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Would 1 Year Chinese program be enough to study postgraduate master program?

yangyizhi - Yesterday, 05:07 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Hello everyone, I would like to know, if one year Chinese language preparatory would be enough to follow the master study program after 1 year full studying China? my Chinese level may be around HSK 4 right now (never taken the test). please share me your thought
Latest of 4 replies by Anatoliy at Yesterday, 11:09 PM.

2 questions about Weibo

chatowan - Yesterday, 03:30 PM in Chinese Computing and Electronics

Hello everybody,   I use Weibo for a while now but I have 2 questions about its use.   My first question was about the possibility of deleting an account. I have another account that I would like to delete but I heard that we couldn't. Any confirmation ?   My second and main question is regarding the fact that someone would add something on his wll can see or not who looked at it. My chinese is not good enough that I didn't really understand what you can get if you click on the numerber of views....
Latest of 3 replies by Shelley at Today, 12:37 AM.

can i use a temporary hong kong resident card to apply for HKSAR re-entry permit

urbanozzy - Yesterday, 05:11 AM in Visa Issues

im currently 18, going to HK this year,to renew HKID card ***, as processing time for HK ID card is 10 day, they will give me a temporary HONG KONG ID card, will i be able to apply for HKSAR re-entry permit (回 港 證), Using this temporary ID card?
Latest of 6 replies by skylee at Today, 06:04 AM.

My presentation

omouc22 - Yesterday, 02:08 AM in Reading and Writing Skills

omouc22 avatar Hi all, I've just subscribed here. I've made my presentation in chinese, can you check out it please?   你们好,我来介绍一下。我叫Salvatore,我是意大利人。我十九岁。我住那不勒斯。我是"东方"大学一班汉语的学生。 我家有四口人,我爸爸,妈妈,哥哥和我。我爸爸五十八岁。他是太夫,他在医院工作。我妈妈是五十岁。她是老师,她在学校工作。 我哥哥二十七岁。他和我都是学生。    
Latest of 2 replies by omouc22 at Yesterday, 07:05 PM.

Primlo App – Learn Spoken Chinese with Audio Sentences

Yang Chuanzhang - Yesterday, 12:11 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

Yang Chuanzhang avatar Primlo is a new app that helps you learn spoken Chinese.   When you use Primlo, you choose from a library of packs and courses with topics like "Renting", "Arguing" or "House Parties" which contain sentences written and recorded by a native speaker. You then you study the sentences in your packs in our study mode. The first time you see a new sentence, Primlo will ask you which words are new to you and teach you those first before quizzing you on the whole sentence.   After you've learned the sentences...
Latest of 10 replies by Yang Chuanzhang at 13 minutes ago.

Need some general advice and insights

Jksagita - May 26 2016 09:32 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Hey there guys, I'm planning to study Mandarin/Chinese real soon and I'm currently at a crossroads on where to go.   I did some information digging through local agencies they offered me university like Peking University(Beijing), Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), Shanghai International Studies University (SISU), Shanghai Jiao Tong University and many others. Based on their judgement they recommended me to choose either Beijing or Shanghai, they were also kind enough to share with me the compa...
Latest of 6 replies by Lu at Today, 03:42 AM.

SFBI or similar program in mainland or HK

muyongshi - May 26 2016 04:55 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

muyongshi avatar I'm looking to send some staff in July to get further training in bread making. So I am looking for something similar to what the San Fran Baking Institute runs. Any leads? Mainland preferred but Hk works too. Definitely needs to be professional level specializing in European/Western quality breads. These guys are way past level of home baker. Thanks!
Latest of 8 replies by muyongshi at May 26 2016 07:01 PM.

Shenzhen University - Chinese language course

Jamuna - May 26 2016 02:46 PM in Guangzhou & Shenzhen

Jamuna avatar Hi everyone,   I'm thinking about doing my chinese course at Shenzhen university. Can anyone tell me more about chinese course at this university and their teaching? How good is the program there. How good is it from Zhejiang university?   Kindly share your experience.   Thanks in advance, Jamuna
Latest of 0 replies by Jamuna at May 26 2016 02:46 PM.

advice on two language schools - anyone been here recently?

hongputaojiu - May 26 2016 01:57 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Hi guys   Just a follow up to my post last week about choosing online vs language school.   So I have decided to go with the language school option. This is due to the fact that I am lazy student and the structure of having classes ensures I will actually do some study!   I am trying to choose between these two language schools for a 4 week intensive   http://www.omeida.com.cn/Fees/ (Yangshuo)   -11040RMB 4 weeks - 3hrs per day HSK prep 1-1, and 1hr per day conversation tutor -priva...
Latest of 19 replies by realmayo at Today, 12:20 AM.

Shenzhen to HK International Airport

shuoshuo - May 26 2016 02:57 AM in Guangzhou & Shenzhen

shuoshuo avatar Can someone please help me explain how to get from Shenzhen to HK international airport? I am currently in Shanghai, I want to travel this summer and the cheapest routes are from HK. I fugure I can take a train to SZ and exit China through the SZ-HK border. Is this correct?
Latest of 9 replies by shuoshuo at Yesterday, 03:42 PM.