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What does it REALLY mean to love China?



I had to pop to the international student center at uni to sort some visa stuff, and couldn't resist getting some snaps of this sign. I haven't even attempted to decipher anything that's on there, but there's plenty on there to keep one busy, especially if you are looking to perfect your 'reading handwriting' skills! I'd love to hear feedback on what people have written (there's not a lot on there I can read, other than the middle hah)!







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Congratulations! Far and away the best sign posted here so far.


Just a scattering of readings:











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We have been brainwashed into thinking that the CCP is China and China is the CCP so many Chinese hold that loving China means loving the CCP. Nothing could be more ludicrous than this.


If we really love China, we should overthrow the CCP.

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there is only one type of public scrawls, "graffiti" etc. on the streets of my city, if it's not 愛國 it's literally whitewashed away. before I moved to China i lived in London, my sister still lives there and I love seeing the writing on the street, it's so interesting and informative, a reflection of the people and the culture. I come from 'banksy' area of the UK, and really love seeing this culture. theres really nothing more real than seeing graffiti in the language you're studying. it really is a shame to see even this form of expression being tightly controlled here. after I saw this post I walked outside on the streets for nearly two hours trying to find some more Chinese handwriting in public places. I only found two. a 猪 written on a wall and your obligatory 傻B near a school. but I did find a lot of 中國夢.

regardless, this post is really cool, at least it's not your typical 愛國 stuff.

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53 minutes ago, Tomsima said:

if it's not 愛國 it's literally whitewashed away.

拆 is also quite common :wink:

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Glad everyone is enjoying the sign, aside from the brainwashing that may have inspired many of the writings!  Imron, I am also from the UK and lived in Bristol for a couple of years, tons of Banksy stuff, really, really cool.  889 - thank you for posting those, pretty much repeating what Tomsima said, but for me I love to be able to see what people actually write, as opposed to what we read and are taught in books!

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Surely SOMEONE wrote something rude in there, if we can just find it...


Excellent post, thanks!

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