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Calligraphy and seal carving

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About this blog

My adventures in calligraphy and seal carving, with some general art thrown in here and there.

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‘Immortal at the River’ by Tong Yang-Tze

The calligrapher Tong Yang-Tze 董陽孜 has a work titled 'Immortal at the River' on display at the Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University. It can be seen on the exhibit website, where there is also video of the work in its entirety. The website also has the words and translation of the work. It's quite a stunning work that spans 54 meters long!


Asian Art Magazine has made their May 2020 issue free online: https://asianartnewspaper.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/AAN-MAY-2020-web.pdf

There is an interview with the French calligrapher André Kneib, who practices Chinese calligraphy. It's quite a thorough interview about how he started learning Chinese and then started learning Chinese calligraphy. I'm quite intrigued and am thinking about getting the book about him listed at the end. He also mentions other Western experts in Chinese calligraphy, and I'm probably going to look in their books as well. Really well worth the read.


"Art in China" by Craig Clunas

I recently finished “Art in China” by Professor Craig Clunas. The book organizes the art of China in different contexts, and then describes the history chronologically within that context. This way of learning about history is rather interesting. The discussions are much clearer because the items being compared are discussed right before, and reduces flipping through the book to remember other facts. It also provides a better overall view of the history and development of art in these contexts.


I typically read books in Chinese about topics related to Chinese culture because I’m more familiar with names and terms in Chinese. With books in English, I typically have problems with translated or romanized names and terms. (I never learned Chinese romanization). I had no problems with this book. I think it’s a good introductory book for anyone interested in the history of art of China. The book also has a timeline, bibliography, and lists of websites for reference.

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