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Nanning anybody?

Guest lebefroh

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The Chinese board of education has decided to send me to Nanning to study Chinese.

So I'm wondering what to expect.

Anybody here studied at Guangxi Daxue? Been to Nanning? What's it like?

Also, how should I go about finding a place to live off campus?

Is there any chance I could share a place with Chinese people? (I'm thinking that would be great for my language improvement - but can any Chinese students afford to live off campus?)

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Spent 6 months teaching english at Guangxi Uni for Minorities in Nanning last year.

Nanning Daxue is a lot nicer than where i was. There's a rock club right near it. Chinese Punk is scary and spirited but poor quality.

One prob w/ learning chinese in the region is with all the minority tribes not many people around speak good Mandarin. Maybe I just got a distorted view teaching at the Minorities uni and all. I imagine the standard of mandarin will be better where you're going.

The standard phrase that seemed to have been drilled into my students was 'Nanning is a green city'. Its not especially green though. There are a few roads lined with dusty trees in the town center. There are 2 Mc Donalds 2 Kfcs and a brand new pizza hut.

Difficult to answer any of your other questions. Before going i asked a tour guide in beijing what she knew about Nanning. All she said was 'many motorbikes', that kinda sums it up... (but not very well)

ummm... i met quite a few students from Guangxi Daxue (Xi Da as its known) and they seemed nice, im sure you'll have a good time.

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