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Totally unrelated to learning Chinese, but perhaps related to China.....

I like drinking tea at work (cuts down on coffee and diet pepsi.....). I don't like tea bags: even the "good quality" ones (e.g. Peet's, Ten Ren) pale in quality to a decent loose leaf. But loose leaf teas are a pain to use at work, too hard to clean a teapot w/o a sink.

Enter the solution: ingenuiTEA.

It actually works amazingly well, and when done just open the top, wait a day for the leaves to dry (optional), and dump them out with a single shake of the wrist.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled topics.


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You know as well as we do that you'd be made fun of if you brought out your nice shiny porcelain teapot. "Ooh!" you can hear your coworkers saying, "Do you have doilies? Is it time for finger sandwiches?" Grr.

We've got the coolest way possible to make a perfect cup of tea with no mess. The IngenuiTEA

Yeah, but what are your coworkers gonna say when you get out your IngenuiTEA?

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They come out of the unit easier and don't stick to the sides/bottom. As long as I'm using the same (type of) tea, I don't even bother to rinse it between uses. When I dump them out wet, they stick :o

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