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Help in finding source for terracotta warriors


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I have started purchasing Chinese stone carvings and terracotta for landscaping my new property. I recently heard about the terracotta warriors from Xi’an China. Does anyone know a website that sells high quality authentic warriors from Xi’an that I could purchase for my garden?

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I'd like to wall off my garden from the neighbours who just happen to be Mongols. Any suggestions?

I had one before, to keep out the previous neighbours (some people from east Germany) but they knocked the thing down before moving out.

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Hello Jacab,

There are quite a few websites that sells authentic Terracotta Warriors online but I am not sure if they are just the ones you want. Anyway you could contact them and find out.

Here’s some of the list:




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Ok... apart from the above you could also look for the factory in Xian that does replicas (which is what I am assuming you are after)... but at about £1000 for the life size ones they arent cheap (but I think that includes the post)... I cant remember the name of the factory (its the one that you stop at to look at how the replicas are made and then they show you all sorts of stuff to buy... and yeah I got my set of replica warriors (only 6 inches in height though...I didnt have the spare £1000 per warrior lying around)... perhaps a search on google would also help you find something... maybe even nearer to home..

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