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Just gave this a quick shot.

It has . . .

Automatic translations: I grabbed this

刚来中文角看了下。。只能说的是 心里真的非常非常的惊讶 中文角的朋友基本上都说着非常地道的中文 除了可能措词稍微 正式 拘泥了些以外其实和我们自己说的中文区别也不大 读起来也非常的流畅 很多粗略看下我基本看不出是不是国人写的 更厉害的是看到还有会些古文的 hoho 要知道这东西就算在中国也不见得有多少人懂

我相信一般的国人看明篇古文的难度绝对比native English speakers 看懂莎士比亚的小说要高好多好多

from the 中文角 and got

It just been here it watch corner down.. The ones that can only say are Really extraordinary surprise in the heart Basically Chinese friend of corner Having and speaking very genuine Chinese Word perhaps Formal Actually distinguish not big with Chinese that ourselves talk beyond adhering rigidly to some Read the extraordinary too smoothness See and put me and can not basically find out whether it is the country or not in much roughness People wrote A terrible one to see, have can some ancient Chinese prose of hohoes want, know even if it may not be certain, have how much people know too in China

I believe the general country People think bright pieces of difficulty of ancient Chinese prose understand than native English speakers novel of Shakespeare take high much much absolutely

You also get pinyin pop-ups if you want them - they're functional, seem to be loaded via AJAX so a little slow. Dictionary function doesn't appear to be working yet. I think a lot of its value will depend on the quality of the dictionary. Looks like they'll be offering paid human translations of emails in the future, plus the registration process says something like '90 days free use', so perhaps the basic service is to be charged for also.

In all honesty, I'm not seeing any advantage over copying and pasting your email into a web translation service. Does have a rather nifty online IME though.

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