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Fishy Business




Another contribution from our aquatic correspondent, Dean A Swanson, who earlier provided us with this contribution and has now brought us more riverside rules.

So your questions, again provided by Dean, are:

1) There's something fishy going on here. Actually, a couple of things. What are they?

2) Which of the two things is considered "good"; which is considered "bad"? Why?




Recommended Comments

I have no idea. I can read it, but it makes no sense to me.

"raising fish clarification water quality"?? -- improving the water quality for raising fish?

"fishing pollution water source"?? -- the source of water pollution due to fishing?

If I'm halfway close, I'd say the first is good and the second is bad.

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Since no one else is brave (or stupid) enough to try, here I go again.

养鱼净化水质 -- raising fish here that improve (clarify) the water quality (i.e. eat waste or pollutions or something)

钓鱼污染水源 -- fishing here will pollute the water supply (i.e. by removing the pollution eating fish?)

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To be honest I don't think the Chinese deserves any prizes.

养鱼净化水质 raising fish purifies water quality. This is a bit dodgy, you purify water, but increase water quality.

钓鱼污染水源 -- fishing pollutes water sources

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