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New User Posts

30 a day - Retaining vocabulary

mackie1402 - Today, 11:54 AM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Hey.   I'm living in Hangzhou and have been studying Chinese at the University for the last 4 weeks.    We're going through the 汉语教程 books if any of you are familiar.    One lesson in the book is about one day at university so in the first 4 weeks we finished 第一册下 (15 lessons) and started 第二册上。    I'm using Pleco flaschards for my vocabulary I'm learning, but just after 4 weeks I've already got a deck of 562 cards.    Every day we start our class with dictation so I h...
Latest of 2 replies by imron at 2 minutes ago.

convenient 'for' you

Sachaoc - Today, 11:13 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

Sachaoc avatar 大家好。 This is my first post. I am unsure how best to convey the idea of 'for' in Mandarin. If I was wanting to say something like 'This bus is convenient for tourists', would I use something like 为了? Any suggestions would be appreciated.   Thank you. 
Latest of 0 replies by Sachaoc at Today, 11:13 AM.

Scholarships for four-year abroad

wilson.ennuo - Today, 09:22 AM in Studying Chinese outside of China

Hello, I have done several Chinese STARTALK programs in the U.S., and have been an instructor there for two years now.  I will be going to China next year on a Department of State Scholarship for a gap year.  I am looking to study Chinese more intensively when I come back from my year abroad, though many of the universities in the U.S. are not profienct enough, too expensive or out of my academic range (in terms of GPA & ACT scores).     Are there any programs to support a student to go a...
Latest of 0 replies by wilson.ennuo at Today, 09:22 AM.

Mini Meetup here in the South

Shelley - Today, 06:56 AM in Studying Chinese outside of China

Shelley avatar Well today we had a meetup of 3, myself, 戴睿 and another learner not a forum member.   We had an introductory chat and have established that we will continue our new friendship.   in fact I have been invited to a hotpot night soon. Look forward to making a big effort with talking Chinese, its so lacking in my learning schedule, it will be great if I even string just a few sentences together.   So a big thanks to 戴睿 and his friend for making the effort.   So any one else out there in the south...
Latest of 1 replies by zhouhaochen at Today, 10:44 AM.

Looking to study Chinese in China -help?

Ernie - Today, 06:40 AM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

Ernie avatar I've been searching the web on and off in my spare time searching for a school for me to study Chinese. Unfortunately all I seem to run into is private schools that have yearly fees of 16,000-25,000 USD. These prices, are definitely something I cannot afford.   Why I'm here: Luckily I was able to come across this forum. After reading a few postings, I see everyone is rather helpful. Does anyone possibly have any suggestions of where a reasonably priced living can be accomplished? Surely there must be a begi...
Latest of 0 replies by Ernie at Today, 06:40 AM.

How easy is to find Big size clothing and shoes in Harbin?

sujeto_1 - Today, 12:32 AM in Harbin

sujeto_1 avatar Hi folks, I'm a big guy, 1.90 mts and weigth 120 Kgs. My size shoes is 13US and use to feel confortable on 2XL T-Shirts and 42 size in pants, underwear is 2XL (at least for the southamerican market). I was wondering, how easy or hard it's to find clothing and shoes for me in Harbin? Price isn't a problem.
Latest of 3 replies by imron at Today, 12:19 PM.

help with taiwanese airline accounting words

Frapunchino - Yesterday, 11:33 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

Frapunchino avatar hi everyone !    does anyone know what does 價退 means  when an airline in taiwan use it in a letter sent to travel agencies ? it drove me crazy, i thought about commission, discount, reimbursement...     moreover  i would really appreciate help with those :(1) endorsement,  (3)proration (4) currency of listing & (5) flight coupon
Latest of 1 replies by yst at Today, 11:26 AM.

sensitive pen on bamboo on skritter

ianwat - Yesterday, 04:26 AM in Resources for Studying Chinese

ianwat avatar Hi, I have bought the bamboo wireless pad to use on skritter to draw chinese characters but the pen is too sensitive, I have followed the instructions to go into system preferences & then 'other" but it is not recognising the bamboo on my mac, struggling here, any help would be appreciated thankyou
Latest of 23 replies by imron at Today, 10:23 AM.

Different ways to say "do" in Chinese

ralphmat123 - Yesterday, 12:13 AM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

Hi there. I was wondering if someone could clarify the differences between all the different ways of saying the verb "do" in Chinese. For example the difference between 做 干 为 行 as according to Pleco they all mean "do". Thanks
Latest of 4 replies by 戴 睿 at Yesterday, 10:21 PM.

Jobs/websites for American Experienced Professional

regent77 - Jul 28 2014 03:23 PM in Beijing

Hi All,      I am looking to move to China within the next few months.  Anybody got any tips or websites where I can look around for jobs?  I have been working as a software product/project manager for the past 6 years.  Any help would be very much appreciated.    Thanks 303Sunshine
Latest of 1 replies by Tianjin42 at Jul 28 2014 05:44 PM.