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I walked past the City Hall in Central (Hong Kong) today and saw this inscription again. The picture was taken years ago. See if you can figure out what it means.

I wrote about this (twice!) in my own blog (in Chinese). If you are interested, take a look at this and this.

PS - Pictures of the English version and the bronze gates added on 9 April 2011.


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I have more trouble with the style of some of the characters than the content, particularly 不 and 以. Having said that I guessed the meaning of 镌, and I still don't know what 谨识 means.

humbly records?

Also 义勇军 threw me at first, thinking it was referring to the 义勇军

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Really? :blink:

From right to left ↓↖↓

and for skylee:

the translation for the words in your picture which u puted in ur blog is:

'this copper gate is the monument of the Hongkong volunteers who was fought the japanese invaders and pertected the motherland. All of the volunteers who was killed in the actions in between 1941--1945(or it could be 2 i am not sure about the last number) will be remembered forever. By Hongkong goverment.'

Hope this will do some help.

and sorry for my foolishness, i have posted the 'report entry' as the reply....... i am so sorry if i've made any trouble orz.

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blackmeow, thanks for posting your translation, though I don't think "japanese invaders" are mentioned in the inscription. ;) And it was World War II, which ended in 1945.

For completeness, I have added a picture on the English inscription to the blog above. I took this picture today.

PS - also added a picture of the bronze gate.

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