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New User Posts

Chinese text in use in China

anonymoose - Today, 11:40 AM in Reading and Writing Skills

anonymoose avatar I know a lot of users here haven't been to China, so I thought I'd share a few pictures of Chinese text (signs and whatnot), for people to see real Chinese in everyday use.   No particular theme here. I just chose a selection from my recent trip to Fuzhou that I thought were interesting.
Latest of 3 replies by Lu at Today, 06:21 PM.

Listing in English of Trade and Vocational Schools in China

KimPeacock - Today, 04:54 AM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

I am working for a Canadian businessman who wishes to train Chinese workers in a house construction specialty. We wish to have a list of trade and vocational schools in China that we can communicate with in English. Thank you
Latest of 0 replies by KimPeacock at Today, 04:54 AM.

Mass Generation of Monolingual Definitions from .cvs file

uni419 - Yesterday, 11:15 PM in Resources for Studying Chinese

Anyone know of tools which would allow for mass generation of monolingual definitions from a .csv file? (preferably also feed back into a .csv file)
Latest of 6 replies by uni419 at Today, 05:32 PM.

Pronunciation of 悶

meatie - Yesterday, 02:21 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

The chinese word for "bored" is 悶.  But should it be pronounced "men1" or "men4" ?  The defintions for both listing seem to work.  
Latest of 3 replies by 889 at Yesterday, 07:26 PM.

Chinese text in use in China

anonymoose - Yesterday, 12:01 PM in Reading and Writing Skills

anonymoose avatar The signese forum seems to have died a death (or should I say, become Skylee's personal travelogue), possibly because it's difficult to find. Anyway, I know a lot of users here haven't been to China, so I thought I'd share a few pictures of Chinese text (signs and whatnot), for people to see real Chinese in everyday use. Edit: Sorry about the pictures being sideways. Blame my iPad for that.
Latest of 9 replies by anonymoose at Today, 11:42 AM.

Exchange studies in Beijing this term, internship in Shanghai in summer

johny1234 - Feb 27 2015 11:17 PM in Visa Issues

Hello!   I am currently on exchange studies in Tsinghua University in Beijing (computer science, bachelor's degree) until the end of this term. I have already been here for one term, coming in on an X2 visa, but decided to extend my stay for another term and I now have a residence permit with purpose of study, issued in Beijing, until the end of July.   I have successfully applied for a software engineering internship in Shanghai with a recognized multinational company for two months during the summer,...
Latest of 0 replies by johny1234 at Feb 27 2015 11:17 PM.

Is there any chance to find a part time job as a student other than teaching English in schools?

amb62 - Feb 27 2015 07:35 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Hello everyone, I'm currently a master degree student living in Shanghai, I'd like to find a part time job while I'm here . My visa is a student X2 visa. I found some teaching English jobs but they're all in schools, but I don't wanna take the risk because its illegal to work on a X2 visa especially that I'm studying on Chinese government scholarship. For those who have experienced the same situation, do you have any suggestions of where can i find a decent part time job other than teaching English ?
Latest of 1 replies by zhouhaochen at Yesterday, 11:13 AM.


Pedroski - Feb 27 2015 09:43 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Pedroski avatar I have 王志东 talking about his 四通利方 company   王:是的,之前只是参与。我离开“新天地”之后接受了四通集团的投资,以这笔投资为基础创办了四通利方公司,我担任总经理。对我来说这是比较完整意义上的创业。   对我来说这是比较完整意义上的创业。 I don't know what the 比较 is doing there.   I think he is saying 'As far as I am concerned, this is the proper meaning of entrepreneurship. (ie doing it alone)   Did I catch his meaning right?
Latest of 10 replies by Vildhjerp at Yesterday, 04:36 AM.

extending csc scholarship ? is it possible

aloneboy - Feb 26 2015 02:24 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

im csc scholarship student . course design here  in china is nt valid in ma country so i ll need to extend ma time of graduation.. is there anything  like extending scholarship ma ?
Latest of 2 replies by aloneboy at Yesterday, 02:00 PM.

Chinese people DON'T learn tones. That just means YOU MUST

AlexBlackman - Feb 26 2015 01:11 PM in Speaking and Listening Skills

AlexBlackman avatar Some people say tones are unimportant because Chinese people aren't taught tones. They are right; Chinese people aren't taught tones, they are totally immersed in correctly spoken Chinese at the young age they learn best. Tones, as a linguistic concept don't exist to them, tones are subsumed into a matter of right and wrong pronouncation.   Using incorrect tones is as alien and ridiculous to them as starting with the wrong constonant or vowel is in English.   You are too old to get this right through a...
Latest of 28 replies by victorhart at 48 minutes ago.