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Is there a word frequency list based on a spoken corpus?

Friday - Today, 09:19 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

I want to improve my ability to understand spoken conversations by expanding my vocabulary.   Most of the words I know are nouns which only appear in specific contexts, but there are certain words which appear in many different situations. I'd like to find a long list of words, arranged from most frequent, to least frequent, so that I can identify high frequency words that I don't know.   Has anyone created a word frequency list that is based off of spoken Chinese conservations from daily life?
Latest of 2 replies by Shelley at Today, 10:10 PM.

How to measure the difficulty of a text?

Friday - Today, 09:00 PM in Reading and Writing Skills

I want to find some way to measure the difficulty level of some Chinese eBooks arrange them from easiest to most difficult. Here is what I tried: I ran the text in a word segmenting software to identify each unique word. In the text, I replaced all HSK 1 words with "1", all HSK 2 words with "2", etc., and all words not in the HSK list with "7". I removed all remaining symbols. This resulted in a document containing only numbers, from 1 to 7. I then calculated the mean average of all of the numbers in the docu...
Latest of 3 replies by HerrPetersen at Today, 09:40 PM.

Advanced level learning strategies

davoosh - Yesterday, 04:50 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

davoosh avatar Hello,   Since this forum is full of wonderful ideas and advice, as well as generating interesting discussions, I thought I'd ask here about any experiences or advice for advanced-level learning stategies and methods.   As a disclaimer, the language I currently consider myself 'advanced' in is not Chinese but it is still interesting to hear other's advice and opinions. I am at the stage where I can comfortably read a novel written for adults in the L2 without too much stopping and checking. Of course t...
Latest of 5 replies by Ronan Yi at Today, 12:11 PM.

Finding work in Lanzhou,

sleepyjazz - Yesterday, 06:35 AM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Pending a discusion with my ex partner and hopefully soon to be my partner again, on where we are going to live, Lanzhou, China, as she holds all the barganing chips now, what are my options for work.   Not having a degree of course will limit the possibilities, and having spent 15 years outside of the industry i spent much of my younger years, "Banking Back and Middle office, Accounts and Administration".   While she tells me teaching is a possibility, or serving coffee, which i think will be out of t...
Latest of 8 replies by Mouseneb at Today, 09:13 PM.

New Chinese reading app for iPhone looking for Beta testers

sinamon - Oct 02 2015 02:41 PM in Resources for Studying Chinese

sinamon avatar Hi everyone!   We’re working on an iPhone app for reading Chinese texts called ChineseReader, and would like your help to get some feedback.   The app contains Chinese lessons of different difficulties ranging from newbie to master. Choosing a lesson you want to read brings up a reading screen with voice recordings, where you can easily look up translations.   Features Human voice recordings Word translations Sentence translations   We’re working hard to make the app as useful as pos...
Latest of 9 replies by xiaokaka at Today, 06:18 PM.

(NPPLC) Chapters #16, 17 & 18 Assassin-Retainers: 聂政(1, 2 & 3)

somethingfunny - Oct 02 2015 12:34 PM in Classical Chinese

somethingfunny avatar This thread is for the discussion of chapters sixteen, seventeen and eighteen in A New Practical Primer of Literary Chinese by Paul Rouzer.   Not much love for the classical Chinese subforum at the moment.  That's OK, please feel free to add your comments at any point.  I can't really afford to go through this at any reasonable pace and I hope to get done with Rouzer before the end of the year.  I've got a feeling that once we're done with the biographies and mov...
Latest of 9 replies by somethingfunny at Yesterday, 01:01 PM.

How many days to convert a X1 visa into residence permit?

Aphorisme - Oct 01 2015 08:53 PM in Visa Issues

Hi everyone!   I've been looking on the internet but i found contradictory answers. On some websites it's written 5 days, on others 2 weeks. That's really important fo me, as I will have to come back to my home country like 7-10 days after arriving in China, and I will have to convert my X1 visa into a residence permit prior to coming back to my home country. From your own experience, how many days does it take to obtain a residence permit?   And will I have to provide an "accomodation proof" for obtai...
Latest of 4 replies by roddy at Oct 02 2015 04:33 PM.

你看见<了>吗? = Do you see?

rtf - Oct 01 2015 07:57 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

rtf avatar 各位好:     There`s an extract from a book:   前面正闪着红灯 (There's a blinking red light ahead), 你看见了吗?  (do you see it?)       How come 看见了 is used in the present?  Isn`t 见 enough as a complement of result  in 看见 to mean 'see',not 'look'?  Well,I would render 你看见了吗? as 'Do you see it now (because you didn`t before)'. Or maybe it`s just a rhythm filler here?       谢谢。
Latest of 4 replies by rtf at Today, 05:43 PM.

Divorce Papers vetting/replacement

RT23 - Oct 01 2015 03:15 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Hi,   A few years ago I married to a chinese girl and 3 years later we divorced(Uncontested and mutually agreed and in friendly terms). After that, I came back to India ( I am from India and shifted for professional reasons back to India). We married at Shenzhen( Liaoning Province) and we divorced there itself.   Problem: I misplaced both my marriage and divorce certificates ( while shifting my base back to India), but I do have scan copies of the both marriage and divorce certificates.   Seeking...
Latest of 6 replies by imron at Oct 02 2015 01:27 PM.

Any dictionaries for Pleco that don't suck?

Manuel - Oct 01 2015 10:35 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

Manuel avatar I look up simple things such as "contact list" and get no matches. Zero. Nada. Often an English word translates to loads of different Chinese words or expressions, and often the translations given are not used in the examples. I know it's because "that's not the way Chinese people would say it", but then why bother to first tell me the translation for "remember" is ABC and then use XYZ in the examples? At least one example should be given for the proposed translation. Etc.   I have the following dictionarie...
Latest of 16 replies by vellocet at Yesterday, 03:26 PM.