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Comparative structures with verb and object

DonCachopo - Today, 03:39 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Hi. I found a discrepance between two grammar books: -Modern Mandarin Chinese grammar (page 209, section 29.3.5): mmccomp.png - An essential grammar (page 104, section 13.4.5) Which one is right???? Thanks Enviado desde mi SM-N9005 mediante Tapatalk
Latest of 1 replies by Ruky at Today, 05:56 AM.

Harbin Engineering university

nvp18 - Yesterday, 05:30 PM in Harbin

nvp18 avatar I will be moving to harbin engg university next month.Is there anyone who can help me about how to get to the university and the living conditions in the HEU dormitory?   Thanks
Latest of 0 replies by nvp18 at Yesterday, 05:30 PM.

Good recommendations for Chinese writing tablet

chinesemadrush - Jul 22 2016 05:14 PM in Reading and Writing Skills

Hi everyone,   Do you guys have any good recommendations for a chinese writing tablet?   I found this on amazon and it seemed like the best one out there: https://www.amazon.c...g/dp/B0041FX7FA   Hoping to hear any thoughts from you folks.   Thank you!
Latest of 14 replies by Demonic_Duck at Yesterday, 10:56 PM.

Chinese Traditional Character for Strong

MelanieC - Jul 22 2016 08:30 AM in Chinese Characters

MelanieC avatar Hi!   I'm getting a new tattoo and I was considering this Chinese character for "strong": http://i2prun.com/images/qiang.jpg   I'm an ultra-runner. I run 100km races. Most of my friends think I'm crazy. They also admire me for my strength and determination in achieving my goals. I'm completely dedicated to my training and my goal is to become the best athlete I can be. I'd love to qualify for our national 100km team. I'm fast and have won races. I don't let setbacks get me down. If I don't reach a...
Latest of 5 replies by arrow at Jul 23 2016 10:36 AM.

Going from simplified to traditional

Shelley - Jul 22 2016 01:21 AM in Chinese Characters

Shelley avatar I have been toying with changing to traditional characters after talking to my neighbour (yes after 3 years, I have discovered my next door neighbour is from China) he has been giving me some pointers.   He said and I don't know how true it is, that young teenagers from mainland China are now learning traditional characters, this made think I might change, have been contemplating it for a while.   I have also just inherited the complete set of De Francis textbooks so learning material is not a problem,...
Latest of 9 replies by onebir at Jul 23 2016 12:33 AM.

歪果仁 for foreigner?

vellocet - Jul 21 2016 08:23 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

vellocet avatar I got a comment on my Wechat post wherein I bitched about the excessively difficult captchas used by the official train ticket app 12306.cn. (Seriously, they're a nightmare.)  It said, "哈哈哈。欺负歪果仁"  After copying the text into Pleco Reader, the unfamiliar characters were defined as "internet slang for waiguoren".  What's the deal with this?  I know sometimes internet users will use alternate characters like the old and busted grass-mud-horse meme, but why this word?  Why would people use...
Latest of 13 replies by vellocet at Jul 22 2016 10:52 PM.


stelingo - Jul 21 2016 02:29 AM in Society

stelingo avatar Hi.  I will be making a short visit to China in August. Will I be able to use Whatspp to stay in touch with friends and family back home?
Latest of 3 replies by stelingo at Jul 21 2016 06:30 PM.

Tsinghua Dorm

StefW - Jul 20 2016 11:40 PM in Beijing

StefW avatar Does anyone know how exactly the single and AB rooms (Zijing appartment buildings) differ in Tsinghua University? Obviously the AB room is shared with separate bedrooms but do the AB rooms have a better/larger "kitchen" or bathroom than the single rooms?   I'll be an exchange student for one semester, if that matters.
Latest of 2 replies by zhouhaochen at Yesterday, 03:17 PM.

Applying for Visa outside Home Country (Canadian in New York)

Zishan - Jul 20 2016 03:02 AM in Visa Issues

Zishan avatar I apologize if this has been covered before, but I'm a Canadian citizen coming to China on a Confucius scholarship and I'm considering flying from New York, but given the short time frame (still waiting on my JW202) I would probably have to apply for my X1 visa at the New York Consulate. From what I understand, the Consulate will accept third-country applicants but it needs proof of their residence in New York. My sister lives there and I might be able to work something out, but does anyone know how strict they...
Latest of 0 replies by Zishan at Jul 20 2016 03:02 AM.

Free software with functionality of MDBG Chinese Reader 8

chinesemadrush - Jul 20 2016 12:46 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

Hi everyone,   Do you guys know of a free software with functionalities similar to those of MDBG Chinese Reader 8? The software is pretty expensive for a novice learner like myself so was wondering whether there are free or perhaps cheaper alternatives?   I am interested in a software that can translate the text and pronounce the word.   Thank you!
Latest of 0 replies by chinesemadrush at Jul 20 2016 12:46 AM.