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From Lyon




I took this photo in Lyon a couple of days ago. If you are interested, you can try to find out the following -

1. What is written on the big character? How are the small characters arranged?

2. What characters (traditional / simplified) are used on the poster?

Side story about a scam - outside the Cathedral Notre Dame in Lyon, different young people asked me to sign on a form with a big UNICEF heading. They did not speak to me, but just held up that signature form to my face. It appeared that they were asking for support for the cause of UNICEF. But then I noticed that their fingers covered the last column of the form, which was for the signers to write down the amount of money they would give. If that was legitimate they would not need to play such a trick. I had been fooled by this trick once many years ago in Paris.



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I have reposted the photo.

About the scam, after I had signed a similar form in Paris (about the famine in Rwanda), the guy with the form would not let me leave until I gave him 5 francs (yes it was a long time ago). I don't know what would happen nowadays and I don't know if I could just walk away. And I saw people with similar forms at the Part Dieu train station when I left Lyon last week.

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Ah. Based on the stroke order (and direction!) of the character itself. I missed the direction part at first, and read the top part left-to-right, and thought the grammar was very strange.

That's pretty cute.

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For #2: It's interesting that traditional characters are used for 愛 and all of the characters inside of it, but simplified characters are used everywhere else in the poster.

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Does anyone have any opinion on "請自由索取" at the bottom of the photo?

It did not sound right to me and I couldn't tell why. So I've spent some time thinking what is wrong. I am still not sure what is wrong, but I don't think 自由 should be used to mean "freely" here. I would use “隨便 " instead.

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