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New User Posts

WHAT happened to nciku --- crazy

Tomas Tomas - Today, 06:51 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

Tomas Tomas avatar Looks like they've been incorporated into Naver.   The site is AWFUL now... lost lots of features.   http://linedictionar...html#/cnen/home   it's called Line Dictionary now
Latest of 4 replies by Tomas Tomas at 3 minutes ago.

How do I Improve Oral Comprhension?

Rai - Yesterday, 11:08 PM in Speaking and Listening Skills

大家好!I've been studying Mando a little over six years. Current doing a year of study abroad in Taiwan at 政大. My oral skills have always been my weakest point and as result I decided to spend this year in Taiwan to be surrounded by the language, and to improve my pronunciation and oral comprehension. Speaking and comprehending what my friends tell me is not the problem. I conversational enough to articulate my thoughts completely but sometimes I have to beat around the bush frequently because I would lack sufficen...
Latest of 0 replies by Rai at Yesterday, 11:08 PM.

'China bans wordplay' -- newspaper

realmayo - Yesterday, 11:01 PM in Society

I just read an article that might be interesting for some people: China wants adverts and other media to stop playing around with altered-idioms. http://www.theguardi...s-wordplay-puns   It has banned wordplay on the grounds that it breaches the law on standard spoken and written Chinese, makes promoting cultural heritage harder and may mislead the public – especially children. The casual alteration of idioms risks nothing less than “cultural and linguistic chaos”, it warns.   “It could just be a smal...
Latest of 5 replies by roddy at 32 minutes ago.

How to season my wok (铁锅)?

Angelina - Yesterday, 09:22 PM in Food

Angelina avatar I have a cast-iron wok and I am not sure how to take care of it.    I have been using it for a few weeks (not every day) and it still smells like metal. I am wiping it dry after washing it because I have been told that it will rust if there is some water left. What else should I do?   Is it safe to use it? The Internet says it is actually safer than Teflon because iron can hold high temperatures better. When will it lose the smell though?    Is peanut oil healthy? What is your favourite...
Latest of 6 replies by Shelley at Today, 04:14 AM.

Hanzi Grids in Anki

HerrPetersen - Nov 27 2014 05:53 PM in Reading and Writing Skills

HerrPetersen avatar Hi there - here is just  a little result from playing around: As many of you probably do I review Hanzi using ankidroid on my mobile phone. I also use the blackboard feature. What always bothered me was the lack of a "Hanzi"-box so it was hard to properly position and scale the hanzi. So I copy-pasted some code from the internet and ended up with the following:      This is an image from the desktop version (front + back-side of the card), which translates nicely to the ankidroid version....
Latest of 0 replies by HerrPetersen at Nov 27 2014 05:53 PM.

Moving Family to China

Guangxi Shane - Nov 27 2014 05:26 AM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Guangxi Shane avatar Hi Everyone,   My wife, 6 year old daughter and I are planning to move to China sometime in the next couple of years, and we're looking for advice on where to live, cost of living, visa strategies, options for our daughter's and our own education while in China, etc...   Our goals are to spend a year somewhere in China, possibly longer, studying Chinese language and learning about Chinese culture. We're all complete beginners at Chinese. We've purchased a textbook and ordered Pimsleur tapes from our li...
Latest of 21 replies by Meng Lelan at Today, 06:17 AM.

"Kerouac" for middle-age-wealthy in China

40Smiles - Nov 27 2014 03:06 AM in Society

In Japan, there are people that like big motorcycles, retro style, and independence... grown up. Maybe its the bosozuku (wild tribe) affect meets middle age... not sure. In the US there is the same thing... when you were a kid you bought a motorcyle for $200 that had been rescued from the salvage yard and repaired by a friend, you rode it around a bit before... you got married, had kids, and never actually took a summer off to see the world. So now you are 45 and spend a small fortune on a Harley and try to act...
Latest of 3 replies by Simon_CH at Yesterday, 01:40 PM.

Plural form of 您

Johnny20270 - Nov 26 2014 02:24 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

I know plural form of 您 would be used like 您几位...   But we can pluralize 你, 他,我 as 你们,他们,我们, ... etc   so why not 您们?Any historic or grammatical reason for this?
Latest of 11 replies by Angelina at Yesterday, 08:54 PM.

PLEASE HELP! I need an E-giftcard that can be used in China ASAP

ablindwatchmaker - Nov 26 2014 06:11 AM in Beijing

ablindwatchmaker avatar I am trying to find some kind of electronic gift card (for a girl) that can be used in China. It must be digital because her birthday is coming up too quickly and I need to be able to email it.   I would greatly appreciate anyone who can bail me out of this problem!
Latest of 2 replies by ablindwatchmaker at Nov 26 2014 09:23 PM.

就 vs 才 when used with time

Lafayette - Nov 26 2014 12:37 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

I know this must be a very commonly asked question, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how the meaning of a sentence changes based on whether 就 or 才 is placed before or after the time.   Could someone tell me if my understanding of the following uses of 才 and 就 are correct?   我九点才起床。 - It was already 9 when I woke up. 我起床的时候才九点。 - When I woke up, it was only 9.   我九点就起床了。- It was only 9 when I woke up. 我起床的时候就九点了。- When I woke up, it was already 9.   多谢!
Latest of 4 replies by Altair at Nov 27 2014 03:39 AM.