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Money Money Money




From the inside of a Hong Kong minibus - can you, in order of amounts of money referred to, list and explain the various notices. No prizes for the No Smoking one, except perhaps a consolation 'we know you're trying' star sticker.



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Nothing shameful about it.

:rolleyes: One should be allowed to pay the fare by giving low-value coins up to $2 plus other higher-value coins. In this case the driver refuses to take any lower-value coins.

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Just like vending machines. Oh, and

there's a $300 cleaning fee for vomiting. I guess that's a serious problem on that bus, at least. And the top left one, I believe it's saying to get change for $50 and $100 bills ahead of time.

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What are 1 毫 coins? MDBG defines 毫 as one-thousandths, so that would make it 0.1 Hong Kong cents? Is that right? [if so, I assume they are not very common....]

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Time to invest in a bigger dictionary!

Mine defines 毫 hao as, inter alia, a regional usage referring to "a fractional unit of money in China (= 1/10 of a yuan or 10 fen)." That is, it's the same as a 角.

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Thanks. I thought that had to be the case.

FWIW, none of MDBG, wiktionary, nciku, MOE, or dict.cn has that usage... Oh, but there is it, on baidu, on the very bottom "〈方〉货币单位。角,毛:三~钱。". Now I know where to look next time without having to spend any money....

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