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The Central Library is great, so I'm going to forgive them a few vocab failings. I used to go there to work and have tuna baked potatoes at the Delifrance.

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Some follow-up. I wrote to the library about what is shown in the picture, and have just received this reply, which is good enough in my opinion -




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Some additional information. "隔離" is how we pronounce in Cantonese the term meaning "next/ adjacent/ neighbouring". I think the term should be written either as "隔籬" (exactly the same pronunciation) or "隔鄰" (similar but not exactly the same pronunciation).

While "隔離" is obviously wrong (the meaning is wrong), it shows the difficulty in writing in Cantonese - it is not taught in schools and people have no idea how to write some words so they just write characters of the same pronunciations. It also shows that at some levels people in HK tend to mix up Cantonese and Mandarin terms.

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