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About this blog

Commonapp.cn is a platform aiming at the promotion of Chinese universities and scholarship opportunities.

our link is http://www.commonapp.cn.


Confucius said, "after fifty, I understood the mandate of heaven, meaning it was only after many years of study that I learned how to distinguish right from wrong. Clearly, the mandate of heaven was not a set of physical principles, but rather moral truths that have been established by an intellectual Creator of man. Man can, with study, comprehend these principles, and he has a free will to choose to obey or disobey them."

Since the years following the Tang imperial dynasty when China was quick to expand influence across Asia, skillfully combining diplomacy and military might, and resiliently rebounding from setbacks, they completed the Great Wall making routes safe for trade and commerce boomed. Private and public wealth soared. At the same time, China spawned a cultural florescence the like of which the world had never seen. The atmosphere of the democratic cities opened, experimental, and entrepreneurial. Philosophers, artists, scientists, and poets from across the world flocked to Chinese Schools, academies and workshops. Not only was a great Parthenon built, but many masterpieces of architecture and sculptures were created too. Moral philosophy came into being, the craft of history writing emerged, and drama became a popular form of art. Scientists developed new theories about everything from the atomic structure of matter to the relationship of the earth to heavenly bodies. That was over 1000 years ago. Once again, China today is an exact resemblance of its imperial past offering the world a modern innovative means of education freedom, collective disciplines to study and an open commercial culture to flourish on an international stage. Beijing is the heart of a community of citizens- a "politeia" to use the Greek word- and all citizens welcome has the ability to thrive in their Study.

It's our mission to assist and provide resources so "citizens of the world can learn together as brothers and flourish together as men."

We help all young people, Students, who want to study in China. Whether you have the financial resources or not, you can come to China go to college and study. We are an established Education channel designated by the Chinese government and our help is the best cost-effective. Our advantage;

  1. Only need to pay a registration fee that covers ALL Chinese Universities.
  2. Including application for Chinese Scholarships, Chinese Universities and Confucius Institute (Learning Mandarin).
  3. Applications for ALL Chinese government scholarships and local government scholarships.
  4. More than 200 agencies around the world to serve allStudents and parents.
  5. Also provide University transfers, course certification and credit exchange service.

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