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Money exchange

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This is easy. Just point out what is wrong in this picture.

If you can't figure it out, take a look at this older thread.

The two pictures were taken in different places. The one here was in Granada, Spain. The one in the older thread was in Rome, Italy. Perhaps they hire the same publicity agency in Southern Europe?

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變更 should be 換零錢機 or 貨幣兌換機, it is unclear to me exactly what the machine really does

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What makes you think it's a machine?

I don't know, all the different cards listed I guess...

How do you know it isn't a machine? ;)

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AmEx Travelers Cheques? Are there machines that can accept those?

[it's been literally decades since I used them, so this is a real question....]

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It is an exchange shop. I don't think there was a machine in there, but I am not sure.

So the Russian is not right?

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No, it cannot mean anything close to "exchange". You can click on the link above to see all its meanings.

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