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New User Posts

Watching Chinese TV

Nikola Hoskova - Today, 02:21 PM in Chinese Television

Nikola Hoskova avatar Hey guys,    I suppose that my problem has probably been mentioned here, but, anyway - could anyone recommend me any program to watch Chinese TV? I would like to watch Chinese news on daily basis, but the TV's website's 直播 does not seem to work very often.    Thanks in advance for any help.    
Latest of 3 replies by ceciliamiao at 6 minutes ago.

Does RTI Taiwan have transcripts?

stapler - Today, 02:09 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

stapler avatar I've been listening to this radio stations at work   http://www.rti.org.tw/   Occasionally I hear a news story that sounds very interesting (particularly the political discussions) but I can't catch what's going on. So I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any transcripts available.   Thanks if you can help!
Latest of 0 replies by stapler at Today, 02:09 PM.

Assess my HSKK(高级)

arreke - Today, 09:47 AM in The HSK Exam, and others

arreke avatar http://v.youku.com/v...IyMTM2MjAw.htmlIf there are Chinese students on this forum, could you please assess my Chinese speaking?For the current moment I'm trying to practice 回答问题 part of HSKK(高级)which requires 2.5 minutes of speaking, I've managed only 1.5 ))According to HSKK考试评分说明(自测用), following is the assessment criteria for 回答问题 :高:考生能就问题做出回答,内容丰富,表达流利,有少量停顿、重复、语法错误。 中:考生能就问题做出回答,但信息量较少,停顿、重复、语法错误较多。 低:考生答非所问,信息量少且不连贯。Could you please assess my speaking by those criterias and tell me what I should w...
Latest of 2 replies by Angelina at Today, 01:08 PM.

Question about Hotmail ban

Damian - Today, 09:03 AM in Chengdu

hi all i recently found out bout hotmail being banned in china ( i know its been banned for a good while) what im asking is i have a friend in chengdu who i contact frequently time to time but since last july its gone quiet althought maybe shes still not feeling well since she said she was feeling depressed but getting better i was just curious would it be queit because if the ban making it harder to get in contact with each other. any help would be apreciated
Latest of 4 replies by liuzhou at 3 minutes ago.

IUP Textbooks

uni419 - Yesterday, 10:33 PM in Textbooks for learning Chinese

Hey, anyone at IUP how would be willing to pick up a few of text books for me to use as part of self-study once I'm back in the states? I'll be in Beijing from June-August, and would be more than willing to throw on 100-200RMB as a sign of appreciation. 
Latest of 0 replies by uni419 at Yesterday, 10:33 PM.

Feedback on my study plan.

Gune - Yesterday, 05:20 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Hello guys, been lurking around this forum from time to time and finally made an account to get some feedback on my study plan.   First some background. I am a 24 year old guy from Sweden studying Chinese from home, I work from home as well so time is not an issue. My Chinese girlfriend lives with me and is fluent in the language. I do not believe I have the time to hire a private tutor at this time.   So, here is what I do on a weekly basis, any feedback would be good. Am I moving too fast? Too slow?...
Latest of 13 replies by Gune at 10 minutes ago.

Brand logo perception in China

Maria1809 - Yesterday, 02:31 AM in Society

Hello! I am studying marketing design and have heard, that it is quite bad to use number 4 (four) and green colour creating brand logos. But is it a critical issue? For example in Europe number 13 is being perceived as a bad number, but that does not mean, that this number is not used in Brand names and logos. The same with colour - in Europe black colour symbolise funeral, but we still use it a lot in marketing design. Is it really true, that a good logo for Chinese people should be red/gold only? Thank you ver...
Latest of 5 replies by aone at Today, 03:01 PM.

How do you deal with chinese near-synonyms?

Aphorisme - Mar 29 2015 11:29 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Hi everyone,   I would be glad to hear your views and advises concerning the tricky chinese near-synonyms   I've searched on the Internet but it seems like this topic is a little bit underrated.    Two years ago, while i was speaking chinese, i decided suddenly to use the word "伟大“ instead of the classical "很大“ in a sentence. At that time i had just learned this word so i was happy to use it...but i totally failed as the chinese girl in front of me told me "啊,你的意思是"很大",是不是?“. Needless to say...
Latest of 10 replies by MarsBlackman at Yesterday, 05:36 PM.

The "Your Sucess of the Day" Thread

Lou - Mar 29 2015 10:30 PM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Hey everyone! (I hope I'm right that such a thread doesn't exist here right now.) I think we desperately need a "Your Sucess of the Day"-Thread, after all, we are all walking on a quite difficult path. The concept is simple: Just post your sucess of the day! It doesn't matter whether you just archieved a really important goal (such as finishing "The Dream of the Red Chamber" in the Chinese original) or you only had a tiny litte sucess today (such as being able to write one character more than yesterday)-as long...
Latest of 4 replies by mackie1402 at Today, 12:27 PM.

Can someone help me with the book I'm writing?

Jemima - Mar 29 2015 10:29 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Jemima avatar Hi! I am a Swedish writer and science teacher, and right now I'm working on a novel in which a Chinese boy is one of the main characters. The story takes place in a place far away, where this boy -- among with lots of others -- are living in a refugee camp.   Since I want my story to be realistic and since Chinese culture and language are different from mine, I’m afraid of making too many mistakes. Could anyone help me? It would be greatly appreciated if you would!     Questions:   1. I have...
Latest of 26 replies by aone at Today, 03:38 PM.