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Beijing to Harbin Train


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I'm trying to do it next week. I can't seem to find an official site that sells tickets, or even gives times that are consistent with other sites. SO if anyone has done it recently, please advise me on the best route/time/fare that I should try to get... and if I'll be able to book it on the same day. Quick apologies if this is out of place/repetitive, but couldn't find a more appropriate thread/forum for it.:help

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This is the webpage for train schedules in China http://train.tielu.org/

this is what you get from 北京 to 哈尔滨

This is what you get

Train 出发 达到 total time

T156 06:43 17:11 10小时28分钟

D25 07:15 15:23 8小时8分钟

1301 11:04 04:48 17小时44分钟

K339 12:27 04:22 15小时55分钟

K265 12:55 03:25 14小时30分钟

T47 16:50 04:54 12小时4分钟

Z15 20:50 06:34 14小时-16分钟

T17 21:26 08:26 11小时0分钟

K19 22:56 14:45 15小时49分钟

K39 22:56 14:45 15小时49分钟

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