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Which PDA/Palm?


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Alright.. Ive finally decided that I really need a PDA/Palm for Chinese But I need one that meets the following requirements:

1. Can view and type/input Simplified Chinese.

2. Color screen

3. something I can use a flashcard program like Mnemosyne on (This is critical!)

4. Something I can put a Chinese dictionary on.

5. Not incredibly expensive

6. Something I could find on Amazon.com??

Thats pretty much it. I dont need it to have internet, bluetooth, mp3/video, etc. All I really need is what's listed above. If someone could give me specific model names that would be awesome!! Thank you

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Well with those requirements I would recommend: "any one".

By that I mean any Palm you buy new from a store (as well as models several years older no longer produced) can do all that. Just buy the cheapest one. You of course want the latest OS which is Palm OS 5 in case you buy an old used one, but you can get a new Palm T/X for about $150 now anyways.

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Personally I would opt for a pda windows type of device... mine does all you say (its an acer n50 but you can get many different kinds that are comparable (probably better now as mine is a couple of years old) and I have put plecodict on it which has all the requirements re flashcards and stuff... pleco and pda should be the first things on any learners list (right Mike wheres my brownie points... lol... :mrgreen:)

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One thing to note, all except a few of the newer Palm's are not Vista compatible fully. Unfortunately I found this out with my Zire 72 (OS5) when I replaced my Xp laptop with one running Vista, but it is still work-aroundable. Probably not an issue if you buy a new one. As per software there is some things written for Palm that aren't on Microsoft based one and vice-versa. You may want to look at want programs you intend to use, and which platform they are available on before choosing an OS platform.

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