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Mango Languages

gabbklein - Today, 03:47 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

gabbklein avatar My friend just shared that she's using a free Mango program at her local library. The city next to mine has it; I'm thinking of trying it out. Has anyone else tried it?   http://www.mangolang...s/how-it-works/  
Latest of 0 replies by gabbklein at Today, 03:47 AM.

Looking for 1-to-1 Chinese Teacher in Shijiazhuang

JustAnotherGuy - Yesterday, 08:51 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Hello to all,   This summer i will be in Shijiazhuang for a month, specifically in August. I would like to attend a learning Chinese Language program. I figured out that the best method is to do 1-to-1 learning program.   Do you know any teachers or schools in Shijiazhuang that offer this program?   From what i have study I found: Konall http://www.ambergh.c...se/shijiazhuang But i would like to find more options. Do you know any?   Thanks.
Latest of 0 replies by JustAnotherGuy at Yesterday, 08:51 PM.

Renewing my passport while in China

shuoshuo - Yesterday, 08:39 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

shuoshuo avatar My embassy and consulate won't renew my passport so I have to send my passport back home while I am still in China. It will probably take a few weeks until I get it back. Would I need a certain document while I'm in China without my passport, to prove that my passport is being renewed?
Latest of 6 replies by abcdefg at 25 minutes ago.

What is the best way to explain the grammar of 吗 ?

mirgcire - Yesterday, 10:16 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

I have never been comfortable using the phrase "Yes-no question"  to describe sentences that end with 吗 and I wonder if anyone else shares this opinion.  The main reason is that yes-no questions are seldom answered with anything as simple as "yes" or "no".     I teach some beginning mandarin classes, and recently discovered another way to describe this grammar pattern that seems to be more clear.  How about "confirmation question"?  The structure of the 吗 question is always a s...
Latest of 9 replies by Demonic_Duck at Today, 03:21 AM.

Lingly - The only native Mandarin podcast website you need

linglyofficial - Yesterday, 03:16 AM in Speaking and Listening Skills

Hi,大家好(da jia hao):      Welcome to Lingly listen. We are a group of native Mandarin speakers who are currently making free podcasts for Mandarin enthusiast. Feel free to leave comments below or on our website @ http://ling.ly/listen/        We've divided the podcasts into different interests and difficulty levels.  Level 1 is the easiest suited for people who have zero knowledge of Mandarin. Well, level 5 is the hardest which require you have sufficie...
Latest of 9 replies by wushucrab20 at Today, 05:59 AM.

London meetup (late April/early May)

Yang Chuanzhang - Apr 20 2015 08:37 PM in Studying Chinese outside of China

Yang Chuanzhang avatar Would anyone be up for that? Roddy, any plans to come down to the capital anytime soon? Geraldc, realmayo, are you in town? Anyone else?
Latest of 9 replies by Yang Chuanzhang at Today, 05:08 AM.

Is this sentence correct?

Lou - Apr 20 2015 05:21 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Hey guys! I just listened to some podcasts from ChinesePod and heard the following sentence: 说还可以,写很难。 說還可以,寫很難。 They translated it with "Speaking is fine, but writing is difficult." Okay, I see how they got this translation, no problem. But, I recently learned that if you want an adjective to describe a verb, you need to use a 得 to link the verb and the adjective. So, shouldn't the sentence be: 说得还可以,写得很难. 說得還可以,寫得很難。 Or am I mixing things up? Under which circumstances should you actually use the 得, if it seem...
Latest of 8 replies by Vildhjerp at Today, 03:54 AM.

When should I apply for my visa?

LiMo - Apr 20 2015 01:08 AM in Visa Issues

Hi,    I'm going to Beijing International Chinese College this summer. I'd like to do some travelling after the course but I'm unsure when to apply for my visa. I've never had to deal with something like this before. I've read that the visa is "valid from the date it is issued" and that it is best not to apply too early as it could run out before I get there and then I will be refused entry. Now, the school wants us to confirm our flights and arrangements by the 20th May. As I have yet to decide where...
Latest of 11 replies by Johnny20270 at 13 minutes ago.

BICC Summer School and travel 2015

LiMo - Apr 19 2015 09:23 PM in Beijing

Hi, guys,   I've recently been accepted on to the Beijing International Chinese College Summer School. Many thanks to Tianjin42 for the heads up on these forums, that's how I found out about it.   This will be my first trip to China and my first trip beyond the UK as a lone traveller. I'm extremely excited but also quite nervous. I just wanted to post and see if anyone else got accepted too, or if there is anyone in Beijing that could show me the ropes (or just point me in the direction of a good bar...
Latest of 2 replies by abcdefg at Apr 20 2015 08:05 AM.


Pedroski - Apr 19 2015 08:21 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Pedroski avatar The sentence before he said: 一般企业更多雇用的是员工的双手和双脚,而不是员工最有价值和创造力的部位--大脑。 I have this sentence: 面对这一业界难题,我们公司看到的不是两难,而是有机结合。   How should I interpret '有机结合‘?   有机 can mean 有机会  have a lucky chance ‘他有机可乘了。‘, but I don't think that is the meaning here, no '可乘‘.   Can you think of some other words to replace it without changing the meaning?   I think the logic goes like this: nowadays, people don't want chemicals in their food. 有机牛奶,有机蔬菜, 有机肉, 等等。These are considered 'good'. By association, 有...
Latest of 6 replies by Tiana at Apr 20 2015 06:15 PM.