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is Tionghoa only refer to Chinese Indonesian?

tionghoa - Today, 01:31 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

tionghoa avatar hi...  i am Andre. newbie in this forum from indonesia sorry, my english is very poor ethnically , my mother is a jawa and my father is a tionghoa   i want to ask to a tionghoa (chinese indonesian) but if you are not tionghoa, you can give opinion in my questions   chinese indonesian commonly known as Tionghoa. tionghoa means chinese but, do you think Tionghoa only refer to Chinese Indonesian? and do you think, if they are non-Chinese Indonesian, they are not Tionghoa? 
Latest of 1 replies by 陳德聰 at Today, 02:10 AM.

呼 的 一声

Emily22 - Yesterday, 06:29 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

Hello everyone   I came across a sentence that goes like: 那些 有 你 在 身边 的 影片 呼 的 一声 飞 的 老远 老远   I understand that the general meaning of the sentence is: those images of you beside me have flown far, far away. But what is 呼 的 一声? Could someone put it in a different context? Thank you!
Latest of 2 replies by JayXZ at Yesterday, 08:20 PM.

iOS 8: third-party Mandarin pinyin keyboards?

etm001 - Yesterday, 06:23 PM in Chinese Computing and Electronics

Hi all,   iOS 8 has only been available for two days now, but I'm already eagerly awaiting new third-party Mandarin/pinyin keyboards - I never thought the stock Mandarin/pinyin keyboard was particularly great.   If you come across a new and/or particularly good Mandarin/pinyin keyboard, please post a reply to this thread so that everyone else will be aware.   P.S. At the moment, SwiftKey is the most popular third-party keyboard in the App Store, but it doesn't support Mandarin input (and hasn't fo...
Latest of 9 replies by etm001 at Today, 02:06 AM.

QQSRX #13 Who wants to see their spouse every day 锵锵三人行

realmayo - Yesterday, 12:53 PM in Chinese Television

Episode #13 Date 2014 年08月06日 Title 英国夫妇68年天天相见 An English couple saw each other every day for 68 years.   Link to transcript: http://phtv.ifeng.co...7917243_0.shtml Link to video: http://v.ifeng.com/n...4c38fed8e.shtml Youtube link: https://www.youtube....EF-qrZcDoauGU8w   Host: 窦文涛 Guests: 许子东 and 竹幼婷   Summary An English couple from Manchester were married for 68 years and never spent a day apart. You can’t say that people who have affairs are bad people. The Daily Mail is a trustworthy news so...
Latest of 3 replies by realmayo at Yesterday, 01:08 PM.


meatie - Yesterday, 12:17 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

"上班" definitely could be "go to work".   But can  "上班" also have a second meaning of  "being at work"?
Latest of 1 replies by aone at Yesterday, 01:05 PM.

How to use Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar

Shi Guangli - Yesterday, 07:51 AM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Shi Guangli avatar 你好!   I've been using New Practical Chinese Reader as a textbook (workbooks, audio and all). I also got my hands on Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar, but I'm not sure how it is supposed to be used. I understand it is divided in two parts, one focusing on more concise aspects of grammar, the other one concerning more everyday and practical usage of Chinese. Vocabulary is also only provided through literal translations of phrases and expressions, no information on individual characters. It comes with a wo...
Latest of 2 replies by Shi Guangli at Yesterday, 11:24 PM.

New Cantonese Textbook!

ParkeNYU - Yesterday, 03:38 AM in Non-Mandarin Chinese

ParkeNYU avatar Hello everyone. In an effort to learn the language, I am adopting the rather unorthodox approach of writing my own textbook rather than merely reading one. It is called "粵語入門:An Introduction to Cantonese" (if you can think of a better title, please share your suggestions). I have several aims for this project, besides just helping myself learn Cantonese.1) Teaching Written Cantonese: Many Cantonese textbooks dangerously claim that writing isn't important for learning the language. A language without a strong sta...
Latest of 6 replies by ParkeNYU at Today, 01:38 AM.

Path to Classical Chinese? (sorry if it's long, jump to tl;dr)

Shi Guangli - Yesterday, 01:32 AM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Shi Guangli avatar First of all, hello to all the member of this community. Before I joined in, I read many posts concerning chinese and often found good answers and perspectives   I would like to ask your opinion and experiences regarding eventually studying older forms of chinese. I just started studying modern mandarin, but I've been keen on chinese culture for many ears now. My problem is that I am as excited with the perspective of eventually being able of reading works by authors like Lu Xun without slumpy translations...
Latest of 6 replies by Michaelyus at Today, 12:24 AM.

Release letter

keitha - Sep 18 2014 10:46 PM in Visa Issues

keitha avatar Do I need a release letter after my working permit is expired? Or is it only required when you change employer or leave before the contract is finished?  The reason why I ask this is because two former teachers at our training school have issues with getting the release letter (they both finished their contracts). 
Latest of 1 replies by Matty at Yesterday, 09:54 AM.

How do senior high students apply for a bachelor's problem?

huibin - Sep 18 2014 08:24 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Hi Guys,   My girlfriend is currently a senior high student and she will graduate in April 2015. She is going to apply to do a bachelor's degree in China with government scholarship-EU, however, the application period is from January to April during which she will not get her diploma and complete transcript----because she will still on her last semester during scholarship application period. So I'd like to ask how senior highschool students deal with their dimploma and transcript if they...
Latest of 1 replies by aone at Yesterday, 05:43 PM.