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hey everyone, it's me! (audible sound of backs turning away, people muttering under breaths)... I can't resist disputing a reccomendation from the Great Sage...

I think te FC has to be entered from the SOUTH - that is what the thing is designed for, anyway - but that it's also true that seeing the view from Jingshan park first is highly reccomended. Indeed, that particular view makes a great end to anyone's First Day in Beijing, and an ensuing tour of Tiananmen Sq and the FC a great start to the Second one.

Earlier this year I showed two friends around, and our schedule went like this:

day one: Hutong walking, HoHai - Jingshan. Taxi ride round FC to Courtyard Gallery, walk round to Tiananmen.

day two: Forbidden City (empty cos of SARS, fantastic) - Mao Mausoleum - Hutong walking from Qianmen to Tiantan - Tiantan.

It made for a pretty damn great couple of days, if I say so myself...

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My main man, da_zhuang! Hao jiu bu jian! How did I miss this post? You did very well with that 2 day Beijing tour. It looks like you proceeded south from the Forbidden City on your second day. What possibly led you to proceed in that direction, a little sparrow perhaps?

You and I should stay in touch more often. You can leave messages for me here or at Thorn Tree. Cheers!

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