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If you're coming from abroad, you'll probably be arriving via Pudong. When are you arriving?

As mentioned above, the taxi from PuDong is not cheap, and there's a high probability that you'll be taken on the "scenic" route and end up paying some exorbitant sum.

That said, if you are willing to use the airport shuttle bus (line 6), it will take you close to school, after which you should be able to take a taxi to the dorms for about 11-12 RMB max. This is the most cost-efficient way but may be slightly slower for obvious reasons.

If you arrive during the day, before 9pm, you can opt to take the Shanghai Maglev, transfer to the Line 2 Metro, and ride the subway to ZhongShan Park which is, again, near ECNU. Then hop onto a taxi to the dorms.

Taxi is the most convenient but most expensive option, even if you don't get ripped off. The Maglev/Subway option is a bit cheaper, reasonably fast, but does involve you having to wheel your luggage between various modes of transport. The shuttle bus is the cheapest and probably the slowest option.

Also note that you have to arrive during office hours in order to arrange for your dorm room. If you arrive after the office is closed, you'll have to wait till the next day. Fortunately, you can stay in the hotel on campus for the night at a cheap rate. I had to stay in the hotel for a night before I could secure my dorm the next day when I first got there.

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I'd arrive in Pudong at 1pm, but probably on a Saturday or Sunday.

They dont mention office hours. Are the dorm offices opened on weekends? And until what hour?

I think I'll settle for the bus route. It might be longer, but from what I can gather, it is less of a headache.

The pre-departure guide mentions bus #6, but also #3 "take No. 3 airport bus to the terminal West Zhongshan Road 中山西路 (Galaxy Hotel 银河大酒店),"

Is there a difference in time and comfort? I think I want to settle for simplicity, not time.

Last detail (Im annoying as hell, I know) : Does the bus stop at EVERY stop? Or is it similar to normal city buses that will only stop if people ring the bell? Does the bus have a digital panel to show the name of the next stop. (I can at least recognize the characters, but not understand if it is vocalized)

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1. I don't remember if the office for registering for a dorm room is open on the weekends. Better call and check. If you do end up having to stay in the hotel for a night or two before you can get your dorm room, be sure to let them know you're an incoming student, that you plan on getting a dorm room, and that you get the student dorm rate for those nights. Otherwise, they'll just charge you the higher visitor nightly rate. It is just a few dozen RMB but you can probably get a week's worth of cheap meals for that money. Given how much you're paying for the semester as a foreign student as is, no point in letting them keep more money than you owe them.

2. The shuttle bus is less of a headache so long as you know which stop to get off at. The shuttle buses load pretty much right in front of the arrival terminal so it shouldn't be too hard to find. Just look for the signs and make sure you get on the right shuttle bus. Call ECNU and ask them which shuttle bus to take and which exit to get off at as well as any other questions you might have about getting to campus. They should know this stuff. If they don't, bother them until you get an answer because sometimes in China, the employees defer to apathy or ineptitude. You can also ask the driver of the shuttle bus or any of the workers around. Just let them know you need to get to ECNU ("hua dong shi fan da xue" or "hua shi da" for short). Better start your Chinese immersion sooner than later!

3. I personally found the shuttle bus to be just fine. It is a bit daunting if you've never taken it before and aren't familiar with the routes/stops (information on the internet is sometimes sketchy/outdated and not knowing the city geographically doesn't help) but otherwise its pretty much get on and chill till you get off. The MagLev is something of a tourist attraction so it is nifty, but it can be tiring having to roll your luggage onto the Maglev, off the Maglev, onto the subway, and off the subway, etc. Taxi is the best since you plop in your luggage and get delivered to the door or where you want to go but it is by far the most risky option in terms of getting ripped off and immediately giving you a frustrating impression of China. Keep in mind you'll still need to taxi from your shuttle bus stop to the school, but the distance is much shorter and your risk of being totally shafted is likewise reduced.

4. The shuttle busses are not the same as regular mass transit city busses. These are dedicated for the airport and they have a set route at various major points throughout the city. Each line takes a different route that hits different major stops. There aren't that many stops so its like every other block or anything. I don't remember if they had a digital sign announcing each of the stops.

Send me a PM and I'll give you my contact information. I can't promise I'll be available or able to walk you through everything (especially since I live in Pudong now) but at least you'll have one acquaintance in Shanghai before you get here. Cheers.

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From my experience of being a foreigner in Japan, I know I can handle the "new & strange" stuff. However, Japan customer service is completely the opposite of what I hear about Chinese customer service :P

Taking the bus sounds simple enough I suppose. I'll have a GPS map of Shanghai in my phone along with a tiny gps receiver so I can track my location. I'll just mark down the location of both the Galaxy Hotel and whatever stop for #6 so I can know I've arrived no matter what.

Thanks for your offer to help me, you've already done a lot.

Once Im settled in a dorm room, then I'll do what I did in Japan. Find the closest foreign students who have already spent a semester there, and get them to show me around ;)

I dont mind paying a bit more money at the beginning (like for the hotel if the dorm office is closed). In Japan, things were a lot more along the prices of things in North America, so, even if I get ripped off a tiny bit, I still feel like it's a bargain! :D

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ZhongShan park is the last stop of the airport shuttle line 6, then take a cab.

ECNU's campus is quite large and I'm not sure the taxis can go in, clear that up with the student office or make the cab drive you to the gate that is most convenient for you.

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yeah, there was a map of the campus included in the package they sent me.

So I know where the taxi should drop me off at to be closest to the dorms.

You're right, the campus is HUGE (at least from what I can tell from the map).

I wouldnt want from the wrong gate to the dorms. Luckily, from the CORRECT gate, it's darn close.

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Hey did you guys need to actually bring in blood & physical test results?

The admission sheet says that I need a bunch of stuff for my visa including those medical exams. However, they didnt require it at the Chinese Embassy when I went to get my visa, so I didnt bother to get those tests done.

Then I re-read the sheet and after the list of items for the visa, it says "you will need to bring all those documents when you register at ECNU"

Now Im worried b/c im leaving early next week and I dont have those tests.. and they usually take a while (at least for the blood test).

Can I just get it done in China while im already admitted?

What did you guys have to do?

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