this: nowadays, people don't want chemicals in their food. 有机牛奶,有机蔬菜, 有机肉, 等等。These are considered 'good'. By association, 有...
Latest of 3 replies by Vildhjerp at 17 minutes ago.

volunteer at homeless shelter/public school

Wahed - Yesterday, 09:35 AM in Beijing

During my stay in Beijing, I would like to volunteer at an elementary/middle school (maybe high school). I say maybe for the high school option because here at home I avoid high schools because of the drama that teenagers keep up. If China is different in this regard then I wouldn't mind including them as well.   For both options, since I can only speak in Chinese, I would want to help out maybe in PE or just playing with the children.   小學: From what I can see on Baidu maps, there are four elementary...
Latest of 11 replies by Shelley at Yesterday, 10:42 PM.

MTC Placement Interview Questions

xuebi - Yesterday, 09:14 AM in Studying Chinese outside of China

Hello,   I plan to study at the MTC this winter. I have been learning Mandarin for several years though I studied Mandarin at university for six weeks. So my reading skills I think are better than my speaking skills.  I usually self-study the PAVC textbooks and talk with native Chinese speakers occasionally. Does anyone know what kind of questions they ask you? Hobbies? Why do you choose the MTC? etc.   Does anyone know or remember the topics you h...
Latest of 1 replies by OneEye at Yesterday, 06:22 PM.

List of Scholarships/Fellowships available

KyleBalmer - Yesterday, 05:42 AM in General Study Advice and Discussion

KyleBalmer avatar Hi everyone,   I want to share a new resource list that's just been made available over on Sensible Chinese.   It's a list of scholarships/fellowships available to those who want to study in China. It's mainly for language study but not entirely - some scholarships cover different topics.   Here's the link: http://sensiblechine...nd-fellowships/   If anything is missing please say so we can add it. I want to make this list as complete and up to date as possible to save people the time/ef...
Latest of 0 replies by KyleBalmer at Yesterday, 05:42 AM.

Recommendations of authentic content for a complete beginner?

Pablo42 - Yesterday, 02:23 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

Hi, I'm a beginner Mandarin learner and I'm trying to get as much listening practice as possible. I've found a couple of cartoons that are okay for a complete beginner, namely Peppa Pig (粉紅豬小妹) and Pocoyo (小P优优), but I've already watched all the episodes available on YouTube several times and I'm really feeling the need to get some variety. Do you know any really easy cartoons or TV shows for complete beginners? I'm looking for authentic content, not anything with explanations or English in it at all. BTW, I've...
Latest of 2 replies by AdamD at Yesterday, 09:48 AM.

Alipay Yu'e Bao and other investment funds

metal.lunchbox - Apr 18 2015 09:48 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Lately there are a lot of investment funds from companies like Alipay starting up. They offer good interest and seem like reasonably low risk. I'm thinking in particular of Yu'e Bao which allows you to earn interest on alipay savings which can be moved into and out of the fund at any time. Baidu and Tencent also have several similar investment funds. I cannot use any of Alipay's offerings because I am not a Chinese citizen, but are there other similar products that I CAN use. Mind you I'm not asking for a loan,...
Latest of 0 replies by metal.lunchbox at Apr 18 2015 09:48 PM.

mental health and general health in China

Coffe4Me - Apr 18 2015 04:37 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Hello Everyone, I am considering applying for work in China. I am 54 years old, male, in good physical condition. I have a master's in TEFL and have been teaching for close to 25 years. I have been taking anti-depressants since 1997, as well as medication for hypothyroidism. The latter requires a visit to an endocrinologist every 3-4 months for blood tests and a prescription of a synthetic thyroid hormone T4. I am more concerned about the former condition since I am interested in teaching in the rural areas wher...
Latest of 5 replies by Lu at Yesterday, 11:13 PM.

Small document translation in Beijing(ZH>ENG)

ChTTay - Apr 18 2015 03:11 PM in Beijing

ChTTay avatar Hello there,   My girlfriend and I are in the process of applying for a tourist visa to visit the UK (I am from there, she is Chinese). We have everything we need but found out we also need to translate any Chinese into English. Luckily for us, this just seems to be her Hukou and ID card.   Has anyone been through this process before? Can anyone recommend a place to get this kind of thing translated officially?   We could translate it ourselves but it needs some kind of reference from the translat...
Latest of 2 replies by 889 at Apr 18 2015 06:01 PM.