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I am not sure if it was mentioned, but I liked to listen to this podcast:


BreadToastChinese by Brad Johnson - 面包老师


unfortunately the last episode was played end of January 

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On 9/4/2018 at 9:32 PM, Luxi said:

Learning Chinese through Stories

Free but asking for support. Excellent project, I don't know why it hasn't had more publicity, maybe it's very new in this format, though has a long history in iTunes (also free) and has a very big collection of listening material. 
The web selection uses videos for the lower levels, mostly audio with transcripts for more advanced.
It includes basic beginners level with much good guidance for learners, at least in the web version.
Where applicable, there are links to the articles' source making it possible to find 'more of the same'.

Also available in these sites



Came across this podcast recently and I also really recommend it as it is one of the few I could find that makes it possible to listen to many hours of spoken chinese even at elementary level without being boring. 

Whenever a more complex subject is introduced, it is broken up and explained always in chinese using very simple language. So every time you listen you pick up something more and eventually understand the whole thing without having to look up a transcript. 


At the moment this podcast is the best way I have found to increase my exposure to spoken chinese, at a level that doesn't quite allow me to enjoy listening material for natives...yet :D.

I think they mainly work off patreon now - the basic subscription is really inexpensive - although you can find heaps of free material on the website as well.






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