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Quickish one today, and shouldn't be too hard - although I'll admit one of them is a bit sneaky. Have a look at the four photos attached and tell me at what kind of shop (establishment, restaurant, etc) each one was taken.


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That was another fun one. Took some work, but I got the first three pretty easily. While I had to look up 嘴饞 and 誘惑 for the second one, even without them I got a rough idea of the meaning. I thought the third one was hard, but only because I didn't know 吉他. For the third, is there any way to know whether they specialize only in 吉他-related stuff, or can one assume the skylee's answer is correct?

The fourth one threw me a bit. I mean, it's obviously a shoe store judging from the background. But, no surprise, I had no idea what 寬街駱駝 meant. I can't believe roddy made it that easy, so I looked around for the trick and looked up all the words. Found none.

In the first one, "溫馨提示" -- gently/softly/politely point out?

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Glad you enjoyed it.

First two easy enough. 温馨提示 - gentle (perhaps we'd say friendly) reminder, I guess.

Third, I'm not sure if it's a guitar or music shop, either would be a fine answer.

Fourth is a bit sneaky - you'd have to figure out that 骆驼 is a brand and the search to find out what they sell. Or you could just note the shoes in the background.

That fourth sign is a bit odd, is basically says 'The old Camel store on 宽街 has moved to here' - normally a sign like that would tell you where it's moved TO.

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I think basically the sign tells customers that "this is the original camel shoe shop which was on Kuan Street" (This is that famous shop. It is not on Kuan Street any more. It is here. Come in and have a look etc ...). HEY HEY HEY.

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I think we have an assignment for roddy. Take a walk (or subway or whatever) to 寬街, and take a picture of where the 駱駝老店 was for us.....

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