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奋斗 fèn dòu



I'm really enjoying the 奋斗 series, which I found on a forum thread here listing various tv programs with descriptions and levels. This is my first time following a Chinese drama. While it is definitely above my level, it's still comprehensible. The way I've been attacking it is to first watch each scene without stopping and get what I get. I then go back and pause each sentence and read the 汉字. I look up a minimal amount of words. The ones that seem very useful / hsk 4-ish level / easy to remember / or keep coming up - I add to my srs. Next, I re-watch the whole scene again without pausing. Finally, I watch the whole episode(45 mins). I'm on episode 5 of 32 so far.


For me 奋斗 almost perfect: Tons of Northern accented Mandarin, all kinds of everyday situations(restaurants, arguments, home, work, bowling and barbecuing,...) engaging story, cool characters, scenery of Beijing 15 years ago. The one con is that they sometimes speak very, very quickly, but I expect that can only help my listening skills. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-29 at 6.34.29 PM.png

Screen Shot 2022-01-29 at 6.35.53 PM.png


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I just watched a couple of minutes. You realize how dated it is when you see a guy pull out his wallet and pay cash.


It seemed to me that a couple of times when they used real dialectal expressions, the captions used more standard Chinese. Is that the case?



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Yeah, it's quite dated, but that's one of the things that appeals to me about this program. 


I only remember one scene so far where there's a guy from Guangdong speaking a sort of cantonese-ified mandarin, otherwise it's all pretty standard. They do have a lot of local Beijing pronunciation I guess, like 今儿,明儿 - is that only bj, idk?

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Fantastic! That's exactly how I started watching it, years ago. There are some other good TV series from back then - I don't know if I'm just nostalgic, or if they used to be much more watchable in the past than most of the new stuff nowadays.

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