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Dropped Initial Characters

Fu Da-Wei

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Someone check to see if you can reproduce this on your system. I'm using "zdt 0.5.2" on an XP-Pro System.

I was on the Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shaoshan

I cut the hanzi characters 韶山 and pasted them an empty list in the flashcard module. (I collect geographic names and was double checking it against the default cedict). This gave me:

韶山 háoshān (N) Shaoshan (city in Hunan)

Notice that the Pinyin tag is missing the initial "S" letter. I right-clicked to edit the entry and discovered the (probable) problem. The Pinyin in the entry itself is listed as:

Shao2 shan1

When I changed the uppercase "S" to a lower case "s":

shao2 shan1

the problem disappeared. You can imagine why this might be irritating. Unless you check every entry in the edit mode, you can't know if you're getting the proper word.

I tried this in reverse. I edited an existing word, replacing verious lower-case letters with upper-case ones. In every case they disappeared.

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Fantastic, Chris! Truly a very handy and cleverly written utility.

All systems running. Smooth transition to the beta. Ran it through it paces using all the words I had trouble with earlier and it handled it like a champ! Even threw it a few curves, like dropping upper case in the middle of a string -- but it took it fine.

I did hit one bump along the way and was momentarily panicky; but it doesn't appear to be anything major and might actually be my own imperfect understanding of the interface:

I could not seem to add ANYTHING to the card section. I created a new categorey for testing, and (for the life of me) I couldn't figure out how to add that first entry using cut-n-past (and clicking directly on to the database tab area). I couldn't bring up the option menu that normally comes up when you right-click. I discovered that I could add it either by drag-n-drop from the dictionary list or going through the master toolbar ( EDIT==>PASTE ). And once that first entry was made, everything seemed to go back to the way I was used to. I got my right-click menu back. So, it was just that first initial entry that gave me a start. (Not a big problem, if it's a problem at all).

One minor minor minor request. ;)

I hope some day, in some future update, you'll toss in a desktop icon more worthy of the project. The one you have looks too much like a generic folder and these old eyes -- battered by reading too much hanzi, no doubt -- have trouble locating it rapidly.

Again ... this is a wonder program and I'm thoroughly impressed.

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Thanks for the comments. The issue you're having is a usability bug. The right-click menu definately should come up even if there are no entries in a category, and the 'Paste' and 'Add Entry' functions should be enabled. Still, like you said there are "workarounds" for the time being. I'll have it fixed in the next version.

Regarding the desktop icon... any graphic designers in the house? :D I'd definately welcome anyone to design some cool icons. My own personal artistic and Photoshop skills are quite limited.


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