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Handwriting: The minimum requirements (blog series)

Hofmann - Today, 06:27 PM in Reading and Writing Skills

I wrote a series on handwriting, and imron suggested I make it a thread, as more people look at threads, but I kind of like how all the content is organized in a blog, so I'm starting this thread and linking to the blog.   Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5   I considered writing a bit about technique/motor skills but I decided that was outside the scope of "the minimum requirements" and gets too subjective. It leaves the realm of science and steps into the bounds of art. And by "art" I mean both a ref...
Latest of 1 replies by realmayo at Today, 07:14 PM.

Harbin Institute of Technology is a good university?

sujeto_1 - Today, 08:50 AM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

I want to know opinions about this university Harbin  Institute of Technology, what is the general opinion in China and Internationally. I'm looking to study Master Electric Engineering in this University. Any input is much appretiated. How is about prestigious and teaching quality. 
Latest of 4 replies by Vivi MENG at Today, 05:24 PM.

Book Recommendation: 士兵突击

Nathan Mao - Yesterday, 10:06 PM in Art and Literature

This is the 许三多 book.   (a little background: the TV series came out in early 2008, I think.  The book was probably written/published before that.  When the earthquake hit in Sichuan, people trapped in the rubble knew (heard? assumed?) the military was helping in rescue efforts, many were calling out for 许三多 to come help, because he was the embodiment of a PLA ideal: someone who was so earnest and determined (and stupid?) that they would never quit in trying to rescue them)   This is touted a...
Latest of 7 replies by Lu at Today, 05:34 PM.

Krashen: The Compelling (not just interesting) Input Hypothesis

Rufus - Yesterday, 07:12 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

I am sure many are aware of Krashen's famous "Input Hypothesis" for language learning and there has been much debate about it. In a recent article, he mentions learning Chinese and wanted to share. (Link to article)   The Compelling (not just interesting) Input Hypothesis Stephen Krashen   It is by now well-established that input must be comprehensible to have an effect on language acquisition and literacy development. To make sure that language acquirers pay attention to the input, it should be intere...
Latest of 12 replies by Rufus at Today, 08:37 AM.

Hukou Apartheid

abcdefg - Yesterday, 11:12 AM in Society

Part of a recent series in The Economist talks about China's growing migrant population in the more prosperous coastal mega-cities. The authors discuss the increasing unrest in this huge group of disadvantaged urban citizens who still hold rural hukous.   This is an excellent series of nine overview articles on current China, its economy and politics, available without fees or registration. It was sent to me by a friend who knows that I'm living here. Thought you might like a look.   http://www.economi...
Latest of 2 replies by abcdefg at Today, 09:53 AM.

When does Middle Chinese kh become Cantonese h?

Hwong_DsiKiem - Yesterday, 09:42 AM in Non-Mandarin Chinese

I've noticed that, for a number of characters, what was historically kh- (pinyin k-) became h- in Cantonese (like 去), but not all kh- characters. In what environments does the shift happen? In what doesn't it? This shift is similar to the one in Greek and Germanic languages, but there all the kh's become h's.
Latest of 2 replies by Hwong_DsiKiem at Today, 03:46 PM.

Remembering the Hanzi trouble

Melanie1989 - Yesterday, 02:51 AM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Another problem...   So some of you might know that after lots of recommendation on one of my other threads, i got hold of a copy of Remembering the Hanzi. I'm still early in the book, lesson 13, as i have been very busy with other things, unfortunately. Anyway, i do find the book to be very helpful as far as understanding radicals and the history of the characters. But one thing i'm disappointed about is that it says in the introduction (which, silly me, i initially skipped due to excitement) that it will...
Latest of 11 replies by Yang Chuanzhang at Today, 06:59 AM.

Chinese comedy group... maybe

ouyangjun - Apr 21 2014 10:55 PM in Speaking and Listening Skills

This is more of a question to check the feasibility.  a while back I talked about starting a Chinese comedy group where we'd look at different comedy and discuss... At the time the challenges were finding suitable pieces that had subtitles, were easily accessible and in short enough bits that it didn't take a lot of dedication to listening for long periods of time.   I've found a comedy show on Youku that I think is pretty funny and should fit well if we want to do something like this.  My questio...
Latest of 6 replies by simpleasy at Today, 02:53 PM.

What is your experience with Rosetta Stone language learning software?

C.J. - Apr 21 2014 04:47 PM in Resources for Studying Chinese

Yes, I know that a live teacher is the best way to learn Chinese but my work schedule is crazy and never regular. I am using many of the tools I learned about here on the forum (Pleco flashcards for example) but my progress is too slow for me. I want to pick up the pace and a friend recommended Rosetta Stone which to be honest, I think is a bit pricey. Is it worth it?  Is there a better software that has speech recognition and correction?
Latest of 11 replies by James3 at Yesterday, 10:46 PM.

Massage 按摩, 推拿 etc

Silent - Apr 21 2014 02:47 PM in Society

I'ld like to know what kind of chinese massages there are and the differences and purposes of these massages.   I know several people with TCM knowledge are hanging around these forums so maybe someone can give a short lecture about the different chinese massages? A link to a good explanation will do too of course but I was unable to find it. Search results were cluttered with all kinds of (dubious) massage parlours (so at least I know where to try them out:))
Latest of 8 replies by rezaf at Yesterday, 09:05 AM.