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New User Posts

using 哪儿 for everywhere / anywhere

Johnny20270 - Yesterday, 06:20 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

I am bit confused by the use of 哪儿 to mean anywhere or everywhere.   My Chinese text book gives these follow examples: 1) 哪儿都很好 2)去哪儿都可以 3)我哪儿都想去 4)我哪儿也没去过   I don't have the English translations but my guess it means something like ... (For context: these are grammar points about 2 dudes discussion where to go on holidays)   1) Anywhere is good 2) to go anywhere is ok 3) I want to go anywhere 4) I haven't gone anywhere   Have I got this right?  and does anyone have an example of a clear...
Latest of 7 replies by Johnny20270 at Yesterday, 09:16 PM.

Recommendations for business Chinese books?

trisha2766 - Yesterday, 01:52 PM in Resources for Studying Chinese

I'd like to buy a business Chinese book, no idea where to start as until recently it wasn't something I was interested in.   It would need to use simplified characters and have English translations. Relatively recent, or at least not outdated. I'm not looking for something on a very beginner level, but not really super advanced either.   I see China Sprout sells these: http://www.chinaspro...hinese/business, but there are no reviews and at most you can only see a couple of pages.  Amazon also sell...
Latest of 2 replies by ChTTay at Yesterday, 03:25 PM.

e-books in China

bottledpoetry - Yesterday, 05:36 AM in Shanghai

bottledpoetry avatar Happy (almost) holidays everyone!   I lived in Shanghai two years ago and will be relocating back soon. I remember that getting books was a pain, my Kindle purchases didn't download properly due to the great firewall. I'm curious: does Kindle work in China now? If not, how do you get your hands on new reading material?   I am thinking of joining Oysterbooks.com (a monthly subscription service for "all-you-can-read" e-books; think Spotify for books) but I'm not sure if the website will work in China....
Latest of 7 replies by roddy at Yesterday, 04:40 PM.

Extended meaning of several complements

刘慧婷 - Dec 17 2014 10:47 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

I'm coming to the end of my one-month Chinese program in Shanghai but we've recently come across some grammar that I've had trouble with in the past. When I attempted the exercise questions I only got 5/20 correct but when I asked the teacher to please help explain how I should know when to use which phrase he just told me that the Chinese use such and such out of habit which tells me nothing at all since I'm not a native speaker.   If anyone could please help elaborate on these set phrases and their meanin...
Latest of 2 replies by Altair at Yesterday, 01:56 AM.

問我anything with Lu

Yadang - Dec 17 2014 06:04 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

We're continuing our 問我anything series with Lu. A member that's been here since 2004, with 5,183 posts and counting. Remember that Lu can choose not to answer any of the questions posted. A few questions to get us started: 1. You mentioned in Why Chinese:     All in all, pretty much everything I have dreamed of in life has come true because I learned Chinese.   That really caught my eye - can you give some examples?     2. I think I've seen you post that now your back home (Hollan...
Latest of 10 replies by abcdefg at Yesterday, 11:05 PM.


Pedroski - Dec 17 2014 07:21 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Pedroski avatar IT企业的电子商务也在1999年开始起步。literally ‘IT companies' e-commerce business also in 1999 startstart’   Is 开始起步 really 'startstart'?? This is some kind of emphasis??  I suppose just '开始’ would suffice.   Elsewhere in this text I have '中国电子商务起步和发展‘ which is easier to understand.  
Latest of 9 replies by Altair at 54 minutes ago.

Writing Chinese Characters on Mac OS with Mouse?

lechuan - Dec 17 2014 03:47 AM in Chinese Computing and Electronics

lechuan avatar Does anyone know if it's possible to write Chinese characters on Mac OS (Mavericks) using only the Mouse? I'm using a Mac Mini, and don't have a trackpad. I occasionally have to enter characters that I don't know the pronunciation for, so the Pinyin IME won't cut it.
Latest of 4 replies by character at Dec 17 2014 04:37 PM.

negation of 有名

Edita - Dec 17 2014 02:52 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Edita avatar As far as I kow 有 is negated with 没。Does it mean that the negation of 有名 is 没有名? For example, if I want to ask "Is he famous?", should I say: 他有名没有名?他有没有名? Francly, sounds weird. 
Latest of 30 replies by 陳德聰 at 26 minutes ago.

Looking for chinese books about gendercide

teresa90 - Dec 17 2014 02:28 AM in Art and Literature

Hi everyone! I'm a graduate student and I'm looking for something to translate for my thesis. It will be about gendercide in China as consequence of the One-Child Policy, so I am desperately in search for some book about this argument, written in Chinese, of course. Can anyone help me? Xiexie nimen!
Latest of 4 replies by Lu at 52 minutes ago.

Cities with good indie music scenes?

Huina - Dec 16 2014 10:13 PM in Music

Huina avatar Besides Beijing, what cities have good indie/underground music scenes? I have a decent enough language level that I can make my way to just about anywhere.
Latest of 5 replies by Simon_CH at Yesterday, 09:45 AM.