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Moving Pleco to a new device

Shelley - 32 minutes ago in Chinese Computing and Electronics

Finally updated my tablet. Yeah   What I would like to do is move my paid for add ons to my tablet and keep a free version on my phone.   If I use my Registration number on my new device will this work? or do I need a new number?   And then if I delete my phone version and then reinstall a new version with no paid add ons?   Thanks    
Latest of 0 replies by Shelley at 32 minutes ago.

Exercise during learning boosts recall

character - Today, 05:29 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

http://www.missionto...rcise-learning/Mild to Moderate Exercise During Learning Boosts RecallGerman researchers split a pool of 81 healthy young women into three groups. One group completed a language learning activity while sedentary; the second completed the same activity after getting some moderate exercise from stationary bike riding; and the third completed the activity while engaged in the same type of bike exercise as the second group.Each group was then tested for recall of the words presented during the...
Latest of 1 replies by Shelley at 45 minutes ago.

Meaning of 他輩份很大?

tooironic - Today, 03:15 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

A friend of mine was trying to explain to me what 輩份 means but I'm still struggling to understand it.   The original sentence he used was 他輩份很大.   Is there anyone here who can explain what this means, as well as the concept of 輩份 itself? It doesn't seem to have an English equivalent.   Thanks!
Latest of 12 replies by Kenny同志 at Today, 08:30 PM.

"Public display of affection" in Chinese?

tooironic - Today, 03:09 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

One phrase that I've often wondered how to translate from English into Chinese is "public display of affection".   Does anyone have any ideas?   The best I can come up with is 在公共場合秀恩愛. Is that more or less the same as the English phrase? I.e. does it refer to kissing, hugging, holding hands, etc. in public?
Latest of 1 replies by mouse at 31 minutes ago.

Translations for "pragmatic" and "assertive" in Chinese?

tooironic - Today, 12:27 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

How would you translate "pragmatic" and "assertive" in Chinese? I have long struggled to find equivalents for them.   "Pragmatic" can be defined as "dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations", e.g. "a pragmatic approach to politics".   "Assertive" can be defined as "having or showing a confident and forceful personality", e.g. "the job may call for assertive behaviour."   These definitions and examples are taken from t...
Latest of 2 replies by tooironic at Today, 02:24 PM.

Word List For Aviation Industry? I need quick help please...

C.J. - Today, 10:08 AM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

I just got a contract to teach pilots and air traffic controllers aviation English and although I know all the English terminology from years as a private pilot, the Chinese aviation vocabulary would help a lot. I cannot seem to find this industry-specific vocabulary on line. Any hekp would be very appreciated.
Latest of 2 replies by icebear at Today, 07:49 PM.

Second tone trouble

Melanie1989 - Today, 12:11 AM in Speaking and Listening Skills

Hey again,   Random question probably, but does (or did) anyone else have trouble with the 2nd tone in Mandarin at all? I can manage pronouncing and recognising first, third and fourth tones easily, but i seem to have trouble with the second tone. Sometimes when i'm listening to native Chinese speaking and i know they're using the second tone, it still sounds like a fourth tone. Occasionally when using online tests i mistake 2nd for 4th.    Also i seem to really struggle with pronouncing it too, t...
Latest of 16 replies by hedwards at 38 minutes ago.

Part 2: What you can get up to...

roddy - Yesterday, 10:25 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Following on from my earlier post...   I think there's scope to get regular (and new) users more involved in retaining members and generating content. I'd like to explain here what can be done. I do some of this, not as much as I should do, and ideally it would be happening largely without my input.    I would like to make clear that this is entirely up to people themselves. If you're quite happy doing what you're doing already, keep doing it.    First off, when new members venture on he...
Latest of 5 replies by roddy at Today, 07:50 PM.

Your favorite version of 红烧肉?

贝恩睿 - Yesterday, 06:30 AM in Food

哥儿们好   So I'm going to cook 红烧肉 later this week and I'm searching for the best recipes out there, but there are way too many of them. Some are suggesting you boil the meat before doing anything else, some say braise it right away. Some uses 冰糖, some replace it with Sprite (yup, it's true). What version do you find most delicious?
Latest of 17 replies by abcdefg at Today, 08:21 PM.

Please help me translate this story to chinese

naijahusker - Yesterday, 02:31 AM in Reading and Writing Skills

Hello all, I found this story online that was written to contain all the following English tenses   simple present present progressive simple past past progressive present perfect present perfect progressive past perfect past perfect progressive future aspect future progressive future perfect future perfect progressive   I thought it would be neat to have a chinese version to see how chinese deals with these tenses in one simple story. I am at a low intermediate level and not confident enough to transl...
Latest of 3 replies by Demonic_Duck at Yesterday, 09:20 PM.