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Is this Vietnamese?


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I was in Santiago de Compostela and without better things to do spent time in the museum of the Cathedral looking at things that would not usually interest me, like coins.

There were exhibits of coins from 54 places commemorating an event in 1976. And item 54 was listed as "China: Amuletos Conmemorativos". But the coins don't look Chinese at all. To me they look Vietnamese. Would those of you who know the old Vietnamese take a look and tell me if they are Vietnamese or not? (Click to enlarge the photos.)

cimg2132jo8.th.jpg cimg2131ug2.th.jpg cimg2140er8.th.jpg

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The characters on the coins don't look like real Chinese characters, what do you think? (I recognize only one which looks like 七.)

If they're not Chinese characters, I think they're not Vietnamese coins but may be Western fake, intended to look like Chinese coins.

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The second one reminds me of 海 in an obscure way.

You can (tediously) browse through chu nom here if you want, but I don't think you'll find them: http://www.glossika.com/en/dict/viet.php

I also didn't see anything in the collections part of the museum's website, but it was still kinda neat :mrgreen:

(http://www.catedraldesantiago.es/ for the curious)

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I know this might make roddy mad, but seeing as how the 2006 link no longer works, and many people will probably find this topic from http://www.chinese-forums.com/index.php?/topic/36356-unusual-stylised-characters-any-ideas/page__pid__270753#comment-270753

I thought I would save you from the trouble of searching, so here: http://nomfoundation.org/vnpf_new/index.php?IDcat=42&cat=7&subcat=2

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