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Taking a laptop into China


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I'm leaving for China tomorrow, so if you know anything please can you reply asap! Thanks!

I'm taking my laptop with me to China, as I'm going to need it being a student there. I have been told that when you get to China you must fill in a customs declaration form, and tell them if you have a camera or a laptop. I will have both with me. Of course there is nothing bad on either, and hence no reason why they should be confiscated. But I'm a little nervous that they're going to stop me from taking both items into China. I can't be without my laptop or camera this year. I was told by a Chinese friend that when filling in this form, just declare you have neither laptop nor camera with you. I don't know what to do, if anyone knows if it is possible to bring a laptop and a camera into China going through the red-customs channel (something to declare), please tell me!


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I hope it's not too late.

I took my laptop with me to China and pack it in my bag which I took on a plane. I didn't have any problem on HK airport or at HK-Shenzhen "border". No one demanded declaration. So I think that there shouldn't be any problem for you.

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