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How to say differentiate 'semesters' and 'quarters' in Chinese?

philipbeckwith - Yesterday, 11:37 PM in Vocabulary, idioms, word lists . . .

I learned that semester is 学期 in Chinese, but I have never learned the convention for naming 'quarters' as are typically used in America. Dictionaries have not been much help to me. Is there a Chinese convention for labeling 'quarters'? Are academic years even divided into quarters in China?   Thanks!
Latest of 9 replies by Angelina at Today, 01:36 PM.

No visa application possible in The Hague Netherlands

Silent - Yesterday, 10:55 PM in Visa Issues

Silent avatar I know there are more Dutch people around so I post this info here.   At this moment it is not possible to apply for a Chinese visa in The Hague, Netherlands. I was turned away as I had no appointment. They told me that since the 24th one should have an appointment. The first possible date to make that appointment is september 30th.   It looks like Dutch nationals can still apply in Brussels, Belgium with some additional paperwork (werkgevers verklaring). According to my info this route is not possible...
Latest of 2 replies by Silent at Today, 03:58 AM.

东北话 Northeastern Mandarin - Lingua Franca of Dongbei, China?

LinZhenPu - Yesterday, 03:48 PM in Non-Mandarin Chinese

LinZhenPu avatar My wife speaks 东北话,apparently fluently. We once happened upon an old man on the bus who said 我的普通话不好. I asked where in China he was from and he said 东北。So my wife and this old man had a conversation in something that sounded like Mandarin but a little different. I could barely understand a word. It was very interesting! They were speaking in 东北话。   I just looked up 东北话 on Wikipedia and it says that 东北话 or Northeastern Mandarin refers to a subgroup of varieties of Mandarin dialects spoken in Northeaster...
Latest of 1 replies by stapler at Today, 12:19 PM.

Roommate, room or flat to rent

Szakalaka21 - Yesterday, 12:42 PM in Kunming

hi there! I search for a room near the Kunming centre for 5 months. My name is Karolina and i am a polish Student (23) male and houseclean... ( I guess)... who needs just a bed, a table and a chair... and a watercooker would be nice^^! Would be great if there are some other students/ people out there who are maybe in need of another roommate? Or if anybody knows anything about room or flat to rent also please let me know. my wechat is: szakalaka21 Cheers!!
Latest of 1 replies by onebir at Yesterday, 04:56 PM.

Learning Mandarin - 6 months in need advice on approach

cliveface96 - Yesterday, 06:15 AM in General Study Advice and Discussion

Hi guys,   This is a repost of mine from Reddit.   I have been learning Mandarin for the past 6 months using Chinesepod as my main source. I usually finish a lesson, do the activities and then learn the whole sentences on Anki as well as the individual vocab. I don't really think learning whole sentences is that helpful. I also use Skritter and Memrised, and spend about an hour and a half each day split between these 2 resources/ This approach seems to suck. I had my first lesson on Italki the other da...
Latest of 5 replies by eddyf at Yesterday, 11:22 PM.

Reference letters

Steppenwolf_27 - Yesterday, 04:07 AM in Visa Issues

I've been offered a teaching job in China and a requirement for the visa is reference letters from my past employers because the Chinese government requires at least 2 years' experience of teaching abroad.   I have several years' experience, but the manager at the school I worked for is not responding to my e-mails.   What do I do?
Latest of 2 replies by stapler at Today, 12:10 PM.

expressing personal regret, sorrow or shame politely

aprose1977 - Yesterday, 02:59 AM in Grammar, Sentence Structures and Patterns

What is the most natural way of expressing sorrow regret or shame (in  a polite sense)?     e.g. Not just I'm sorry that I don't speak Chinese, but something more like I'm so ashamed that my Chinese isn't good enough.    
Latest of 4 replies by Kenny同志 at 43 minutes ago.

Visiting China by Bicycle

jugnoopk - Aug 25 2016 10:56 PM in Life, Work and Study in China in General

I am from pakistan want to visit china by bicycle I need to ask ton of questions can you guys help me here?  
Latest of 8 replies by realmayo at 39 minutes ago.

Name of Wuxia drama that was on Australian SBS TV in the 1990s

studychinese - Aug 25 2016 10:19 PM in Chinese Television

studychinese avatar There was a Wuxia drama, which I think was in Cantonese, on SBS TV Australia in the 1990s. Does anyone remember it? What was it called?
Latest of 0 replies by studychinese at Aug 25 2016 10:19 PM.

Hsk ibt or paper based?

Uligas - Aug 25 2016 06:36 PM in The HSK Exam, and others

Hello everybody I'm applying to peking university next spring so I'm about to take the hsk 6 test.the problem is Im not sure whether the Internet based one would be accepted, and their website does not provide further infos. I wrote to the school and they kinda implied that the paper based one is more welcomed but I want to know if I can take the ibt , does anybody know any better?
Latest of 4 replies by ZhangKaiRong at Yesterday, 04:44 PM.