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Private Chinese Schools in Harbin


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Can anyone give me some information about private language schools in Harbin to study mandarin? Addresses, websites or anything would be useful too?

I don't think any of the Uni courses will be starting when I go to Harbin.

Also, when I get there how easy is it to find accomodation? I ideally want to share an apartment with young Chinese people...Are there any websites that help with this kind of thing? or do you have the address or telephone number of a real estate agent?

Thank you!

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Good question. Everyone I know that's studying in an actual institution, however, is studying at HIT. I'm not sure if there is a market here for a private language school. If there is, I think it'd be more expensive than HIT, which is around 5 - 6,000 RMB a term for a foreigner..

If you're looking for a more intimate classroom setting, hire a private tutor. You can hire a student for between 25 - 75 RMB for 2 hours. The large price differential depends largely on experience and age. The younger students will take much less than an older, experienced tutors. I've been studying with private tutors since I arrived 5 months ago and feel that I'm probably doing better than the HITers.

Nonetheless, I wouldn't mind checking out a private institution just to meet other people. If you here of anything please let me know.

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anyone know of any? i did see one place, called 'bincai'...anyone know of any other options there. looking to escape beijing for the summer, so if anyone has any suggestions on places to study, harbin or otherwise, let me know. thanks.

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Bincai is primarily an English/Japanese school, but they may have Mandarin classes as well, though I haven't heard of anyone studying Mandarin there.

The Harbin Institute of Technology has a short summer intensive program.

There are a couple of small private schools around town, as well. I'm not sure of their names, but if you 百度 邮政街 you should be able to find the one there. It's near 安发桥.

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This may be too late to help you this year, but please keep it in mind for the future. I have started a Mandarin workshop in Harbin. Nothing similar exists here so far as I know. As you implied, Harbin is a good place to learn Mandarin. I have discussed this with Roddy and he thought it would be appropriate to give you my website information since it is in answer to your inquiry. This is my website address. http://www.1to1mandarinworkshop.com/ Please feel free to contact me if I can help you further in your Chinese studies.


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