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advice on shanghai housing


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i will be attending ECNU for the coming spring 2007 semester. i have asked about their dorm accomodations and its 40 rmb/day or 1,250 rmd a month for a double room. the pictures of the room look okay albeit cramped.

i keep reading cheap rents in china, wonder if anyone has any experience on shanghai accomodations? i've checked out shanghai craiglist and most of their rented rooms seem to start from 1800 rmb up.

my mandarin language ability is a little above begginner, will it be hard to find accomodations? or would it be better to start out in the university dorm first since im a newcomer?

many thanks

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I think they have a campus way out in the suburbs, which would be cheap, but for the downtown campus you're probably looking at around RMB 1800 at least, and depending on your standards, you may not be really impressed with what that gets you. Other options include sharing an apartment or living further out in the suburbs, which is great if you don't mind taking the subway every day to class. In the burbs you can get a nice, new two-bedroom house for RMB 1800/month, but if you are only in Shanghai for a short stay, you will probably want to experience the night life and the downtown city life.

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I am interested in applying to ECNU in Feb 2007. Have you already applied? I am in the UK so I can't apply face-to-face. Can you advise me on how to go about applying?? I missed the deadline last year so I really want to make a go of it this year. Being in the UK its been so hard trying to pick a good university. The only downside is the campus accomodation....its so steep. You can easily find a place once to get there...the Uni can help you. You may need to stay in a hotel until they find something though.

How long have you studied Chinese for??

Speak soon

Kind Regards:D

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I studied at this university for a while. Don't get too hung up on missing deadlines for application - you can turn up the week before class starts and they'll fit you in to a class. This is the same for most universities in China.

I lived in an apartment near zhong shan gong yuan - about 15 minutes walk from the University and close to the subway line that takes you in to town. Cost was 5,000rmb for 3 bedroom luxury apartment that I shared with a friend but I am positive you can get accomodation for cheaper - just turn up at any estate agent and they'll help you even if they don't speak English.

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thanks, will look up that area there then when i get there. i already sent in my application during the second week of dec 2006 via fedex but so far still no reply from ecnu. i tried calling the uni but i got diverted twice to a ringing phone with no one answering.

i placed in my application that i wanted a reservation in the dorm though, so i dunno how thats gonna turn out. i will email and try calling them again tom.

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