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Online Mandarin Master's Degree

arialblack14 - Today, 04:09 AM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Hello, all. Are there any online masters degree in mandarin done by Chinese Universities (or Taiwanese)? I do not really mind the field of studies (if such masters do exist). If this post is in a wrong category, please move it to the right one.
Latest of 0 replies by arialblack14 at Today, 04:09 AM.

What are the best open-sourced English -> Chinese Dictionary?

bhok1386 - Today, 03:32 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

The idea may sound a bit strange, but I think I would like to look up some English words in Chinese and see how they are defined or described. Open-source dictionary is what I am looking for exactly, if any.
Latest of 0 replies by bhok1386 at Today, 03:32 AM.

I don't mind/ I don't care

ralphmat - Today, 12:41 AM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

Hey, So I was wondering how to say "I don't mind/ I don't care" in Chinese? In English these sentences have different meanings and was wondering if there are equivalents in Chinese?   Many thanks 谢谢!
Latest of 4 replies by CeceLiu at Today, 10:25 AM.


rtf - Yesterday, 09:34 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

rtf avatar 各位好:   It`s obvious that in 学校放假了 'the school dismissed the students',学校 is the subject and 放假了 is the predicate,because 放 has a meaning 'dismiss','send',' release'.   But what about 学生放假了? I`ve been told that  放 means 'go' or 'have',the whole sentence   being interpreted as 'the students have gone on holiday',but I didn`t find anything even close   to 'go' or 'have' in the dictionaries.What would  the literal meaning of 放 be here,...
Latest of 11 replies by rtf at Today, 01:10 PM.

Anyone wants a part time job for one day?

Ayumichris - Yesterday, 12:46 PM in Beijing

Hi, guys,   this is Chris from an electronics company in Beijing. I am Chinese... And I am looking for two foreign boys and girls to help us take some photos and videos for our new released product. It would take just one day or two at most. And the pay would be good. If you are interested, please just follow this information or contact my wechat "chris162292". Thanks.   Chris
Latest of 2 replies by Ayumichris at Today, 10:21 AM.

Chinese study group Shanghai?

Joshmakesnoise - Yesterday, 09:21 AM in Shanghai

Anyone out there or any groups out there for studying chinese?   I currently self teach myself chinese so just looking for like minded people to study with and just chat to. I have a bunch of chinese friends just lack of people studying the language that I could study with.   If anyones got a group already or wants to make one.   add my wechat 微信 - joshuahowe123   Cheers.
Latest of 1 replies by DachZanz at Yesterday, 09:26 AM.

very polite expressions

Raoul_85 - Yesterday, 07:08 AM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

大家好!     I was wondering what really polite (and perhaps old fashioned) expressions 客气话  were in Mandarin (Northern dialects), used in very formal situations? Perhaps the people on this forum can help me make a list?     I thank everybody so much in advance,  你们辛苦了!     The reason behind my question is that we are hoping to visit China (around Hebei) in a couple of months, and we are expecting to also visit some elderly people who are highly respected in martial arts circl...
Latest of 16 replies by somethingfunny at Today, 12:40 PM.

Textbooks for reading

phipongkhang - Yesterday, 12:44 AM in Textbooks for learning Chinese

Hello everyone!   Would you be so kind as to recommend me textbooks which put emphasis predominantly on reading texts and detailed grammar explanations.   You see, I'm not interested in dialogues, in training of speaking skills, learning of vernacular language, etc. I just want to read books on my subjects (religion studies, anthropology, etc.) in Chinese, not to talk about my grandparents.   p.s.: I have been studying Thai language for 3 years, so I will not have so many problems with phonetics (...
Latest of 3 replies by phipongkhang at Today, 02:39 AM.

Chinese/English language exchange meetup in Sydney

studychinese - Oct 07 2015 07:59 PM in Studying Chinese outside of China

studychinese avatar Is anyone interested in attending a meetup in Sydney?    http://www.meetup.co...ents/225818300/
Latest of 0 replies by studychinese at Oct 07 2015 07:59 PM.

Books or blogs about today's society

bailing - Oct 07 2015 05:30 PM in Society

Hi! Does anybody know any books or even blogs (in Chinese or in English) about Chinese society? I am particularly interested in books and blogs giving insights about today's Chinese, their current beliefs, values, etc. thank you! 
Latest of 0 replies by bailing at Oct 07 2015 05:30 PM.