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New York Chinatown sidewalk signage - this one is particularly busy. But what sort of foods are available on this street?



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1 hour ago, 889 said:

That's not New York Chinatown! That's Flushing: Queens Chinatown.


Queens is part of New York, its a New York city borough! What point are you trying to make?


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Flushing? Isn't that out on Long Island somewhere?


Tell some friends visiting New York that you're taking them to "Chinatown" for dinner and they'll expect to find themselves on Mott Street, not Main Street.


Steering them to Queens instead is sort of like booking visitors to Beijing a nice room in Huairou, then telling them, "Huairou is part of Beijing, it's a Beijing district!"

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Are you kidding me? The Mott St. (Manhattan) China town is the worst of all three in NYC!!! It shrinks in size year after year, and is full of yuppies and tourists with lots of watered down food. Flushing is out by JFK airport, so it is in the suburbs, I'll give you that. But trying telling someone from the Bronx, Brooklyn or Queens that they are not New Yorkers???? Some of the best ethnic dining in just a couple of street blocks from Flushing Chinatown, including really good Pakistani food!


New York has three China towns, with the Manhattan one being the worst of them all. I'm much rather be taken to Queens or Brooklyn, both boroughs, mind you, that have better food choices and much larger selections. The Brooklyn Chinatown has overtaken Flushing Chinatown in recent years, but there is much to explore in Flushing. 


It's just like Washington DC too. Sure, you could go to downtown DC and have Chinese food at mediocre restaurants in the official "Chinatown", or you could go out to Rockville, MD where all of the authentic Chinese restaurants and shops are.


Sorry friend, gotta disagree with you on this one!


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It's not a question of good or bad. It's a question of what comes to mind when Americans hear "New York Chinatown." It's that place in Lower Manhattan that's made Little Italy even littler. 


The other place, out on Long Island? Call it "Queens Chinatown." Or just "Flushing," no "Chinatown," needed. It's usually understood.

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Why do US Chinatowns look so much better than British ones?


Is it because the British high street, in general, just looks pretty shit?


Seriously, look at this:




Bonus points for anyone that guesses the UK city (without cheating).

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ya not to derail the thread again, but any new yorker living in any borough will agree that "chinatown" is the one in lower manhattan.


after that you have "flushing" and some chinese neighborhoods in brooklyn.

lower manhattan's chinatown dwarfs the others put together in both size and population.


-10 year new yorker

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