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Pedroski - Today, 09:20 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Pedroski avatar I have this text from my text book. I thought 建设 means 'build, construct', by association maybe 'develop, development', but I can't figure out what it is doing in the second sentence. I put the 3 sentences for context. Any tips out there please?   I don't too much care for 'use for copyright building'.   尽管在网络上播放电视剧,电影的盗版现象仍然存在,但人们的版权意识已经越来越强。目前,优酷网融资的几千万美元中,超过一亿元人民币将用于版权建设。悠视网则表示正在筹备一个版权基金,基金规模达十几亿元人民币,主要用于购买影视版权。  
Latest of 1 replies by tysond at Today, 10:03 PM.

How do you express something that you were doing?

Hally04 - Today, 02:26 AM in Reading and Writing Skills

For example, "I was reading a book" or "I was saying xyz" etc; Is there a past tense of 在 or something?   Also, the other day I saw this construction: "你不是说xyz吗?" If someone could explain that to me that would be a huge help also. Thanks.
Latest of 7 replies by Shelley at Today, 05:47 PM.

Does our (Chinese born) daughter need a visa to be in China?

Sydney Matt - Yesterday, 07:19 PM in Visa Issues

I have read through previous threads related to this topic, but still somewhat confused. My Chinese wife and I have a baby born in Kunming who is now six months old. Our daughter now has Australian citizenship and an Australian passport. If we don't get the Hukou, does this mean our baby needs a visa to be in China? Or is she a PRC citizen until such time as we get the one time entry/exit permit and leave China? In other words, regardless of whether or not we put her on my wife's Hukou, she is legally okay to be...
Latest of 7 replies by gato at Today, 08:14 PM.

HSK Exam Tips

zhouhaochen - Yesterday, 11:02 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

zhouhaochen avatar We just finished a blog post on the top 10 HSK exam taking tips http://www.livethela...-hsk-exam-tips/   Any feedback on those 10 or other advice from people who have taken the test regarding how to take the exam from a "technical" perspective - not the Chinese learning and preparation part, working on something separate there at the moment, but time planning, how to tackle the questions etc. ?
Latest of 0 replies by zhouhaochen at Yesterday, 11:02 AM.

Scoring of listening part HSK 4

milin - May 31 2015 08:09 PM in The HSK Exam, and others

milin avatar I don't know if anyone has ever posted this information before, but I couldn't find it (although this is an interesting thread about scoring too: http://www.chinese-f...rect-answers/).   A teacher from the Confucius Institute told me that for the listening part of HSK 4 the following is true: 1 point for a good answer in the first section of 10 questions; 2 points for a good answer in the first section of 15 questions; 3 points for a good answer in the first section of 20 questions.   This makes a tota...
Latest of 9 replies by tysond at Yesterday, 11:55 PM.

Fudan University accommodation - living with a partner.

bientai - May 31 2015 01:24 PM in Shanghai

Hi,   I am hoping to be admitted to Fudan's graduate level programme. Along that, I also hope to receive Chinese Government Scholarship class A which, among other perks, also offers free housing. I will be coming with a partner (not married yet) and I was wondering does Fudan have any options for couples and how does all that work out with the scholarship?   Thanks a bunch for your help!   Greets!
Latest of 7 replies by 洋人丹 at Today, 05:06 PM.

Why does my simplified character deck have fewer cards than it should?

Tomas Tomas - May 31 2015 11:27 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

Tomas Tomas avatar It has 3,444 facts but only 6,555 cards.   I study characters backwards and forwards (reading and production), so shouldn't there be exactly twice as many cards as there are facts?  By that logic, there should be 6,888 cards.   Does anyone know how to fix this?   Screenshot attached.    
Latest of 1 replies by Tomas Tomas at May 31 2015 11:40 AM.

The FluentU Experiment

lechuan - May 31 2015 07:32 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

lechuan avatar So I've been looking at fluentU for a while, and decided to give the plus subscription a try now that they've released an iOS app which allows downloading locally (most of my study time is during my bus commute).   I'm hopeful that this will be what I need to help taking my learning up a notch. I'm going to try to use this exclusively for the next 6 months or so, and report how things are improving and how the method works (well, I'll finish the Peking University Intermediate grammar course, and keep up Skr...
Latest of 8 replies by imron at 57 minutes ago.

Short stories with audio, vocab lists and English translations - perfect for upper-intermediate learners looking to get into reading native material.

StChris - May 31 2015 05:04 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

StChris avatar This is part of a project by Leeds University called Writing Chinese ( http://writingchinese.leeds.ac.uk/ ). They basically release a new short story by a contemporary Chinese author every month, complete with English translation and audio (usually read by the author). It was actually pointed out by Roddy last year ( http://www.chinese-f...hinese-project/ ). I didn't have the time to properly delve into it at the time, but now I'm going to go through each story one by one and publish the vocab lists here....
Latest of 8 replies by StChris at Yesterday, 11:44 PM.

风声 - 麦家

Basil - May 31 2015 02:26 AM in Art and Literature

Basil avatar I think 麦家’s the name of the author, I’ve already lent the book out, so I can’t double check. Lending out a book is of course a rare occurrence as even the most respectable person seems to think that there is nobility in folio-thievery. My Chinese books are rarely worth stealing though, as they are usually pretty battered by the time I’ve finished with them, so I’m fairly certain this one will return to its proud place on the bookshelf of linguistic shame.   I highly recommend this book. Comprised of two st...
Latest of 1 replies by Anica at Today, 03:54 AM.