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meatie - 30 minutes ago in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

In "狐狸上位, 把她给呛了",  what does "呛" mean?
Latest of 0 replies by meatie at 30 minutes ago.

Intensive Chinese Course - What to Expect ?

French - Today, 12:54 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

I am a 30 years old French guy and after being a restaurant owner for the past 6 years, I am, somehow, needed a break. Mainly because the business was getting very stagnant and I need some new goals.   So, I decided to take a break and I will arrive in Shanghai on the 25th. I want to improve my Chinese during my 3 months holidays time there. I looked a few private schools (perhaps around 15 or so) offering intensive Chinese courses.    I would like to know what level I can realistically achieve ac...
Latest of 1 replies by dementior at Today, 04:25 PM.

Any translations of the Shuo Yuan in English or Russian?

CJGait - Today, 11:20 AM in Classical Chinese

CJGait avatar I found a reference at one point to some translating the important Han Dynasty work the Shuo Yuan but can't seem to find it again. Does anyone know if there is a translation existing or in the works in English or Russian? I would love to use it in my work on the Jiao Shi Yi Lin.
Latest of 0 replies by CJGait at Today, 11:20 AM.

QQSRX #12 Chinese Language 锵锵三人行

michaelS - Today, 06:31 AM in Chinese Television

Episode #12 Topic: Chinese language   It seems that the previous football-centric episode wasn't too popular, so I’ve gone back to basics on this one and found a subject that – I assume – should be popular on this forum: the history and current state of Chinese as a language.   In fact, this is two episodes, but they are essentially one long cut, with the same guests (梁文道  and the linguistic historian 雷颐).   In particular, the panel are discussing the roots of Mandarin words in Japanese, Can...
Latest of 6 replies by imron at Today, 03:46 PM.

I NEED advices, travelling for firstime in my life out of my country to the RED CHINA? Please Help!

sujeto_1 - Today, 05:51 AM in Harbin

sujeto_1 avatar Hello my friends, I think this forum is just great, and is becoming my guide to go China. You have been really helpfull! Please forgive the extension of my thread, but this is very important you are saving my life here.     Now, I gotta say; I haven't went out of my country ever in my life before, in fact, I have not any experience even travelling inside my own country (Venezuela, Southamerica), I never travelled alone further than my own State, this always was with a group in a bus. So this will be my...
Latest of 12 replies by Lu at 29 minutes ago.


meatie - Yesterday, 08:28 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

What is "我压他100块"?
Latest of 6 replies by baoyongwei at Today, 10:04 AM.

Tips on creating your own corpus

icebear - Yesterday, 08:26 PM in Resources for Studying Chinese

icebear avatar TLDR: Evernotecan serve as a convenient, free tool to build a personal corpus, improving automated selection of high-frequency words to study tailored to each student. ---   For awhile now I've felt challenged with how best to add new vocabulary to my flashcards/studies. While I've found tools like Imron's analyzer immensely useful, there always has been a little extra legwork to get the optimal utility out of them.   Problem I read an awful lot of Chinese news articles and other shortish pieces each d...
Latest of 0 replies by icebear at Yesterday, 08:26 PM.

Mandarin Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter

vcott - Yesterday, 08:10 PM in Chinese Movies

So I ordered via Amazon the Mandarin spoken verions of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, and discovered upon receiving them that none of them will play in my DVD players due to different regions.    So, where can I download versions of these in Mandarin?  Is there no Mandarin equivalent of Piratebay?  I've got 50 bucks worth of Mandarin DVDs now that I can't play, and I'm not feeling like buying a new DVD player just to watch them...
Latest of 7 replies by Ruben von Zwack at Yesterday, 09:10 PM.


dutchgertjan - Yesterday, 08:07 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Can any of you gents or gentesses explain the function of the "才" after the first comma? (just to be clear: the one that precedes 因.) 只有年輕的時候,我才因為跳舞不能提高收入而不開心,現在反倒愈來愈不在意,開心和意義才重要 thnx in advance 大家!
Latest of 1 replies by Pedroski at Today, 04:25 PM.

Hotmail Email Account Issues Recently?

Tianjin42 - Yesterday, 03:20 PM in Chinese Computing and Electronics

Tianjin42 avatar We send out a lot of mails at work (in the mainland) and recently noticed that we are getting a few issues with Hotmail accounts. At the time a few of the mails bounced.   It isn't so clear because those same mails were sent without issue later on.    Then my language teacher got in touch to say that she has tried a few times this week to send notes to my Hotmail account but it has bounced each time. I also noticed that recently the UK Bing site was blocked.   Anyone else noticed anything her...
Latest of 2 replies by ChTTay at Yesterday, 08:54 PM.