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Water Rules

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Another user-contributed photo this time, from Dean A. Swanson.

This was snapped from the 919 bus on the outskirts of Beijing suburb Shunyi. Dean has helpfully provided a few questions for you to consider, thus saving me the bother.

If anyone else has anything they want to contribute, attach it to a private message or email ([email protected]) and hopefully we'll be able to use it. Regular contributors can, if they want, be set up to post directly to the blog.

With no further ado:

  1. Why is this river important?
  2. What are the three activities listed?
  3. Are you allowed to do them?

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1. The river is a source of drinking water.

2. Swimming, fishing, playing.

3. Nope, it's banned.

Hurrah, I could finally do one of these!

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Well done! If you're finding the others difficult just give it your best shot and feel free to ask questions - I'd certainly respond, and no doubt others would too.

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Wang Yao,

Congratulations! You win a bottle of room temperature Yanjing beer!

Hurrah, I could finally do one of these!
That's how I felt when I saw this sign. It was repeatedly painted along the length of the canal/river wall. Wish I could have taken a shot of one of the guys fishing right below the sign, but the bus was moving.

I have an idea for another sign. Stay tuned.

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Speaking of which, (and I wish I had the picture) I remember in Taiwan seeing a guy cooking under a sign saying "no cooking stands here". :lol: How typical is that?! ;)

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Haha, thanks Roddy! I will definitely give the others a try, usually they are high above my level. @[email protected];

@Dean: Hahaha, that would have definitely been a throw-off for the translation at the beginning.. though once identifying the meaning would have been a good little joke. Too bad you couldn't nab a picture!

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