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New User Posts

Some lost items can be recovered!

shuoshuo - Today, 04:32 PM in Shanghai

shuoshuo avatar I had a friend who forgot his very pricey laptop with very important documents stored, at the rear seat of a taxi in Shanghai and he was able to retrieve it a day later through the efficiency of taxi companies in Shanghai. I was with him at the time and remembered the colour of the taxi when I had to take him to his hostel. So we called the operator who gave us the number of the white taxis. The company required the location of pick up and drop off. We didn't remember anything else so that's all we had. They use...
Latest of 0 replies by shuoshuo at Today, 04:32 PM.

Holy sh*t! Scam city Shanghai!

studychinese - Today, 06:55 AM in Society

studychinese avatar Disclosure:I have been to Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Nanjing, in the people's Republic. In Shenzhen I saw one scam in five days. In Wuhan zero on four days. In Nanjing zero in three days. In Beijing about 10 in three months. In Shanghai 20 on my first day. I'm shocked. There are an enormous amount of people scamming foreigners in Shanghai, starting at Pudong airport (why don't the airport authorities do something about the that? They are damaging the image of Shanghai). I walked along Nanjing North Street and w...
Latest of 16 replies by tysond at 50 minutes ago.

Rosetta Stone Special

James3 - Yesterday, 11:24 PM in Resources for Studying Chinese

Hey, not sure if this is the place to post this, but...   First off, this is not a debate over the merits (or bad points of) Rosetta Stone.   I got an e-mail today, advertising an "email only special" whereby one can pick up Rosetta Stone level 1 - 5 for like $249. (It's currently $274 on Amazon.) When I clicked on the "See All Deals" button in my e-mail, it took me here:   Well, if you're like me, and often just want to know what's the minimum I have to pay, they will let you string this out for...
Latest of 10 replies by Shelley at Today, 03:46 PM.

360 cloud drive / http://yunpan.360.cn/

Silent - Yesterday, 09:25 PM in Chinese Computing and Electronics

I just came across 360 cloud drive and a claim of 10TB of free cloud storage. Before I put in a lot of time and effort to figure it out, has anyone experience with this? Any opinions on userfriendlyness and reliability?
Latest of 5 replies by shuoshuo at Today, 03:43 PM.


MoTzu - Yesterday, 07:58 PM in Harbin

I'm keen to try the famous dongbei guo bao rou but I wouldn't be able to pick it out of a picture menu and while I can find it mentioned all over food sites I haven't seen one yet with the pinyin spelling so I can work out how to order it. Could someone please show me the pinyin pronounciation. Also if anyone knows a place that makes it well that'd be awesome too
Latest of 5 replies by Scotty at Yesterday, 08:20 PM.

Taxi driver talk game

geraldc - Yesterday, 06:46 PM in Speaking and Listening Skills

geraldc avatar At the London meet up, we discussed how mormons were very good at learning Chinese, as if they got good, they could convert someone, and get a place in heaven. We commiserated with each other, that as we got better at Chinese, all it meant was we would have more topics to discuss with Chinese taxi drivers...   It did strike me, that you do spend a lot of time chatting to taxi drivers in China.   As soon as they hear me speak, they know I'm not local, and ask me where I'm from, this then basically meant...
Latest of 19 replies by 戴 睿 at 25 minutes ago.

Dorm or Rent?

grawrt - Yesterday, 04:15 PM in Beijing

grawrt avatar Hi Guys,   I just found out I got a full paid scholarship to study at BLCU for a year. I'm just a bit nervous about the dorming situation as I've read nothing but bad things about the dorms there for scholarship recipients.   Should I dorm or try and find an apartment?   Ideally I'd prefer to rent because I think I prefer cooking to eating out all the time. I also like quiet. But then I know Beijing is an expensive city and the apartments around the area will likely be expensive. I don't mind comm...
Latest of 1 replies by foar at Yesterday, 04:47 PM.

Weightlifting in Chinese - translations

ouyangjun - Yesterday, 02:35 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

ouyangjun avatar So I've started to get back into lifting weights again and I decided to record my lifting journal in Chinese.  Last night as I was recording my workout I realized I didn't know the Chinese words for the lifts I was doing.  I'd like to get a collection of the lifting terms.  I'll start with my standard core lifts that my workouts are built around.     Below I've found some translations via the internet, but I'm not sure how reliable these translations are...   Squat - 后深蹲  Deadl...
Latest of 10 replies by MPhillips at Today, 12:29 PM.

Anki Deck - Editing Font Size and Font Style

JacobDewey - Jul 30 2014 11:52 PM in Resources for Studying Chinese

So a couple days ago I asked about making a Pleco Deck into an Anki Deck. I managed to do so, but now when I use the deck on my Ipod the characters are really small, and I am not a big fan of the font. I have downloaded a few add-ons but to no avail. I have noticed when people make decks and post them online they are able to change the font size. If anybody has any suggestions on how to do so they would be much appreciated.    谢谢 寇正豪
Latest of 10 replies by mikelove at Today, 10:28 AM.

How to write "we love startups" - 1/2/3 option

NickyK - Jul 30 2014 11:35 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

NickyK avatar I received 3 different responses for “we love startups".  What would be the correct one?   1. 我們愛初創  2. 我们爱创业者 3. 我们爱创业   Many thanks for helping out! 
Latest of 4 replies by Tianjin42 at Yesterday, 04:45 PM.