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Question Regarding eStroke's New Release


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I downloaded the newest version (v1.23) of eStroke. I was really happy to see that this version can export stroke sequences as GIF animations. However, every one I export cannot be opened. Is there something I am being stupid about?


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nubix, I tried clicking and dragging them to my browser, and they work fine. However, when I try to open them in a program (Windows Picture and Fax Viewer), I cannot view it. What are the exported files meant to be used with/for?


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ahh, xiaojiang216, I see. Microsoft Picture Viewer will only show the first frame of the animation. Browsers show animated gifs fine and animated gif editors will play the gif as well. Animated Gifs are mostly for browser use though you can use them in some multimedia authoring packages.

If you wanted to create some online content for Chinese Language learning or revision animated gifs in the web page can be very useful.

I have used the eStroke characters in a different way: to help some others in my class who had little Hanzi writing practice. Right-clicking the estroke character and choosing copy allows me to paste the stroke animation as a picture sequence directly into Microsoft Word. This can then be used to create a hanzi practice sheet with the stroke animation sequence at the top of the page for students wanting to practice their writing.

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From their homepage:

eStroke runs on Windows 2000, XP and Vista.
However, if you use something like Parallels, you can run Windows programs in a virtual machine, and they work perfectly. That's how I access online banking with my Chinese bank, which only supports IE for logging in :roll:
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