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ChineseLearning program, which segments a chinese sentence and translates each word into english.

hlk123 - Today, 01:50 AM in Chinese Computing and Electronics

Hello Do you know a Chinese Learning Software, which gets a "chinese sentence" as input and gives as output an  English segments? (see below) Thank you. Input: 他们最喜欢到加勒比海去度假,许多人搬 ....。 Output: 他们1 最2 喜欢3 到4 加勒比海5 去6 度假7 ,许多8 人9 搬10 .... 1. tāmen : they 2. zuì : (the) most ; -est 3. xǐhuan : to like ; to be fond of 4. dào : to (a place) ; until (a time) ; up to ; to go ; to arrive 5. jiālèbǐhǎi : Caribbean Sea 6. qù : to go ; to leave ; to remove 7. dùjià : go on holiday 8. xǔduō : many ; a lot of ; much 9....
Latest of 1 replies by Shelley at 14 minutes ago.

wanting to study in kunming for the summer

cjake22 - Today, 01:23 AM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Hello I am a complete noob on this website, but I have been reading the forums on here and it seems like a great place to find information. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with Asia and China. I am a college student at a community college in the united states, I have had a rough time with school. Not because of academics, but life events. I have always wanted to travel and learn Chinese. I have decided to take a gap year, and finally travel and learn Putonghua. I have been doing tons of rese...
Latest of 0 replies by cjake22 at Today, 01:23 AM.

Death Notices (Shanghai). Looking for friend.

tomadom - Yesterday, 06:49 PM in Shanghai

Hi   I know this is an unusual question but I am urgently looking for my friend who went for an operation some time ago and I haven't heard from her since.  I'm worried that the operation went wrong and she may have died.  Is there any way to search death notices for people living in Shanghai?  Is there somewhere I can do this?    I'm starting to become really concerned.    Thanks
Latest of 1 replies by 889 at Yesterday, 10:40 PM.

Sinolingua Graded Chinese Reader 3

jieke - Yesterday, 07:36 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

Hello, I have most of Sinolingua's Graded Reader series (excellent stories if you cover up the pinyin btw) and , to my dismay, I have found that the story Xuechuanglian only contains the first few pages. The majority of the other stories are also repeated. Does anybody else own Graded Reader 3? Do I just have a misprint or are they all the same? Thank you for any replies
Latest of 0 replies by jieke at Yesterday, 07:36 AM.

Won Ton Soup formula changed

RawPower - Yesterday, 04:53 AM in Food

From the '50s-80s or so... Won Ton Soup all around San Francisco always had the nutty Toasted Sesame oil included as a flavoring in the dumplings and or soup broth. I can no longer find a common restaurant that has this anymore and i must bring my own to add. I have not checked out high end Chinese Restaurants to see if they maintain this flavoring. Is this because the old timer chefs did not pass on this or is it the high cost of Toasted Sesame oil? If so, they are losing sales by leaving it out! Cannot find an...
Latest of 6 replies by Shelley at Today, 02:57 AM.

Using Blackberry in China

imeldamanampiring - Jan 24 2015 07:38 PM in Chinese Computing and Electronics

imeldamanampiring avatar Hi there, can someone tell me whether my Blackberry will work in China with a chinese sim card? I have preference for BB though I have an Android due to I am a keypad person. Appreciate info. Cheers,
Latest of 2 replies by imeldamanampiring at Yesterday, 08:35 AM.

Chinese Poem

WeiTing - Jan 24 2015 01:50 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Hello! I was tasked with writing a poem in Chinese for class. I translated a poem I wrote myself and was hoping to bet some helpful reviews/ revision. I open to any suggestions and just want to make sure it makes sense and is grammatically correct. Here it is:   明亮的星星飞越天空 "Bright stars fly across the sky" 与银河系水 "With the water of the Milky Way" 我还没有看到东西如此美, "I have never seen anything so beautiful," 除了你的微笑。 "Apart from your smile."   I wrote the original english poem that I wrote under e...
Latest of 2 replies by Edita at Today, 04:03 AM.

What should I wear this next february in Beijing?

JorgeChau - Jan 24 2015 09:29 AM in Beijing

Hi guys! Im plannig to go to Beijing this february and take a tour to visit the Great Wall, the  Forbiden City , etc. As I know is very cold there and I think I've never been in a place with that cold weather. Do you think guys a leather jacket  (like the picture's) and wearing termals will be enough?   I hope you can help me guys! Thanks!
Latest of 9 replies by tysond at Yesterday, 04:28 PM.

After some feedback on a HSK based Mandarin game I am working on

magictravelandrew - Jan 24 2015 05:02 AM in The HSK Exam, and others

Hi, over the last few months I have been tinkering with an online game to help myself (and others of course) practice their Mandarin aside from yet more flash cards. You can find it at http://mandarinmojo.com   The game is built around the HSK levels. It is a simple enough little thing but I find it handy for breaking up my revision.   If anyone has any feedback, thoughts, ideas, whatever I am happy to hear them. If there is any way to make it more useful for people I would love to hear it.
Latest of 11 replies by 陳德聰 at Today, 03:33 AM.

Temporary Residence Permit with X2 Visa: is it possible?

Nicoletta - Jan 24 2015 04:29 AM in Visa Issues

Hi everyone!   I'd like to study for one semester (X2 Visa) in Shenzhen at SZU, but in the meantime I'd also like to visit Hong Kong and Macau during the weekends, so in order to re-entry China I would need a temporary residence permit.   I know I'm not required to obtain a permit in the first 30 days if I enter with an X2 Visa, but my question is: can I obtain one if I want to?   Many thanks in advance to anyone who may help
Latest of 0 replies by Nicoletta at Jan 24 2015 04:29 AM.