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Teaching Uni students - Degree required?

Adam M

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Hey all,

1st post here! Welcome to me!! hehe :mrgreen:

I'm heading off in less than 4 weeks to teach in Wuxi, and I can teach anywhere from children to uni students. I'm most keen to teach uni students, but the chap who's hiring me (or doing the talking) is saying I need a uni degree to teach uni students. Is this a definite requirement??



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You are supposed to have a 4-year degree and 2 years of TEFL/TESL experience to teach at the uni level. If you are hired directly by the university, they usually stick to the law (reputable universities anyway).

However, the demand for English is great and many universities can get around this if they really want you.

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People train students 'better educated' than them all the time - no reason why a BA holder couldn't teach English to post-docs, or a high school grad to college students. As long as you are able to actually teach what you are meant to be teaching its not going to be a problem. Problems arise if you can't actually teach the course.

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A BA holder can teach at the university level, its the person that doesn't have ANY degree except for a TEFL/TESL/TESOL cert. that can't teach at uni level (based on Chinese regulation of 'foreigh experts').


4 year undergrad degree (3 year for UK)

2 years of teaching experience

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Hmm... so it seems that it IS possible to do it, only if they want you badly enough? Even though it's not in keeping with da law?

I just got another job offer today, after working towards one I received about 2 weeks ago. He initially did not tell me I would need a degree to teach uni students, but now he has. Hrm. These guys (the job offer today) told me that I would be ok if I did not have a degree; they thought I'd 'fit in well to their university' and would be keen to have me....

So I'm not sure right now.... I will make a separate post asking about the two schools I think.

Thanks for the replies :)


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