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Best authentic video sources for beginners

victorhart - Today, 12:13 AM in Speaking and Listening Skills

What authentic video sources (movies, shows, cartoons, children's shows, and anything else made for a Chinese audience) have you found that are good for Mandarin language acquisition for beginners? I am conducting a language acquisition experiment based on watching authentic videos in Mandarin, which you can read about at www.mandarinexperiment.com. The best source I have found thus far, in terms of ease of acquisition, is Qiao Hu. Here is a great example. For instance, you can easily learn the names of various...
Latest of 2 replies by deremifri at 28 minutes ago.

Most commonly used word for "astrology"

Demonic_Duck - Yesterday, 11:36 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

I'm wondering what the most commonly used word for "astrology" is, referring to the belief that the month of your birth determines details such as your personality, your favourite fruit, your lovemaking ability and the colour of your poop. It seems that the most commonly used word when talking about astrology is simply 星座 (star sign), but that doesn't encompass the whole belief system. I tried 占星学/占星术 but found it wasn't immediately understood and was considered to be too 专业.   As a side note, I'd also be i...
Latest of 2 replies by Nathan Mao at Today, 12:49 AM.

Virtual immersion

hedwards - Yesterday, 05:40 AM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Hi all. I did a quick search and I didn't see any discussions on this, and I think it's about time.   Anyways, for those not familiar, virtual immersion is essentially a repurposing of that common ex-pat practice of spending time only amongst foreigners in bars and restaurants that replicate back home, then wondering why the language studies aren't going anywhere. If you've spent time away from your home country, you probably know what I'm talking about.   Virtual immersion is in some ways better than...
Latest of 8 replies by Nathan Mao at Today, 01:02 AM.

Where do Chinese ex pats hang out?

miaomiao - Apr 19 2014 09:03 PM in Society

I've been perusing this site for several weeks. Its great. A good resource for adults learning Chinese. However, I would like to find a place where Chinese people outside of China hang out, specifically Chinese people with kids. Being Chinese and raising kids outside of China is unique and I would like to find a group of others similar to myself. Anyone have any ideas where I might go?
Latest of 19 replies by gato at Yesterday, 08:59 PM.

Dalian: universities and programs (language ​​/ business), a feedback?

MichaelC - Apr 19 2014 05:49 PM in Dalian

Hello everyone, let me open this discussion because I plan to go study in Dalian. I saw on the website Cucas that there are several universities offering degree programs in Chinese language or Business Chinese. I have an intermediate level of Chinese. I lack knowledge about programs and their qualities. I'd like to know your experience in university in Dalian on the type of course, number of hours per week, the progress you have accomplished, life on campus (housing, food). Thank you.
Latest of 1 replies by simpleasy at Yesterday, 10:09 PM.

Developing motor skills for handwriting

imron - Apr 19 2014 01:55 PM in Reading and Writing Skills

Split from here.   But, I suspect that Hanzi grids or a proper lined grid would probably be better for practicing penmanship than just visualizing it. It depends what your final goal is. Visualisation works great for recognition, however for actual handwriting there are also fine motor skills involved that you need to practice if you don't want your handwriting to look like a child's. There is no substitute for physical writing if you want to develop those motor skills.
Latest of 5 replies by bluetortilla at Yesterday, 10:56 PM.

Chinese learning via ping-pong

querido - Apr 19 2014 07:16 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

I have acquired another family of Cantonese speaking friends. How lucky I am! This time it started at the local ping-pong club. My city is of modest size but there are three clubs that I know of and lots of Chinese players.    Starting at ITTF.com (International Table Tennis Federation) you can look for your national organization here and hopefully find a local club.   Fits in with that "exercise is good for learning" thread too.  :-)
Latest of 4 replies by yhe2006 at Yesterday, 07:54 AM.

More proof reading

Rowan - Apr 18 2014 05:12 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

I have some more sentences and I am unsure of whether or not I have done them right. If anyone has the spare time some help would be appreciated.      Oh, no. How embarrassing. I wrote your name incorrectly. 哎呀, 真不好意思.. 我把你的名字写得错了. This morning I got up very early and it was still dark; I couldn't see anything. 今天早晨我起来得早, 天还很黑. 清楚. According to what that dentist said, you had better not drink hot soup. 照哪个呀医说的最好别喝热汤 Yesterday I invited a relative to have lobster at a...
Latest of 10 replies by Rowan at 8 minutes ago.

Mandarin radio stations

hedwards - Apr 18 2014 11:52 AM in Speaking and Listening Skills

你好, Does anybody have a recommended online radio station? I've been listening through tunein.com and audials.com, but I'm having a hard time finding a station that's reliably there.   I'm working on building up a virtual immersion environment.   谢谢
Latest of 5 replies by hedwards at Apr 19 2014 08:25 AM.

HSK Test: Same level two times?

ThomasGer - Apr 18 2014 11:03 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

Hey guys,   I am in China at the moment, studying chinese at an university. Last month I took the HSK 5 Test and I passed. Now my university told me some days ago, that I have to take the HSK 5 test next month because I have a Confucius Institute Scholarship, so they will pay for me... I told them, that i already passed it last month. Their answer was, doesn't matter, Hanban wants everybody with CI Scholarhip to take the test next month.   Is that even possible? To take the same test again even I alrea...
Latest of 2 replies by Nathan Mao at Apr 18 2014 10:03 PM.