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Pedroski - Today, 04:22 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

I had this sentence today, and at first I couldn't wrap my head around it.   收费相差较多的是异地跨行的汇款业务。   So I tried this:   收费相差较多的汇款业务是异地跨行的汇款业务。   Then I tried   异地跨行的汇款业务是收费相差较多的。   Inter-city inter-bank remittance service charge differences are relatively large.   Is that about right??
Latest of 1 replies by anonymoose at 58 minutes ago.

SRS data entry from textbooks/magazines/novels etc. - is there a quicker way?

bobbadeer - Today, 03:55 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Hey guys,   Not sure if this has yet to be addressed but figure it's worth asking. My study routine is pretty reliant on SRS. When I study textbooks I usually take sentences / small peices of text from the dialogues which include the new words for the chapter and put that in anki. Usually then turn these into MCDs etc. Finding this to be very effective (and more interesting than studying individual words) and lets you work through things at a pretty quick pace. The only issue is the data entry - very time c...
Latest of 0 replies by bobbadeer at Today, 03:55 PM.

Taking a flight, which movies should I watch?

traunk - Today, 12:33 PM in Chinese Movies

I'm heading to Asia this weekend and have a 16 hour flight with Cathay Pacific. Their current movie list is as follows.     救火英雄 白日焰火 Delete愛人 賭城風雲 金雞sss 每當變幻時 冰封俠:重生之門 車手 同桌的妳 鹿鼎記 暗戰 心動 西遊記之大鬧天宮 聽風者     I probably won't watch more than 2-4. I have already seen 暗戰...
Latest of 2 replies by Goshujinchama at Today, 05:45 PM.

Review of Contemporary Chinese (Revised Edition): Textbook 1 by Wu Zhongwei (吳中偉)

Hofmann - Today, 10:45 AM in Textbooks for learning Chinese

Hofmann avatar This is a review of Contemporary Chinese (Revised Edition): Textbook 1 by Wu Zhongwei (吳中偉), . I'm writing this as a participant in a giveaway.  tl;dr: Meant to be used with recordings and a classroom. Will get the job done, but does not exhibit the fact checking and polish of the best textbooks.     This is meant to be used with recordings, an exercise book, and an instructor’s book, which I don't have. This book is meant for complete beginners, and aims to bring them to a level where they can pa...
Latest of 0 replies by Hofmann at Today, 10:45 AM.

Looking for translation of this book 自述 切要 條文

DarrenJBaker - Today, 05:21 AM in Art and Literature

I am looking to for an English edition for 自述 切要 條文.  Several others if a source is found.   Any help appreciated.
Latest of 0 replies by DarrenJBaker at Today, 05:21 AM.

Once in Beijing, how can I travel to Harbin?

sujeto_1 - Yesterday, 10:05 AM in Beijing

sujeto_1 avatar Once I reach Beijing, once in the international Airport, where should I go following my arrival in Beijing. How can I travel to Harbin. Bus, Train, another fligth, how, where?
Latest of 19 replies by grawrt at Today, 05:43 PM.


Pedroski - Yesterday, 07:39 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

泰格。伍兹   ‘由于他的绯闻让他代言的体育用品销量下降,’ is this the same as ‘由于他的绯闻让他代言的体育用品的销量下降,’吗??   让 is a 'passivisor' here? Or is it 'make' Can it be both at the same time??   ‘由于他的绯闻让他代言的体育用品销量下降,   1 ’ his sex scandal caused(让) the sales volume of the sporting goods which he endorsed to go down,'   2 'due to his sex scandal the sales volume of sporting goods endorsed by (让) him went down,   3 ???
Latest of 7 replies by imron at Today, 10:25 AM.

問我anything with Shelley

yst - Aug 26 2014 03:56 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

yst avatar Inspired by "Ask Me Anything" at Reddit and Tumblr, we are starting a series of topics called 問我anything. Each topic will feature a member of our chinese-forums community. This is a chance to get to know each other and chit-chat a bit. I'll start the topic with a few questions for the participant. Please let him or her reply to the first post before posting more questions. Questions do not have to be related to Chinese or China. The participant also reserves the right to skip questions s/he does not want to answ...
Latest of 5 replies by yueni at Today, 11:27 AM.

Trying to decypher the Cultural Revolution

PeterP - Aug 26 2014 03:27 PM in Chinese History

PeterP avatar I was one of the first Western students allowed to study in China towards the end of the Cultural Revolution period. In entered China on September 13 1975 to study for a year at the Beijing Language Institute (now Beijing Language & Culture University).   I turned out to be the final year of the Cultural Revolution period. It was quite an eventful year. Apart from absorbing all those impressions of living, walking, cycling through the Beijing of the mid 1970s, we set on the first row to witness the genu...
Latest of 5 replies by Lu at Yesterday, 12:07 AM.

Learning Chinese Hanzi via Japanese Kanji?

danar - Aug 26 2014 02:24 PM in Chinese Characters

Has anybody tried to learn Chinese Hanzi via learning Japanese Kanji? Would that method work?   I'm trying to learn how to read Traditional Chinese, but my biggest stumbling block is trying to remember all the different Chinese characters.   I'm a visual learner, but those characters just look like a jumbled mishmash of strokes to me. To help visual learners, I know some books show the evolution of the Chinese character from its original oracle born form to it current form with all the evolutionary ste...
Latest of 1 replies by Shelley at Yesterday, 09:24 PM.