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Fishball revolution 魚蛋革命 aka Mongkok riot 旺角暴亂

skylee - Yesterday, 03:52 PM in Society

skylee avatar The fishball revolution marked the start of the year of the monkey in Hong Kong. Background - Hong Kong Protesters Clash With Police In 'Fishball Revolution' - http://www.forbes.co...n/#6ef01f03662c Government condemns Mong Kok riot - http://news.rthk.hk/...TabChangeable=0 魚蛋革命 - https://zh.m.wikiped...a.org/wiki/魚蛋革命 First we had the big protests against national education in 2012, then it was Occupy Central in 2014. And the political reform (universal suffrage for the Chief Executive election but with pre-scr...
Latest of 4 replies by skylee at Yesterday, 10:41 PM.

"Visiting Student" at a Chinese University (taking classes in Chinese alongside Chinese students)

112233 - Yesterday, 01:13 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Hi everyone, I'm thinking about enrolling for a semester and/or potentially a summer school (if this is possible) at a University in Beijing taking classes at the post-grad/undergrad level in Chinese alongside other Chinese students. I would be looking at taking classes in economics, science (ideally in the natural resources space) and potentially politics / philosophy. This seems like a fantastic way to take my Chinese up to a more advanced level and also build a deeper understanding of China. From what I under...
Latest of 2 replies by 112233 at Yesterday, 08:26 PM.

Can i get some help on this sentence?

FriendlyTerry - Yesterday, 02:46 AM in Reading and Writing Skills

Hi guys,   I have my aural exam tomorrow and i was wondering if this sentence makes any sense?   Wo jue de gan lan qiu yun dong fei chang ku, dan shi wo de baba bu xi huan le. Lìng rén chī jīng de wo mama fei chang xi huan gan lan qiu yun dong.   Many thanks,   Terry
Latest of 3 replies by roddy at Yesterday, 05:03 PM.

Are there any Chinese movies with good acting?

sangajtam - Feb 08 2016 06:18 PM in Chinese Movies

Why Chinese movies are so bad. Acting is terrible. I cant stand it. Only good movies i watched with interesting plot and not bad acting are:     http://www.imdb.com/...0/?ref_=nv_sr_1 - black coal thin ice http://www.imdb.com/...ref_=fn_al_tt_1 -touch of sin http://www.imdb.com/...ref_=fn_al_tt_1 - life without principles   Those 3 movies where better than most USA films i ever seen.   Are there any more (especially mandarin, not horrors, and not too old, newer than lets say 2008)?
Latest of 7 replies by Yorin at Today, 12:14 AM.

Happy Year of the Monkey 猴年快樂

dwq - Feb 08 2016 10:00 AM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

今年是丙申猴年。恭祝各位新年快樂、學業進步!   This year is the Year of the Monkey. (丙申年 in the Chinese calendar, 申 making this the year of the Monkey 猴). Happy New Year everyone! May you make much progress in your studies!  
Latest of 2 replies by roddy at Yesterday, 12:21 AM.

HSK needed for basic listening/watching?

HHov - Feb 08 2016 06:55 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

Recently, I have started studying Chinese and so far I'm really enjoying it! O have been listening to some easy and catchy mandarin songs, which I did understand after a while. However, the fun would be even greater when I'm able to watch, or listen to, simple audio or video. I'm wondering what level (HSK?) I would need to do so. Also, does anyone have any suggestions for watching material that is very easy? Thanks in advance!!
Latest of 0 replies by HHov at Feb 08 2016 06:55 AM.

Peking University Undergraduate

majid01 - Feb 08 2016 12:35 AM in Beijing

Hello everyone!   I got accepted for the CSC scholarship, but have yet to select my university. I will apply for Peking University. I'm here to ask for your advice. I'm currently 21 years old (almost 22), and would like to have an undergraduate degree in international finance or management from Peking University. In my home university, I have already completed 2 years out of 4. My mandarin is quite limited and I understand that I will need to take a years worth of mandarin class to be brought up to speed. D...
Latest of 0 replies by majid01 at Feb 08 2016 12:35 AM.


Gharial - Feb 07 2016 01:37 AM in Chinese Pronunciation, Pinyin, and Audio Samples

Gharial avatar While browsing Pleco (as you do) I noticed that Arkansas has two CC-CEDICT entries, 阿肯色 and 阿肯色州, both glossed as 'Arkansas, US state', and with the latter's Pinyin given as all one word: Akensezhou (please excuse the lack of tone marks).   My inclination would be to leave out the 州, at least in informal speech, but it did get me wondering how the "full" version should be written in Pinyin (or indeed in English LOL).   Should it by analogy follow the rules given for Chinese place names (e.g. Beijing Sh...
Latest of 14 replies by Gharial at Yesterday, 01:40 PM.

Which characters should be used for comparing fonts?

wibr - Feb 06 2016 10:04 PM in Chinese Characters

wibr avatar Most characters look very similar in different fonts while a few apparently leave more room for the designers. Recently, we had the topic about 起 (open or closed 己), but there is also 真 (edit: 直) which can have another stroke at the bottom or the 道 with an extra dot at the left side. Then there are different styles e.g. for Taiwan and Mainland China. The number of characters included in the font is also relevant.   So my question is: which characters 1) look very different in some fonts (so that a beginner...
Latest of 9 replies by Hofmann at Yesterday, 06:35 PM.

Fuller's ILC Chapters 9 (說苑) and 10 (新序)

somethingfunny - Feb 06 2016 09:46 PM in Classical Chinese

somethingfunny avatar Hello and welcome to the first of (hopefully) eight threads covering the "intermediate texts" in section two of Michael Fuller's "An Introduction to Literary Chinese".  This is, in some ways, an extension of the threads covering Rouzer's NPPLC and the level here will start much higher than it did at the start of those.  Of course, don't feel you need to have read NPPLC, or have Fuller's book - all contributions are very welcome.     I am going to post two chapters per thread, which might...
Latest of 2 replies by somethingfunny at Feb 08 2016 01:49 PM.