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What's the deal with 骑士? Why am I suddenly seeing it everywhere?

vellocet - Yesterday, 10:39 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

vellocet avatar I first saw it on Baidu Waimai, where they call the delivery drivers 骑士.  Since then, I've seen people using it in Wechat Moments, as well as in other advertising that, to my comprehension, did not involve delivery.  Is it everywhere nowadays, or is it just me?     When I look it up, Pleco says it means knight.  I thought China didn't have knights in shining armor and the whole concept was unfamiliar?  Most of the online references are to the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA team....
Latest of 1 replies by 陳德聰 at 8 minutes ago.

HSK Levels 1-6 MOOC courses to be offered free online by Peking University via Corsera

Tianjin42 - Sep 23 2016 08:19 PM in The HSK Exam, and others

Tianjin42 avatar Peking University will offer HSK courses for free on Corsera starting with level 1 (starting October) and working through to level 6 in sequence.    I didn't see this on the forum (Possible that I missed it) but for anyone who wants to get involved I'm sure it will be beneficial. There are a lot of debates on the efficacy of MOOCs but I think a few videos and tips by Yu Bin should be fairly useful if you are considering taking HSK at some point.    The WeChat message can be found here.  ...
Latest of 6 replies by Tianjin42 at Yesterday, 05:03 PM.

Applied for 30 day tourist visa, received 60 day tourist visa

LinZhenPu - Sep 23 2016 04:05 PM in Visa Issues

LinZhenPu avatar Hi all,   I received my passport in the mail from the Chinese Visa Application Service Centre in Sydney the other day.   I had applied for a single-entry 30 day tourist visa, but the visa I have been granted is a single-entry 60 day tourist visa.   I am not aware of any recent agreement that Australian passport holders are now eligible for a 60 day tourist visa for China.   I am very glad, but should I be worried? Could this have been due to an administrative error? Were the embassy staff jus...
Latest of 3 replies by vellocet at Yesterday, 11:15 AM.

Your opinion on these possible Chinese names

Pegasus - Sep 23 2016 11:34 AM in Society

Hello fellow Chinese-Forums members,    I was wondering if I could ask the opinion of some native (or advanced) Chinese speakers here on Chinese-Forums regarding some Chinese names.   My wife and I are expecting a baby. I have a list of names to choose from and I was wondering if I could get your opinion on what sounds best. I am interested in a name that is suitable for a baby boy, but isn't childish sounding because I presume that he would keep his Chinese name throughout his life, and I know th...
Latest of 13 replies by skylee at Today, 06:15 AM.

Pregnancy Due Date

Pegasus - Sep 23 2016 11:15 AM in Speaking and Listening Skills

Hello Everyone,    I was listening to some lessons related to pregnancy. From those lessons, I learned a couple of ways a woman can say she's pregnant, like 我有了 and 我懷孕了, for example. I also learned from an example sentence in the Pleco Chinese-English dictionary that you can say 懷孕五個月了 to mean "to be 5 months pregnant".    Now, what I'm wondering about is how people ask the due date in Chinese (and how you might answer if you were asked)? I'm also wondering if asking when the due date is, is...
Latest of 8 replies by Lu at Today, 01:12 AM.

New classicification of foreigners

xiaokaka - Sep 22 2016 03:45 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

xiaokaka avatar I just saw this in the Sinocism newsletter (http://sinocism.us5....3f&e=77d10e2bc7): Hoping to Work in China? If You’re a Class C Foreigner, It May Be Tough - The New York Times Starting Nov. 1, the government will begin sorting foreigners into three categories: A, B and C. It is part of a new nationwide work permit system that aims to build an innovation-driven economy by “encouraging the top, controlling the middle and limiting the bottom” of foreigners in China, the state news media reported. “It aims t...
Latest of 19 replies by Angelina at Today, 01:52 AM.

Looking for help with visa process

vaeal - Sep 21 2016 05:13 PM in Visa Issues

I am an American citizen living in Arizona and aspiring to teach in China as soon as I can (hopefully in the next 2 months). I am trying to avoid any further delays in the process so any help, insight, tips, or advise would be much appreciated. Sorry if this is a bit lengthier than average but I want to avoid misunderstandings! FWIW I am 30, white, native English speaker born in the USA.   I graduated with my Bachelors (Liberal Arts) a few days ago. I haven't received the diploma yet but I sh...
Latest of 2 replies by Baby Charlie at Sep 21 2016 08:31 PM.

Puzzles in setting up anki....

Flickserve - Sep 21 2016 03:16 PM in Chinese Computing and Electronics

I am trying out TysonD's method of using Anki but puzzling over a couple of  things on the setup.   I have imported a deck into Anki and a typical Note is shown (see "Anki-screenshot_00k.jpg"). It is based on the "Chinese (advanced)" template. When I use the deck to test myself, it will show the whole Chinese sentence. When I press "show answer", the rest of the information turns up (except the screenshot image).   Questions:   1) How do I change cards in the pack to Cloze deletion? And then...
Latest of 11 replies by Flickserve at Yesterday, 05:40 PM.

Yunnan cross bridge rice noodles 过桥米线

abcdefg - Sep 21 2016 02:26 PM in Food and Drink

abcdefg avatar I'm leaving in a few days for my annual return to Texas and am saying goodbye to my favorite Kunming people, places, and foods. It's a process I go through every year, but it never gets easier and is always accompanied by an odd sense of sadness and loss. Life is uncertain and my bones are old, so I never know for sure when I'll be back in this sweet spot again.   One of my favorite Yunnan meals is Cross-Bridge Rice Noodles, 过桥米线 and I've had it hundreds of times over the last 9 or 10 years. Had it again to...
Latest of 9 replies by abcdefg at Yesterday, 08:20 AM.

Anyone who wants to live near Renmin University or Beijing University?

Liliya123 - Sep 21 2016 01:38 PM in Beijing

Hello,   I am a recent graduate from University of Toronto and just came back from Canada. I rent an apartment at the west entrance of Renmin University and I'd like to have a roommate to share it with me. It's only three bus stops from Beijing University, a very clean and quiet place. If you're interested in living nearby, here is some information about it.    Size: two bedrooms (the smaller one is left), one bathroom, one dinning room, a small den, big kitchen with balcony.    Location...
Latest of 1 replies by Liliya123 at Sep 21 2016 05:17 PM.