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Taking 3 steps back to walk foward a mile



Well its been a while since I updated this blog and I have tons of excuses why and why I haven't studied for 6 weeks until last week. But that's what they are just excuses, and I should of never of stopped. So I am going to redo all the NPCR chapters I have already finished, redo most of the pimsluers I have completed and re listen to podcasts that I already know. I know this will take a few weeks but I will be back up to where I was and with accurate tones and words. Has this happened to anyone else? Seems like at times stepping back a few steps will help your get to your destintion.


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Life happens, I've stopped studying so many times I can't count them.

Kudos to you for reviewing the past chapters and plowing on with your textbooks.

I tend to switch resources when restarting studying, it makes for a rather disjointed learning. I really should stick to one main textbook series and only vary the extras.

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Going through the old is actually pretty quick but a little boring. But I feel I refreshed almost where I was rather quickly. Ordered more books so will be adding in new things the second I'm starting the next section of npcr where I left off before.

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Tuttle learning Chinese character books, Chinese breeze books and  intergrated Chinese workbook, still gotta order text book for that but looking for a cheaper copy.

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My advice:


Just try to keep the embers glowing. The time I spend studying Chinese fluctuates in conjunction with the demands of my coursework, but at a minimum I make sure to listen to, watch or read at least one thing everyday.


Lowering your demands in a similar way might help you avoid the longer breaks.



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That's another problem is that sometimes I set unrealistic goals for myself and plan to be at a certain point by X day. And when that day comes and only reached 50% of what I set I feel horrible and feels like I did not do anything.

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Well, you're doing better than me - I've had a break of almost 4 years and am now plucking up the courage to re-start studying!

Just do it and picture yourself 4 years from now and think how much you would know right now if you never stopped. Start with just 30 min a day and don't set goals that are to hard to reach.

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