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New User Posts

Newspaper reading class!

edelweis - Today, 09:17 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

So I have an opportunity to attend a newspaper reading class, once a week in the evening after work, transportation is reasonably convenient with my current situation (direct and about 30') and the price is in the normal range for a leisure activity around here.   But the class requires: - good reading skills (they say 2000 to 3000 characters, and I'm probably still at the lower end), - good listening skills as the teacher will speak only Chinese during class (although I passed HSK4 some time ago and worked...
Latest of 1 replies by xuexiansheng at 49 minutes ago.

Learning Swimming in Beijing

xelon - Today, 09:02 PM in Beijing

Hi folks,   Just wondering whether does anyone know where to learn swimming in beijing? I'm not a total beginner in swimming as I can swim all the 4 strokes. I just wanna learn how to swim more efficiently and master the strokes. Appreciate any input / advice regarding this.   Thank you.
Latest of 0 replies by xelon at Today, 09:02 PM.

New career path for Westerners

geraldc - Today, 06:10 PM in Society

geraldc avatar http://m.scmp.com/ne...ic-warden-henan If you can't find a teaching job, issue parking tickets
Latest of 2 replies by aone at Today, 10:21 PM.

What's the difference between 我能怎么帮助你? and 我怎么能帮助你?

tooironic - Today, 05:27 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

tooironic avatar What's the difference between 我能怎么帮助你? and 我怎么能帮助你? A friend was trying to explain it to me the other day but I didn't quite get it. Thanks.
Latest of 3 replies by skylee at Today, 05:47 PM.


meatie - Today, 12:07 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

Are "不好說" and "很難說" the same?
Latest of 1 replies by Demonic_Duck at Today, 01:16 PM.

Should I learn how to write? Returning from a Chinese hiatus

Pandarollroll - Today, 08:31 AM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Pandarollroll avatar Back in 2008, when I first started learning Mandarin, I solely focused on reading, speaking, and listening. I completely neglected writing after a few Chinese people told me that I would only ever need to type and learning how to write the characters wouldn't be something that I would need to know how to do. Reading was always my strongest area and even though I couldn't write more than a few basic sentences, I could still gather the meaning of newspaper articles and what not.   It has now been about 4 year...
Latest of 6 replies by imron at Today, 08:17 PM.

is Tionghoa only refer to Chinese Indonesian?

tionghoa - Today, 01:31 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

tionghoa avatar hi...  i am Andre. newbie in this forum from indonesia sorry, my english is very poor ethnically , my mother is a jawa and my father is a tionghoa   i want to ask to a tionghoa (chinese indonesian) but if you are not tionghoa, you can give opinion in my questions   chinese indonesian commonly known as Tionghoa. tionghoa means chinese but, do you think Tionghoa only refer to Chinese Indonesian? and do you think, if they are non-Chinese Indonesian, they are not Tionghoa? 
Latest of 1 replies by 陳德聰 at Today, 02:10 AM.

呼 的 一声

Emily22 - Yesterday, 06:29 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

Hello everyone   I came across a sentence that goes like: 那些 有 你 在 身边 的 影片 呼 的 一声 飞 的 老远 老远   I understand that the general meaning of the sentence is: those images of you beside me have flown far, far away. But what is 呼 的 一声? Could someone put it in a different context? Thank you!
Latest of 2 replies by JayXZ at Yesterday, 08:20 PM.

iOS 8: third-party Mandarin pinyin keyboards?

etm001 - Yesterday, 06:23 PM in Chinese Computing and Electronics

Hi all,   iOS 8 has only been available for two days now, but I'm already eagerly awaiting new third-party Mandarin/pinyin keyboards - I never thought the stock Mandarin/pinyin keyboard was particularly great.   If you come across a new and/or particularly good Mandarin/pinyin keyboard, please post a reply to this thread so that everyone else will be aware.   P.S. At the moment, SwiftKey is the most popular third-party keyboard in the App Store, but it doesn't support Mandarin input (and hasn't fo...
Latest of 9 replies by etm001 at Today, 02:06 AM.

QQSRX #13 Who wants to see their spouse every day 锵锵三人行

realmayo - Yesterday, 12:53 PM in Chinese Television

Episode #13 Date 2014 年08月06日 Title 英国夫妇68年天天相见 An English couple saw each other every day for 68 years.   Link to transcript: http://phtv.ifeng.co...7917243_0.shtml Link to video: http://v.ifeng.com/n...4c38fed8e.shtml Youtube link: https://www.youtube....EF-qrZcDoauGU8w   Host: 窦文涛 Guests: 许子东 and 竹幼婷   Summary An English couple from Manchester were married for 68 years and never spent a day apart. You can’t say that people who have affairs are bad people. The Daily Mail is a trustworthy news so...
Latest of 4 replies by tysond at Today, 06:41 PM.