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How do you tell another person how to say a word or expression?

Pegasus - Apr 29 2016 11:25 PM in Speaking and Listening Skills

Hello Everyone,    How do you tell another person how to say a word or expression in another language using that language?   Take these very simple example sentences:   English Sentence 1: "Last year in Mandarin is 去年."  English Sentence 2: "Last year in Cantonese is 舊年."    What would be some natural ways to say Sentence 1 using Mandarin? Which would you say is the most natural way? What would be some natural ways to say Sentence 2 using Cantonese? Which would y...
Latest of 11 replies by abcdefg at Yesterday, 12:33 PM.

Recomendation for Chinese non-fiction books.

chialtism - Apr 29 2016 06:27 AM in Art and Literature

Hi everyone   I've been wanting to try my luck at reading  Chinese non-fiction for a while, since I generally enjoy reading non-fiction.   Does anyone have som suggestions? My only requirement would be that they are originally written in Chinese and the topic of the book is somehow related to China/Chinese society. 
Latest of 4 replies by Sajimi at Apr 29 2016 09:58 PM.

如果再犯贱、please some help

chatowan - Apr 29 2016 04:51 AM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

Hello everybody, I need your help to translate a sentence. The girl I love wrote this sentence on her weibo and I would like to know the meaning. If anyone could help, it would be great. 如果再犯贱、 什么样的后果都是自己活该。 Thank you very much.
Latest of 11 replies by Demonic_Duck at Apr 29 2016 11:16 PM.

Travel with student visa after the end of studies

IVXE - Apr 29 2016 04:20 AM in Visa Issues

Hello   I am taking a 8 week summer school in Beijing at PKU this summer (4th of July until the 26th of August). I have received a visa application form (JW202). I assume I will have to apply for a X2 student visa at my local consulate. My plan is to travel around China for 1 week after the summer school has finished.   My question: Will the local consulate grant me a student visa for a longer duration than my summer schools duration or do I have to convert my student visa to a tourist visa in order to...
Latest of 2 replies by onebir at Apr 29 2016 08:45 PM.

China not recognizing South Africans as native English speakers

Chi-nian - Apr 28 2016 07:06 PM in Visa Issues

Chi-nian avatar I just wanted to check if anyone has heard about this recent development. A friend of mine who lives in Taiwan and recruits teachers for schools in China just told me that this will only affect SA teachers in Shanghai, Jiangsu Province and Sichuan Province. Apparently the information was released 2 days ago, but will go into effect on May 1st.Without this recognition, SA teachers would be denied Z visas for those areas.Anyone hear anything about this?
Latest of 5 replies by Chi-nian at Yesterday, 03:26 PM.

Does this sound right

NaoHai - Apr 28 2016 05:15 PM in Visa Issues

So I'm trying to find a job that does not require a degree. I found one on ESL and turns out they have their own website. Here is a scripture from it.   "If you are not up to the requirements, you can first come with a tourist visa or business visa, depends on your nationality we will tell you which visa you need to get. It doesn’t matter which visa you need to get, we will always email you the invitation letter and direct you how to get the visa in the local Chinese embassy. And after you come to China and...
Latest of 3 replies by 金妙漪 at Apr 29 2016 01:55 AM.

JW forms & admission letters for X visas: scans sometimes acceptable

onebir - Apr 27 2016 09:54 PM in Visa Issues

I know of two recent cases where scans of JW202 forms & university admission letters were accepted by Chinese consulates (Chiang Mai & Tel Aviv) in support of X1 visa applications.   In Chiang Mai high-quality colour printouts were provided. In Tel Aviv consular staff accepted a black and white printout supported by a high-res scan to be showed to them on a phone at visa pickup time.   YMMV, but if snailmail would create too much delay or risk (eg due to unreliable postal services), it's worth...
Latest of 0 replies by onebir at Apr 27 2016 09:54 PM.

A trip to the local wet market 菜市场

abcdefg - Apr 27 2016 12:31 PM in Kunming

abcdefg avatar Walked over this morning to buy a few items for the coming week, something I always enjoy doing. Snapped some photos with my mobile phone to give you an idea of what it was like. Part of what I enjoy is the general hustle and bustle; the feeling of abundant life. And most vendors seem to be in a good humor; they don't mind my asking silly questions.     It's also a place where you never know what you might see. The man carrying a big sign advertising some wonder-working herbal medicine is an example....
Latest of 20 replies by Alex_Hart at Today, 02:24 AM.

Need help with my mom

Nudetypist - Apr 27 2016 06:35 AM in Society

Hi all, I am a Chinese American and currently in a situation that requires your help.   My mother is a very gullible person. She believes everything she reads, as long as it's in a Chinese newspaper. Often times she confuses information and still believes in it because of her limited education.   My problem is I have 2 cats at home and my mom is convinced they are infected with germs, bacteria, viruses, ebola, etc. They never leave the house except for the yearly doctor visit, so they are very healthy....
Latest of 6 replies by 陳德聰 at Apr 29 2016 02:59 AM.

From Chrome to a Skritter list

Luxi - Apr 26 2016 11:01 PM in Resources for Studying Chinese

For a long time I've been extracting interesting new characters and words I find reading on line by copying and pasting onto a separate file, and then importing it to Skritter or Pleco. I just found out that there is a ridiculously easy way to add those words etc to a Skritter list.   - Install the free 'Zhongwen' pop-up dictionary in Chrome    https://chrome.googl...ljjkde?hl=en-US   http://zhongwen-chrome.blogspot.com/   There are also Chinese-French and Chinese-German dictionaries. Th...
Latest of 1 replies by victor557 at Apr 28 2016 10:36 PM.