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here's my blog again. I psted it before, but then it crashed, and I had to resurrect it at a new address. I'm only in China for another month, actually less, but it's got all the back posts...it's actually a pretty ridiculous amount of reading material, so if you're interested in/thinking about CET Harbin language program or living in Harbin in general, or just want to read another China blog, check it out. New posts every day.


Also, when I get back to the states I'll be posting a full evaluation of CET Harbin's program in my view...for the moment I'll say that I'd reccomend it to anyone serious about improving their Chinese...it seems like it's pretty much ideal in a lot of ways. It's been ideal for me thusfar, anyway.

hope all is well with everyone....i'll get back to posting here again when I get back to the States...here I don't get on very much becuase I don't have the internet in my room (the downside of owning a Mac at Hagongda...)


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Thanks for the update and I like the blog! Looking forward to your review of the CET Harbin program.

P.S I had a mac when I was CET Harbin and couldn't use it practically anywhere, there weren't any cafes in the city back then with WIFI (This was 2005-2006) and even if I did have a PC, we didn't have the internet in the dorms until the very end of spring 2006.

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did they have the jifang back then? right now there's one like 4 feet from our dorm that's 1.5 rmb/hour...of course, you have to use their computers, so it still isnt much use if you want to get on the net using your own machine, but its better than nothing.

was naomi working here when you were a student?

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yea they had the jifang back then but when I wanted to use the internet it was usually late at night and for some reason I liked going over to Fuhua Xiaoqu to surf the web in the huge leather chairs.

Yea, naomi was there when I was at CET, but I was actually there a semester before her. ( I did 3 semesters at CET)

Do you know Dingyiyi or huketong? I went to CET with Huketong back in the summer of 2005 and Dingyiyi goes to my school back in the states. Small world eh?

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