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Dusting off the Kubler



Thanks to this post about improving sentence structure https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/62960-improving-sentence-structure/page/2/#comment-492407

, I've decided to do the Kubler Intermediate Spoken Chinese book. I purchased the Kubler Basic Spoken and Intermediate Spoken at the same time a few years ago. I finished the Basic and Basic Practice years ago, which I loved:



but never got around to the Intermediate Kubler books because I wanted to move away from Pinyin. Well, now I've embarked on the Intermediate Spoken and Spoken Practice Book.



However, after getting through part of the first unit of Intermediate, I had this nagging feeling that I should re-do the audio drills of the Basic book. I decided to revisit them and go through them at a fast clip, just the audio drills and the translation role plays. I've already finished half of this basic review. I can't decide if I'm wasting time or it's a good check of the foundation. I'm hoping to get through it is quickly as possible, and get back to the Intermediate. I guess about an hour and a half a day for 5 more days should do it.


Recommended Comments

In terms of drills, you can do them a good number of times before their usefulness runs out. There are Chinese drill books in the Japanese market that are printed with rows of little boxes in which to put a checkmark each time you complete a set of the drills. The minimum number of check boxes is usually 30...


Of course, some drills are easier, and their usefulness may run out sooner, but then you can double down on those you have not yet mastered. When you find out you have really internalized the limited number of drills that are available on the market, then shadowing will become your drill of choice. With shadowing, the available resources are then truly unlimited.



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Finished re-doing/reviewing all Basic Spoken "Substitution" and "Transformation" audio drills, 14hrs of drills in all😝. Took me about 10 days. Now I'm ready to get started on  the Intermediate Spoken Book, which I will work though more slowly.

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