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What sort of campaign is this? Where was it seen?




















Here are some good-to-know words from the small print near the bottom:

  • 省点
  • 助力
  • 环保


Caution: This spoiler gives it all away.










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I've always thought that the little slip of paper they put on the trays is a bit of a waste of paper (the trays themselves are plastic and easily wiped down, negating the need for the paper), so it's a little ironic that the paper itself is carrying an anti-waste message.

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"The trays themselves are plastic and easily wiped down . . ."


But when your fries scoot out of the little packet onto that wiped-down plastic tray, would you eat them? Or dip them into ketchup you've squeezed right onto that tray?

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It's off topic, but...


Took the snapshots at the start of this thread one day at noon when a couple friends prevailed on me to stop there for lunch after our workout at the gym. I spent 40 RMB on a combo meal that featured an Angus beef patty hamburger with bacon and the trimmings (lettuce and tomato.) It came with a promotional french fry dish that was sauced on top with ribbons of ketchup, mayonnaise, and some kind of brown gravy. (It looked artistic.) And a medium cola. 


The burger was ultra-well-done, perhaps out of concern for customer safety. Dry and tasteless. The fried potatoes were just bizarre, not in a good way. I left half the burger and half the fries behind. 


I usually have lunch across the street at a small, open-front shop specializing in the chicken noodle soup dishes of Zhaotong Prefecture 昭通州, where 11 yuan gets me a medium bowl of delicious chicken noodle soup with an egg on top. Pickled vegetables generously mixed in. 


So I stupidly paid nearly four times as much for the privilege of dining under the golden arches. It seems I have to relearn that lesson two or three times a year. 

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