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Taking 3 steps back to walk foward a mile

Well its been a while since I updated this blog and I have tons of excuses why and why I haven't studied for 6 weeks until last week. But that's what they are just excuses, and I should of never of stopped. So I am going to redo all the NPCR chapters I have already finished, redo most of the pimsluers I have completed and re listen to podcasts that I already know. I know this will take a few weeks but I will be back up to where I was and with accurate tones and words. Has this happened to anyone else? Seems like at times stepping back a few steps will help your get to your destintion.


What do you use?

My beginning classes always taught me to use 一点儿 but I feel like 一点 is more polite and even heard some people just say 点.

Other one is 哪里 or 哪儿 - I think 哪里 sounds better and more polite but is there a time where you would use one over the other?


To study or not to study writing

This is one of those subjects that comes up a lot in Chinese studies, whether or not to learn to write traditional or simplified characters. Personally i say learning to read them is a must for many reasons but that's another topic. But learning to write them is still not a top priority for me and must say its on the bottom on my list. I do all the writing drills in the npcr but pretty much stop there. I think learning to write pinyin is superior in many ways (easier , pc friendly.....).

Is it worth the time to spend hours upon hours learning to write a handful of characters when that time can be used on reading and speaking practice? Maybe if your goal is to write them of course but for the average person learning to speak and read Chinese is it really worth it? How often would you be writing it down on a daily basis?

Interested hearing others thoughts on it.


Life happens

Well the last week I was off work and took all my books and study aids home with me. Had a great plan what to do daily and wanted to reach a goal by the end. But like everything in life nothing is set in stone. Had a few doctors appointments and watching my 5 and 2 year old by the time I relaxed to do anything my eyes were shut and the days flew by. Only things I have done was some Chinese pod courses while driving and some YouTube videos while cooking.

Looks like a break in a normal routine is more of a hinderance studying wise but made up of great memories of being with family. So it really was not bad after all when looking back at what it was. Sometimes free time is highly overrated.



Been using the EdX app for the past few days and must say its pretty good. Great for refreshing or working on sentance structure and words. Teacher is very easy to listen too and explains things pretty well. Would definitely recommend everyone to go through the course. I watched almost all of this set just on past few train rides.

Been using pleco a lot and daily for flash card npcr 1-5 and picking up my speed and accuracy greatly. Daily flash cards is really the best way to memorize words or read them daily.

Still on npcr 5 and will be till end of this week. Lesson is great and writing down the practice phrases in pinyin help a lot. Hopefully to transfer over to simplified eventually. Also did pimsluers disc set 2 lesson 5 twice and at about 90% accuracy so time to move on shortly.

Really need to start adding in a Chinese pod lesson here and there just to keep up with the common lingo that books do not show you.


One day at a time

Welcome one and all to my blog. I am running this to keep me accountable on my studying and to share my learning experience with others. I have been studying for a year on and off so still beginner level and fed up with the on and off immersion. So hopefully a few of you will follow along and critique my daily updates of my studies. My studying plan is not set in stone but I have some direction.

Today's studies are - pimsluer mandarin 2 lesson 5 - did this while at the gym via Bluetooth streaming through my phone. Just started this lesson and plan on listening to it daily for at least a week before I move on.

Npcr book 1 chapter 5- I did the full audio session today and really need to practice on my C and Z pronunciation- anyone have any ideas in open :) Hoping to go through the chapter completely today as a rough go through. Just doing all the practice excersises verbally. Will be repeating this lesson daily plus reviewing last lesson every other day.

Flash cards - I have Npcr lessons 1-5 on pleco and will be going through them whenever I have down time at work. This is the part I'm really struggling with and open to any ideas at learning a easier way to memorize characters. I have tried writing and it looks terrible and I feel like I did not learn anything writing them over and over. Maybe write in full sentences? In pinyin and simplified?

Did Chinese pod lesson on train - break up lesson. I have done this lesson before just wanted to make sure my pronunciation was good.

Open to any ideas what I should add or ways to study better. I study mostly on train then a hr at work when I have a break which is right now so time to get my nose back in the book lol

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