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New User Posts

戏院 vs 剧场

Edita - Today, 02:01 AM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

Edita avatar 戏院 and 剧场 both mean theater. I'd like to know wthat's the difference between them. It looks like one word - 戏剧 - separated in two.
Latest of 0 replies by Edita at Today, 02:01 AM.

Any schools similar to the middlebury program?

cjake22 - Today, 12:41 AM in Studying Chinese outside of China

I live in the united states and I want to become fluent in chinese and I would like to become an interpretor and translator. I looked at the Middlebury and Falcon programs. Both look great, but are expensive. Are there any other intensive chinese language programs that are more affordable? Has any one completed the middlebury and falcon program. If you did what did you think of the program?  
Latest of 2 replies by Meng Lelan at 27 minutes ago.

What is this 'Chinese Dream Monument'?

SanneA - Yesterday, 06:54 PM in Chinese History

Hello, I'm making a presentation about the Chinese Dream, and I keep running into posters with this winged monument with a lion (?) on top. Especially when I search for images in Chinese (中国梦). Can anyone tell me what it is? What it means and/or where it's located? Googling for "Chinese Dream Monument" doesn't help at all... Thanks a lot! Example image: http://img04.tooopen...en_22184886.jpg
Latest of 3 replies by SanneA at Yesterday, 10:04 PM.

Use Mobile Data with China Telecom in my american cellphone (Samsung note 4)?

JorgeChau - Yesterday, 06:27 PM in Chinese Computing and Electronics

Hi, just bought a SIM card with China Telecom in Hangzhou and I can do and answer calls, but I don't  have internet. Theres something wrong with my cellphone or I missed something? What should I do?  
Latest of 6 replies by 889 at Yesterday, 10:41 PM.

攀 and 爬

anonymoose - Yesterday, 03:28 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

anonymoose avatar 攀 and 爬 are often both rendered as "climb" in English. However, according to this Baidu page, 攀 usually refers to vertical ascent, whereas 爬 refers to horizontal ascent. Of course, these are relative concepts, since an ascent cannot be completely horizontal, and is unlikely to be absolutely vertical either (but of course, is entirely possible on a cliff edge, for example).   However, comparing Baidu images for 攀山 and for 爬山 doesn't appear to reveal a clear-cut difference.   Besides that, 攀, apart from...
Latest of 1 replies by Kenny同志 at Yesterday, 06:06 PM.


abcdefg - Yesterday, 08:45 AM in Reading and Writing Skills

abcdefg avatar Anybody who spends much time on the Chinese internet been running into "duang1?" Interesting story: A newly minted word.   http://languagelog.l...du/nll/?p=17913   http://www.telegraph...e-internet.html  
Latest of 9 replies by abcdefg at Yesterday, 08:38 PM.

the meaning of 意见

Pedroski - Mar 03 2015 07:35 PM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Pedroski avatar Talking about 王嘉廉, I have:   他经常到客户部听取意见,并受到了很大的启发。电脑界最大的弊端是仅靠技术为驱动力,科技人员从不聆听客户的需求。如果有人愿意听取客户的意见,必定会有很大的发展机会。   I‘m pretty sure that '意见' is 'complaints' here, but I suppose it could just as easily be 'ideas' or 'suggestions'.   Is there any way to be sure?  
Latest of 7 replies by Pedroski at Yesterday, 04:40 PM.

convert L to F in China?

新墨西哥人 - Mar 03 2015 03:49 PM in Visa Issues

新墨西哥人 avatar We are about to go to China, and are waiting on our visas (last minute stress, fun fun). My husband was supposed to get an F visa as he will be a visiting scientist at Chinese Academy of Science in Shanghai. But because of the Chinese New Year, things got messed up - the consulate wanted some documents but his contacts in China were all on vacation until last Friday.   Now we are too short on time so we changed his application to be for a tourist visa. But he should have an F visa. I'm not sure he can be le...
Latest of 2 replies by 新墨西哥人 at Yesterday, 09:02 AM.


metlx - Mar 03 2015 04:21 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

"你忍心把我辛苦赚来的钱一次就吃光啊?Translation says this means "You have the heart to take my hard-earned money and swallow it up in one shot?"   I don‘t understand the function of 就  and positioning of 一次 in that sentence.. Can someone explain it to me? Would "你忍心把我辛苦赚来的钱一次吃光啊?" (without 就 ) be wrong?
Latest of 2 replies by Demonic_Duck at Mar 03 2015 03:23 PM.

Why "old mouse"?

heqi_liegou - Mar 02 2015 09:04 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

Why mice are called "old mouse"? (lao3shu3) ...And tigers too (lao3hu3)   Are mice respected in China?
Latest of 4 replies by tooironic at Yesterday, 07:46 AM.