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载客, 拉客

Xiao Kui

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As far as I know these words just mean carrying passengers but recently I heard them in the context of forcing passengers to go to a particular venue, for example taxi drivers paid to drop off passengers at a certain club. Is this a connotation of either of these words or is there a special term to describe this kind of scamming, or even those people who greet you in BJ and try to get you to go to an art store or teahouse. Can you please tell me the correct term and what instances it can be used in? Thanks!!!

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载客 is a neutral word.it doesn't refer to bad or good side of things!

it's only a simple word to refer to carrying passengers by cars or other transport !

but 拉客 is often used as a derogatory word.some people 拉客 in order to have more passengers or customers through a certain way.so they can earn more money!

besides, 拉客 is also used to describe the way of prostitutes having guests!

My english isn't very good ,hope u can make it sense!

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Thank you so much. I think that answers my question. 拉客 must be the word I was looking for. I was watching a news broadcast abt taxi drivers that were dropping off their passengers at an expensive club. The passengers thought it was a regular taxi but it was hired by the club if I understood correctly. Some Chinese businesses seem to have a lot of sneaky tricks like this. :mrgreen:

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