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Two random pictures ...



and they are in Cantonese.

The one with the apple is actually part of the poster of the movie "Bad Teacher". The other one was taken amongst the wine racks of a Hong Kong supermarket.



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Transcript for the second:

喺室企, 唔怕饮多杯

Hint: 喺 is Cantonese for "at", 唔 is Cantonese for "not".

That sign is interesting. In Hong Kong, it is frowned upon to drink wine at home?

EDIT: and MDBG has 屋企 listed as the Cantonese version of 家

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Is the second one trying to hint that you shouldn't drink and drive? (ie "get drunk at home! Not on the way home!")

What made me think of this was the English at the bottom of the sign - "It's safe to drink at home".

Just out of curiosity, what are some common phrases used in HK to express that it is not safe to drink and drive? Do they include 怕?

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I think it is safe to drink at home means that 1) you won't need to drink and drive; and 2) unpleasant things won't happen to you that easily when you are drunk (e.g. your money won't get stolen etc).

Common phrases - "If you drink, you can't drive". "切勿酒後駕駛". "酒後駕駛,害己害人“.

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