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Can't trust 言



Came across 誕生 the other day. Didn't know what 誕 means, but I think I can figure out the meaning of 誕生: something dealing with speech coming out or producing sound, and likely pronounced something like yán. Well, to the extent that dàn is similar to yán​, I'm half right.

It's also interesting that both 言 and 延 are pronounced yán​; any other characters come to mind in which both halves are pronounced the same? Characters like 囍 don't count!

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Although it might provide a "nice diversion" to come up with a list of characters where radical (those that can be independent characters, at any rate) and phonetic have the same pronunciation, characters with radicals that are regularly simplified when in a consistent position (e.g. left-side 訁> 讠) wouldn't seem necessary to investigate (though I can see how 誕/诞 provided an "inspirational springboard" generally LOL), as there obviously isn't much ambiguity as to what is the radical versus phonetic within them.

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