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我停为了集中提高我的听力。[See Note 1]


我很难写对法语的句子。[See Note 2]

这使得说汉语很难。[See Note 3]



Note 1: Can I use 了 here? I've been told I need to use 下 but not sure why.

Note 2:  Trying to say "I find it very hard to write grammatically correct sentences."

Note 3: Trying to say "This makes speaking Hanyu very difficult."




女人说“不,不,不” 可是男人还逼她。


Sorry for my poor writing!!!!

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for note 1:

In this case as 'I've stoped (to write my) diary'  in this certain case, chinese won't use 'stoped', chinese would use ' I didn't'

The common use here would be: 7月15日我没有继续。 Here are some tricks: Chinese likes to use arabic numerals (although it was made by Indians rather than arabs), In English, when down writting, people often like to use english words for number so here is the difference. Another trick here is in ‘我没有继续’='I didn't continue (to write diary by using chinese)' the word 'continue' here is the spark, it shows the logic link with your previous ideas so that there is no need to state out an object.


for note 2:

you were trying to say: I find it very hard to write grammatically correct sentences.

So the logic in chinese here will be: 'i ' 'felt' 'grammer' (is) 'hard' (for me) = '我 觉得 语法 很难。'      (And grammer is 语法,the word you used there '法语' means 'French (language)' as France=法国, therefor French=法语 and Frenchmen=法国人)


for note 3:

You've nailed it, great job there! ?


As for the living theatre, well it is depends on the drama that you took, I'm not really a theatre fan so, I can't give u much advise here. In reality however, I am a male and I can't really relate to the situation you drew there as the man pushes the woman to do what she doesn't want or doesn't like. I perfer do things myself not rely on anyone else, so the situation in that show there, I cannot relate myself in such circumstances.


Lastly, you are learning, that's a good thing! no need to say sorry about it, you're improving yourself!



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