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About this blog

Journey to be able to read native works in Chinese.

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Some good films I have seen so far.


Black Coal, Thin Ice (2014)

Director: Yi'nan Diao


Ash is the Purest White (2019)

Director:Jia Zhangke


I had posted this in another thread but since they are not released in 2023 I have created this blog instead. I particulary like the main actor in both movies. These are not the style of Chinese films I am used to seeing. What I am used to seeing are films that have Kung Fu or depict ancient China.  These two depict a more modern era and also an underworld element. Both are award winners. Black Coal, Thin Ice I watched without English subtitles.  There was not a lot of fast talking and generally standard Mandarin was used. Both movies made me feel immersed in a place. I liked that. Black Coal, Thin Ice was filmed in Harbin. The other was filmed in Shanxi. Next for more immersion is Peppa the Pig as I am around a HSK4 level now.

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