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New User Posts

T and C

AlexBlackman - Today, 06:09 PM in Chinese Pronunciation, Pinyin, and Audio Samples

AlexBlackman avatar I can easily hear the difference between C and T, but my tutor says I'm pronouncing them the same.   What exactly is the difference? I know C has the tip of the tongue on the lower teeth, and T the upper teeth. Both are aspirated, but C seems to be a lot stronger. Both are unvoiced.
Latest of 0 replies by AlexBlackman at Today, 06:09 PM.

A couple of recentish thoughts on SRS:

realmayo - Today, 08:21 AM in General Study Advice and Discussion

A couple of recentish thoughts on SRS: 1. Testing almost everything as Q: pinyin (Question shows pinyin) is more important than I'd thought. Yes, assuming you care about reading, you've got to do Q: Hanzis too. But the problem with showing hanzis is at least one of them will give a massive hint about what the word means. Okay, so Q: pinyin won’t work for single-characters. But for multi-character words I think it’s necessary. Sometimes (but not very often actually) you get fully homophonic words but a programme...
Latest of 13 replies by imron at 9 minutes ago.

Does anyone know of any language-exchange services for schools?

philipbeckwith - Today, 07:04 AM in Chinese Computing and Electronics

Hello!   I teach Chinese at a high school in America. I would like to to use blogs, chat rooms, pen pals, etc. to do a language exchange with another school in China. However, I haven't found any such service through my google searches. I obviously have to have some sort of forum where I can control the observers and participants so I don't have unwanted strangers talking to my students. Have any of you seen or participated in such a service and can give me a lead?   Thanks!   Phil
Latest of 0 replies by philipbeckwith at Today, 07:04 AM.

So about those pollution domes....

oogz91 - Today, 03:55 AM in Beijing

oogz91 avatar Quick question,   I'm moving to Beijing in the fall. I lived in Nanjing during its worst pollution year on record, so i know what to expect, however I've heard about these pollution domes at schools like the intl school of Beijing. I was curious if anyone knows whether one of these exists for the general, paying public? I love running and not being able to in China is a real drag. I'd pay a good amount to have monthly access to these things.    Thanks
Latest of 3 replies by Johnny20270 at Today, 08:12 PM.

Looking for books about the Chinese Lion Dance

Ichini - Yesterday, 08:10 AM in Art and Literature

Hello everyone! As the title says, I'm looking for books (but also chapters from other books, encyclopedias etc) about the chinese lion dance. I've already looked in my university's library but was only able to find Wang Kefen's "The History of Chinese Dance". My ideal book would be "Chinese Lion Dance Explained" by William C. Hu but it's nearly impossible to find and the few copies I've come across cost a fortune! If you have any suggestions I'd be eternally grateful!
Latest of 2 replies by Shelley at Today, 01:37 AM.

Looking for articles on Chinese culture in Chinese language

philipbeckwith - Yesterday, 02:38 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

Hello!   For a Chinese class I am teaching, I am looking for articles on Chinese culture in Chinese language. Because my students will have to research on their own, my ideal is a website where all the culture articles are grouped together and the material is simpler than adult Chinese, i.e. written for young Chinese Children or learners of Chinese language. However, I realize that I might be dreaming. Other formats with other articles not just about Chinese culture that are at higher levels could be useful...
Latest of 7 replies by xiaokaka at Today, 05:35 PM.

X1 visa length

mcytrynbaum - Yesterday, 02:31 AM in Visa Issues

Does anyone know how long the embassy gives you after your course ends to stay in China on an X1 visa?   Applying for the visa right now, but trying to book travel in the meantime.   Do they usually give you a couple months of extra time, or do they terminate the visa right after your course?   I would appreciate details from anyone who has gone through this before - thanks.
Latest of 2 replies by Johnny20270 at Yesterday, 10:30 PM.

Rates for translating written Chinese?

vellocet - Jul 29 2015 10:49 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

vellocet avatar Tonight I was asked by an acquaintance of mine to translate emails for her from Chinese to English.  She has already gotten me to do some stuff on Wechat for her for free, and it's all foreign trade stuff: please send price list, I like this kind of milk powder, send photos, etc.  She asked me to translate for her and said I could name my price.  I have no idea what to tell her.  She's pretty well off, enough to travel to America to have her baby.  She loves the job I've done so far, she...
Latest of 16 replies by Yorin at Yesterday, 08:09 PM.

**Urgent** Short-term Accommodation Needed in Shanghai

Samada - Jul 29 2015 10:46 PM in Shanghai

Hi,   I recently arrived in Shanghai and will start work next month. I am currently staying in a hostel but need a place to stay for two weeks. If I could possibly stay with someone (female), I would be able to provide some rent from English tutoring until my full time position starts.    It's quite urgent so If you can help, please PM me as soon as possible.   Thanks.
Latest of 2 replies by James3 at Yesterday, 07:59 AM.

A lost jw201 and admission package?

英泰inte - Jul 29 2015 08:05 PM in Visa Issues

英泰inte avatar Nihao chinese forum people! You are all so smart and i could use your advise!   Right now i am in a summer program in Seoul and am livingn in a homestay. So while i was here, on 7 July, NanDa asked me for my new address to mail the jw201 to. I emailed her the address, and she replied fast to say the forms were just mailed and should be here in 10 days. Now it is 29 July, but the mailbox on floor one is still empty.   I think there is two possible reasons...1) China mail service is slow or 2) I for...
Latest of 2 replies by 英泰inte at Yesterday, 11:08 PM.