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Chinese numbers 一 to 一万

xyz123abc - Today, 06:04 AM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

xyz123abc avatar Why this list? I created this list to generate tts audio files for EACH number, and to practice listening to random numbers in my portable device.   Why posting it here? I couldn't find it anywhere, a (maybe) correct list of numbers that I could use for generating my audio files. It took me a good 3 hours to make it from scratch, so I am sharing it to whoever it may concern.   How can you generate audio files from this list? I use a program called "textaloud 3", you insert {{split}} at the end of each...
Latest of 0 replies by xyz123abc at Today, 06:04 AM.


Zephie - Today, 02:40 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Zephie avatar Okay so I'm doing a little grammar revision and there's something I think I've got down but could be wrong.   In class we've studied verb + 的起 and verb + 不起 as commonly referring to whether or not one can afford something i.e. 我钱都花了,这张光盘我买不起。   More recently I've come across it's use as a way of stating whether or not there is time to do something (I think) and was wondering if it would be correct to use it in the following way?   A:汉语课快开始了,早饭吃不起   B:欸?现在只是七点半,还有时间,肯定吃的起!   A:啊,时间已经不够了,如...
Latest of 6 replies by Lianbu Zhou at Today, 06:02 PM.

Old National Pronunciation (老國音)

ParkeNYU - Today, 02:21 AM in Non-Mandarin Chinese

ParkeNYU avatar Okay, I know this isn't technically 'non-Mandarin', but it's not technically the modern Mandarin language used elsewhere in these forums either.   That being said, does anyone have an interest in the old form (1913-1931) of the Chinese National Language (老國音)? It is an artificial language based on both Nanjing and Beijing Mandarin with influences from many southern Chinese topolects and dialects (a more even-handed and fair approach to constructing a national language compared to the current version). The r...
Latest of 5 replies by Michaelyus at 21 minutes ago.

Boots products in China?

Elizabeth_rb - Today, 12:31 AM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Elizabeth_rb avatar Hi!  Hope it's OK to post this enquiry here, but it would form part of shopping life in China. ;)   Just want to try and get any insider info I can on the availability on the Chinese high street of Boots products.  The reason for this is, as many are no doubt aware, Chinese law requires all imported cosmetics to go through animal testing in China before they can be sold in Chinese shops.  Oddly enough this doesn't apply to sales purely through Chinese or foreign websites, just to those in phy...
Latest of 7 replies by Elizabeth_rb at Today, 06:25 PM.

South Yunnan tea mountains

abcdefg - Yesterday, 11:48 PM in Kunming

abcdefg avatar Just back from a trip to Xishuangbanna Prefecture 西双版纳 with several Kunming tea friends. By most counts there are six famous tea mountains in southern Yunnan. We visited two this time; I've been to two others previously.   A couple of us flew to Jinghong 景洪 while others drove (about 8 hours.) First stayed two nights at a tea factory on the outskirts of Menghai 孟海。   They pick during the day and process the new tea that same night. We all helped out, taking turns with the various stages. It's a labor-in...
Latest of 2 replies by abcdefg at Today, 08:28 AM.

Thinking about ChinesePod subscription but...

studychinese - Yesterday, 09:59 PM in Resources for Studying Chinese

studychinese avatar I am thinking about buying a ChinesePod subscription. However because the ChinesePod subscription is one of linear time (for example, 3 months etc) I doubt that I will be able to get much value out of that because I will probably rarely use it within that time frame.   If I could rip the contents to my home computer I could then use the materials at my own leisure (ChinesePod has no problem with DL'ing contents - it's allowed). I don't have time to rip the contents lesson by lesson. Is there a better way?
Latest of 2 replies by studychinese at Today, 03:24 PM.

Opportunity for free home-stay in Jinhua, Zhejiang

Arlo_ - Yesterday, 08:17 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

There is an opportunity for people interested in Chinese culture to stay for free in a historical village in Jinhua, Zhejiang this summer or autumn. (All expenses within China will be paid, and a cultural programme is being laid on. Participants travel to Shanghai at their own expense.)   I live in Jinhua, and I have been helping the local government with the project. The ultimate aim is to support village economies by opening them up for home-stay tourism. That will help to keep the villages viable, and so...
Latest of 3 replies by studychinese at Today, 01:11 PM.

Chinese scrabble

Pengyou - Yesterday, 03:23 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

A dozen years ago I saw some friends playing a game with Chinese characters.  It was played with small squares of paper.  Each player would write a Chinese word on the square and then play it, one word at a time, on a blank board composed of empty squares. The word had to make logical sense with the word(s) that were adjacent to it.  It was play in a similar way to scrabble.  Has anyone seen this?
Latest of 3 replies by Shelley at Yesterday, 06:47 PM.


Pedroski - Yesterday, 07:30 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Pedroski avatar I have come across 余年 or 余生 before. As far as I can tell, they always refer to the future,like: 她在维也纳度过了余生/余年.   If you think of 余年 as a time vector, it has a direction forward or positive.   So then I had this in a sentence: 娃哈哈连续十余年领跑中国饮料行业,   If I add 十 to 余年, the time vector reverses its polarity, and refers to the past. I find this very interesting and strange.   Question: Can 余年 ever be used to refer to the past without a number?  
Latest of 7 replies by imron at Today, 12:53 PM.

Quick Canto TTS Voices Comparison

querido - Yesterday, 03:01 AM in Non-Mandarin Chinese

querido avatar Which one do you like best or is most intelligible and correct: 1, 2 or 3? Each sound file contains three voices roughly matched for speed and pitch.   啲細路仔通常都中意朱古力嘅。佢做嘢成日好勤力㗎。  tts test.mp3   274.67KB   34 downloads   佢哋唔係識得好多人。  tts test2.mp3   125.67KB   30 downloads   To me, errors like using a wrong tone must count heavily against. And I find changes in speed worse than changes in volume. On different sentences they take turns in their ranki...
Latest of 6 replies by querido at Today, 04:17 AM.